No surprise here: Canada a turnoff for some refugees

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When the federal government revealed this week that only 6.3 per cent of Syrian refugees living in Jordanian and Lebanese camps, when offered the chance, wanted to come to Canada, did we feel just a bit spurned?

Like we had cooked a three-course dinner and vacuumed the house, only to learn that our friends would rather go out for pizza?

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2 thoughts on “No surprise here: Canada a turnoff for some refugees”

  1. What if they said ‘no’ because Canada is not an Islamic state under Shariah law? This would be just as valid a reason for a Muslim to reject our culture as a Christisn choosing to not emigrate to an Islamic country. I have no interest in bringing people to Canada who will not embrace our laws and customs, regardless of their circumstances.m

  2. GOOD! Look after Canadians first! Look after the Canadians that are already here. Give housing to canadian citizens that are on lengthy waiting lists. Lower the size of our children’s school classes. Reduce our wait times in hospitals before offering free healthcare to “refugees” coming in with pre-existing illnesses. Look after Canadians FIRST!


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