Halifax, N.S. Mayor, City Council DIVIDE CANADIANS Over 30-Day Public Blast Of Ramadan Prayers

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It appears the Mayor Of Nova Scotia, along with Halifax City Council, feel it appropriate to broadcast traditional Islamic prayers in public each night for the 30-day period of Ramadan.

 Mayor and Council appear to be justifying the public broadcast by way of China’s Covid-19 pandemic.

For some curious reason, Mayor Mike Savage  has neglected to consider that  95% of Halifax’s population are not Muslim.

Should this make a difference? From this question it can be fairly stated that human rights laws in Canada would help clarify the fairness of this public broadcast.

For this purpose, where would government and the law turn to for guidance?

The Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Is there something inherently wrong with this piece of human rights ideology? CAP will respond that the negative component falls outside the actual wording of the Charter(Pierre Trudeau,1982).

It is not how its used—but rather who uses itthat makes all the difference. Meaning the identifiable communities of Canada who best“leverage” Charter Rights generally come out “on top.”

 Over the decades, this has fuelled post-Pierre Trudeau Canada’sobsession with individual rights.

Is there something wrong with these rights? Again, this is not the issue.Yet according to democratic theory, there is something very wrong with impeding the right of the majority in a punitive manner.

CAP bet 90% of Canadians would go along with the idea that a balance between individual rights—and that of majority will—is fair and reasonable within a democratic nation.

In fact, a basic tenet of democratic theory is that the will of the majority is to function as a impetus for government decision-making.

This is the point where CAP tend to cough into our Tim Horton’s cups.The Liberal Government of Canada? Listen—let alone act—upon the desires of the majority community?

How does this play into Halifax City Council’s decision to accommodate those who desire to broadcast Ramadan prayers in public—for example on Spring Garden Road?

A great deal, actually. In fact, it is 99% of the legal issue.  CAP has had communication with two members of  Halifax City Council. We sent them an article which tries to explain why their decision-making is erroneous, 

It was poorly thought-out. Charter rights are obviously not part of Council’s purview. From our experience, CAP believe that H.C.C. lack insight into the Charter-related issues at play.

Their response to our position was “so surprising”–  you all are racistsend of positioning. Not a single word related to the issues at hand.

Degree of surprise on our part. Nothing at all. It is easy as heck to predict  their response. Why? Because this is the same reaction as every municipal government CAP has ever communicated with on issues of this nature.

Frankly, we are flabbergasted. Turns out some of the most vehement globalist political figures are our found in our collection of urban– and to some extent—rural mayors.

Our instinct tell us more of the rural mayors will relate to this messaging than the urban. Bonnie Crombie of Mississauga?  John Tory?

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Did you know? In Vancouver, smart people call Mayor Nigel Kennedy a“Ninja Mayor.” You never see him, and you never hear from him. Perhaps he is basing his style of leadership on the “Art Of War” by Sun Tzu.

What can one say about Canada when every level of government are united in advancing a 3rd World globalist agenda?  Prime Minister, Premiers, Mayors and City Councillors?

On what day will CBC and CTV inform you  that millions of CanadiansRESENT this in no-uncertain terms.

Being born and raised in Halifax, yet  living in Vancouver for the past30-odd years, even from 5000 miles away I can tell that liberal-globalism is thriving like mad in local government–as well as St. Mary’s University(Confucius Institute) and Dalhousie University(Omar Khadr rock-star reception).

Heck, they even tore down my “alma mater” Queen Elizabeth High School.

Guess the name offended Mayor Mike and his hyper-vigilant globalist City Council.

12 thoughts on “Halifax, N.S. Mayor, City Council DIVIDE CANADIANS Over 30-Day Public Blast Of Ramadan Prayers”

  1. As a Canadian I can not help myself but write this and with great disgust I must say that at the beginning of this post I read China’s Covid 19 Panademic? First of all Panademic is something world wide and then does yourself have rock solid proof that the Covid 19 started in China ??? And as far as my understanding is Covid is in reference to a cluster of age old viruses known to mankind for decades and oh wait , my mistake yourself wrote 19 in the end and as for the rest of the post , I lost appetite at that point and yourself can say that I too contracted Covid19 but not from Republic Of China but form yourself !!!
    Perhaps in future if this is to be written then at the end if the post will be more suitable just a mere suggestion.
    Amandeep Sangha

    • yea…cause the article is all bout the virus…lol (who cares what the author labels it as and if you have been doing any reading the main story says the china virus originated out of Wuhan China, hence, the word China .. lol You completely missed or ignored the point of the ARTICLE but I see by your name why you would. BTW, your english, writing and comprehension skills suck for a Canadian. AS for disgust?…lol People RIGHTS are being DISRESPECTED by the noise being blasted out the loud speakers. AND that is all it is….is NOISE. People are fed up and if you want respect, you MUST GIVE IT. Its a 2 way street IN CANADA. If you dont like my comment…well, that works both ways too.

        • That’s what CAP told Halifax City Council. We explained our position, and they only had one comment back– we are racists!

      • it clearly disrespects people of other religions…how about christian preachers do sermons over the loud speakers…I know preachers who were fined for having sermons outside,,and people stayed in their cars! Our government is showing us very clearly the rules for some…and rules for others… which is NOT democratic! They could do their prayers via zoom! and not break the law in regards to noise … Hell…some churches can’t ring their bell anymore because it oftens…these rules must be universal…or its the government themselves causing us to be against one another…

  2. These Mayors McMorons have lost their minds and so have these communities who plan to tolerate this in a secular society. The Muslims around the world are laughing themselves sick over this.


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