New Zealand Declared Nation That “Most Closely Follows Islamic Principles”

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“We are one,” New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said in the wake of the March mass shooting that left 60 worshippers in two Christchurch mosques dead and turned the small Pacific island nation into the centre of the Islamic world’s attention.

The Islamicity Indices, compiled by the Islamicity Foundation, a U.S.-based nonprofit, measure world governments by how well they adhere to the Islamic principles set forth in the Quran, including adherence to interest-free finance, equality of education, property rights and animal rights, among others.

Number one on the charts–New Zealand. In the recent survey, the highest-ranking country with a Muslim majority is the United Arab Emirates at No. 45. The lowest-ranked country is Yemen, where Islam is the state religion. New Zealand has no official religion and nearly half of the country’s 5 million people identify as Christian.

Curious, eh? The index is the brainchild of Hossein Askari. An economist by trade, Askari was born in Iran and educated in the U.K. and the U.S., where he built a career researching Islamic finance

On this basis, it is difficult to claim the study is rooted in  “Islamophobia.”  The Islamicity Indices measure four key areas — economy, law and governance, human and political rights, and international relations. The first three are weighted 30 percent each; international relations, or how each country interacts with the world, is weighted 10 percent.

Sounds fairly methodical and objective. In analyzing the study, anti-Islamic rhetoric is not to be found. The report is not based upon which nation most indulges in Islamic prayer, Eid, Ramadan, and other religious events. It is based upon which nations’s laws, governance and social environment best match the principles of the Koran. None of the top-ranked countries are, in fact, Islamic nations.

How ironic. “I think it’s a lesson that you can’t really separate East and West, you can’t separate the Muslim from the non-Muslim,” says Emran El-Badawi, director of the Middle Eastern studies program at the University of Houston.

Quite. What is really being stated here is that this El-Badawi fellow wants Islam to be inclusive of western society, knowing well that in time this inclusiveness will shift to social domination, as the Koran instructs.

“There’s somewhat of a progressive bias … of an index which has New Zealand at the top,” says Shadi Hamid, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution and author of Islamic Exceptionalism.

“Liberalism, as the West understands it, is NOT EMBRACED by many of the world’s Muslim-majority countries. It has not won the day in the Middle East or others in South and Southeast Asia.”

Yet Islam is certainly winning the day in liberal nations like New Zealand, Sweden, Germany and Canada. Interesting.  Islamic nations DENOUNCE western culture, while western cultures embrace Islam. The essence of globalism in a nutshell.

Of course, the number one figure in New Zealand facilitating an Islamic utopia is their Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern. Simply put, she is a female clone of Canada’s Justin Trudeau– always going to bat for a tiny fragment of society.

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Islam in New Zealand is a minority religious affiliation representing 1% of the total population. Yet, by way of establishment media one would think half the country adhere to the Islamic faith. Talk about OVER-REPRESENTATION.

Canada is no different. Within our borders, less than 4% of our demographic is Muslim.  Justin Trudeau coddles, protects and indemnifies this community from all criticism and condemnation. No so for Christianity, and other major religions in Canada.

Citizens can bash away at the Christian faith till the cows come home, and not a single punitive measure will result. Not so for Islam. M103, Pakistani import MP Iqra Khalid’s “Islamophobia” motion, indemnifies the Muslim-Canadian community from criticism.

That’s criticism, not RACISM. Recently, Ms. Khalid struck from the government record so-called “Islamophobic” contents from the government record. The perpetrator, Conservative MP Michael Cooper, uttered NOT ONE WORD which violates our criminal code, or Canadian hate laws. This means nothing to Khalid, who maintains the ability to LORD IT OVER ALL CANADIANS, subjectively deciding what constitutes racism, and what does not.

Now THIS is privilege. Yet, for Khalid and others like her, the only form of ethnic privilege which exists in Canada is WHITE privilege. It’s a stone-cold LIE. Like Ardern’s New Zealand, Canada is being TRANS-formed away from its Christian heritage. As in NZ and other western nations, a complicit media COVER UP the truth.

New Zealand as the top-rated nation for adherence to Islamic principles. Is Saudi Arabia or Iran the top-rated nation for Christian principle?” Not quite. If you are a non-Muslim who publicly criticizes Mohammed, you are likely to be shot dead. Not exactly “tit-for-tat” eh?




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