“No Such Thing As An Enemy”– Justin Trudeau’s Globalist Manifesto

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Readers of Cultural Action Party’s media output over the past five years would have to be thick as a brick not to comprehend our bottom-line:

Justin Trudeau is not only the most dangerous politician in Canadian history– he is also the strangest. For reasons that remain obtuse, Mr. Trudeau keeps the most curious of political bed-fellows. Some of which derive from the school of international terrorism.

An oft-quoted comment speaks volumes:

“The Liberal Party believes that terrorists should get to keep their Canadian citizenship …because I do– and I’m willing to take on anyone who disagrees with that.”

In 2019, PM Trudeau repealed a law allowing for the citizenship of those convicted of terrorism offences to be revoked. Obviously, these militant forces do not qualify as an enemy in the mind of our prime minister. Should we be surprised?

If nothing else, PM Trudeau is consistent. Communist China— purveyor of international expansion via their Chinese Belt And Road initiative– pose no threat to our prime minister either.

Such as it is that China became the Liberal’s immediate “go-to-party” in their attempt to secure millions of Covid vaccines. The project never materialized, forcing our government to scramble to play catch-up.

Early in 2020, the Liberals awarded a $6.8 million contract to a state-owned Chinese company to supply security equipment for 170 Canadian embassies around the globe.”

Canadian journalist Spencer Fernando commented that “not only are we putting our own security at serious risk – the contract  includes significant pieces of Chinese technology  sitting in every Canadian embassy.”

For brevity’s sake, the anecdotal evidence stops here. There are, in fact, dozens of examples available to verify our prime minister’s “investment” in the government of China.

Does Justin Trudeau have any enemies? From what CAP observe after six years in office, none that exist on an international level. Leading us to arrive at an ominous piece of irony.

If Justin Trudeau has enemies, they are found upon Canadian soil. In particular, CAP reference those which our PM considers racist members of society– Canada’s “Old Stock” communities. No one can deny this man’s vigilance in terms of running down Anglophone citizens of our country.

Watch The Video: Verbal Attacks Worsen As Trudeau Campaigns In Vancouver

In fairness, Trudeau is not the only major politician to do so. In this category, NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh has been running neck-and neck with our PM.

The attitude is so irrepressibly ironic it is hard to believe mainstream media have not once alluded to the situation. For Trudeau and Singh, nationalism is a crime. Ditto for any form of patriotism. In Canada, that is.

Turn the tables over to countries such as China, India, Pakistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Somalia and there is not a darn thing wrong with nationalist sentiment. Hypocritical much? Of course they are– Canada would not be in a state of systemic self-loathing otherwise.

To say that Justin Trudeau is the greatest curiousity known to political history is to put the statement mildly. Fortunately for our PM, media don’t put it at all. If they did, perhaps he would be run out of office on a rail.

As it stands, Trudeau is leading in the polls, and may well win a third term as prime minister. As they say down at the legal weed emporium– “put that in your pipe and smoke it.”

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder (Est. 2016)

3 thoughts on ““No Such Thing As An Enemy”– Justin Trudeau’s Globalist Manifesto”

  1. He never ceases to amaze with the dribble coming out of his mouth, he has no clue about anything and obviously failed history at school. Very dangerous idiot.

  2. The reasons for the company he keeps are both obtuse and abstruse. The first begets the second. Love your work Brad. TY


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