Nine Sent To Hospital As “Straight Pride” Parade Branded Racist, Homophobic

“I’m outraged by the idea that straight people need a pride parade,” said parade watcher Shoshanna Ehrlich, who came with her daughter. “We are not an oppressed majority by an stretch of the imagination. This is full of hate and offensive.”

So says a Liberal snowflake across the border in the USA. Monica Cannon-Grant of Black Lives Matter  helped organize one of the counter-protests and said her group wanted to “stand up against hatred.”

Okay, then–let CAP understand the situation properly. At the base level, celebration of Heterosexual Pride is hateful, racist, and homophobic. Quite the sweeping statement. Is there any logic to the thinking of these so-called “social justice warriors?”

Let’s take a look. The knee-jerk reaction was to focus exclusively on any so-called racist element that attended the Parade. According to the politically correct, the event was filled with nothing but white supremacist bigots. At least that’s all which crept into their purview, of course. Are these people saying not a single non-racist, law-abiding heterosexual parent was in attendance?

“We chanted against hatred and we won,” added Cannon-Grant, founder and CEO of Violence in Boston, a victim advocacy group. What exactly is it that you won? The “ LGBT-Fascist Hypocrite Award Of 2019?”

Are you saying that heterosexual parents who do not want their children brain-wash into questioning their sexuality at age 8 is an example of “hatred?” You people never stop speaking of inclusivity, while perpetually excluding heterosexuals and parents, and branding them “haters” and “homophobes.” Sound inclusive to you?

Of course, logic has never been a strong point for these types. Eschewing all related health-risks, psychological and physical damage( you are down with mastectomies for 14-year old girls, right?), all the LGBT do is bitch, whine, and play victim– “if you haters don’t accept transgenderism for 12-year olds we are going to throw a hissy fit right here in front our government-funded Pride banner.”

But you see, for these people, this is war. The enemy in particular is the white heterosexual male. Justin Trudeau must be impressed–he doesn’t like them either.

Nine people were transported to area hospitals, Boston EMS spokeswoman Caitlin McLaughlin said “She could not provide information on their conditions.”
And the writer could not provide details on which of these people were anti-LGBT, or Pro-LGBT. What does this tell us? Namely, it is more than likely the hospitalized were the anti-LGBT people. If media had the opportunity to support the trans-pushers by exposing violence on the part of the hetero’s, they  would have done so.
In the land of the living, equality is equality. Why do the tranny-pushers never allude to the idea that within the trans-movement there are virulent men-haters? These people are angry as hell toward heterosexuals, males, Christians, conservatives, patriots and nationalists. What do you call Antifa— a walk in the park through the driven snow?
This leftist group is angry, violent and hateful. Through their violence, hundreds have ended up in the hospital. Has the LGBT contingent even once denounced these hateful types? Why not? Fair is fair–or is it?
CAP maintain the LGBT-fascists have zero interest in equality,health, community harmony, or inclusiveness. They just want to WIN–as articulated by the LGBT advocate in this article.
As is the CAP way, we feel it important to point out a related aspect of the LGBT phenomenon, and the advancement of Islam within society. Witness the comparisons: Victim-status for both? Yes. Blaming the “other” for all their problems getting along within society. Affirmative. Special and superior– MP Iqra Khalid’s M103 “Islamophobia” motion. No denouncement of militant affiliate organizations( Antifa, militant Islam)–and other glaring examples.
Why do we point this out? Several reasons, really. CAP would like to understand why two disparate, antithetical organizations share the same tactics for the advancement of their respective “tribes.”
Secondly, we want to understand WHY Prime Minister Trudeau equally supports both movements. After all, Islamic ideology does not accept homosexuality, and certainly not transgenderism. So why is Justin supporting both with pink bells on(okay, Islamic garb when attending various Muslim prayer sessions at Canadian mosques–noting his non-attendance at Church services)?
CAP Theory: The answer lies in a shared malevolence of LGBT and Islam toward the Christian faith. Wasn’t it  interesting to read about this situation in that recent Globe & Mail piece? Hardly. Those Trudeau-puppets would touch this one with a 10-foot pole! There you go–the true motivation for Justin Trudeau’s never-ending, unbending, full-on dedication to LGBT/Islam.
Straight Pride should be celebrated with aplomb. There is no reason on earth for LGBT hypocrisy to be tolerated by general society. But not unlike the religious supremacists, they blame, bully and beat their detractors into submission with the “homophobe” stigma–just as non-Muslims are branded with the “Islamophobe” label.
Had enough? With every passing day, sensible Canadians and Americans are throwing off the yoke of political correctness. We have HAD ENOUGH. Canadian patriots are sick of having the diversity-brand shoved down their collective throats.
Parents are rapidly awakening to the transgender-for-children industry. They have begun an attack upon “Drag Queen Story Time,” that vile and awful of attempts to brain-wash our children into believing they are the wrong sex, and they must undergo dangerous hormone therapy to rectify the situation.
Be off with you! We are done-like-dinner with this entire charade. But as King Justin always says when advancing the decimation of Canadian society and values–“there is always more work to do.”

2 thoughts on “Nine Sent To Hospital As “Straight Pride” Parade Branded Racist, Homophobic

  1. I don’t understand why Trudeau supports lgbtq etc…… And at the same time supports Sharia law….. The two philosophies are in direct opposition and I can’t understand where are Trudeau’s head is at

    1. I believe because everything in the media is hidden and so many people who live in small communities don’t understand and witness the impact that the LBGT and Sharia Law has on our country. Many don’t know about Sharia Law.

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