“No One Likes Nakedness More Than CHILDREN” Says Pride Promoter in Canada

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“There is absolutely no reason not to take our kids to Pride — it’s a fun day, there are a lot of bubbles, rainbow streamers and enjoyable performances,” writer, educator, and publisher S. Bear Bergman told HuffPost Canada.

“First of all, nobody likes nakedness MORE THAN CHILDREN,” Bergman said.

Okay, let’s try to place this in proper context. This transgender-pusher believes it is GOOD NEWS for half-naked grown ups to prance around in the precense of our sons and daughters.  Anyone believe this is an attitude shared by the majority of Canadians?

Reasonably speaking, a sensible Canadian might estimate that perhaps 2% of Canadians share this belief. “Children benefit from seeing people loving one another, from seeing diversity and inclusion. Children suffer from seeing violence and fear, hatred and divisiveness,” stated another transgender-for-children advocate.

“We found and built OUR TRIBE at these gatherings.” Now, that is a piece of truth. The transgender lobby are A TRIBE. They are tribal in their approach to advancing sex change for children. All opposition is an insult. All questioning an affront. All condemnation an act of homophobia. Remind you of another aggressive special interest community in Canada?

How sanctimonious these people are. At a recent pro-trans event in Ontario, a trans-fanatic told the Deputy Chief Of Police to go F-HIMSELF. What trans-pired? Nothing at all- no handcuffs, no arrest, no nothing. Is this an example of OPPRESSION? Hardly. It is, in fact, and example of PRIVILEGE. It is highly unlikely that if this person was a regular hetero-type, he would have got off scot-free.

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The transgender industry in Canada is OUT-OF-CONTROL. They are coming for our children, and getting away with it. What does government and media have to say about this? NOTHING. Why? NO ONE KNOWS.

This MUST END. Promoting the LGBT and Trans agenda to mature adults is one thing. Obsessive behaviour regarding trans for children is another ball game. This must be called out for what it truly is: an attempt to purposefully and with intent alter the sex of Canadian children.




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