New Strain Of Covid 19 Virus Identified In Britain: Health Secretary

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“A new Covid-19 variant has been identified in the UK, the health secretary has revealed, suggesting it could be linked to the rapid spread of the virus in south-east England as millions more people in London  are being moved into the toughest restrictions.”

“Cases of the strain have been found in almost 60 areas” U. K. Health Secretary Matt Hancock has disclosed.

On Monday, Mr. Hancock told MPs: “Over the last few days, thanks to our world-class genomic capability in the UK, we have identified a new variant of coronavirus which may be associated with the fastest spread in the south-east of England.”

What to make of this development? Cultural Action Party proclaim no authority on the topic of health care. We have, however, done some research to come up with this:

Mutation rate is a critical parameter for understanding viral evolution and has important practical implications. For instance, the estimate of the mutation rate of HIV-1 demonstrated that any single mutation conferring drug resistance should occur within a single day and that simultaneous treatment with multiple drugs was therefore necessary.”

In layman’s terms, this suggests that Covid mutations may circumvent the effectiveness of Canada’s newly arrived vaccine remedy. In other words, the solution may not be as “cut and dried” as experts suggest.

To be more caustic about it, this sounds like one GIANT mess. So much so, that our planet will possibly undergo a permanent global transformation. Where do we find the geographic source of the pandemic? Experts agree that “ground zero” is Wuhan, China.

“Initial analysis suggests that this variant is growing faster than the existing variance. We’ve currently identified over 1,000 cases with this variant, predominantly in the south of England. Similar variants have been identified in other countries over the last few months.”

What to say about this? Could it be true that the dystopian premonitions of everyone from H.G. Wells to George Orwell are in 2020 becoming a reality?

How about this provocative Covid-related question: what will be the impact upon the sovereignty of nations under the Great Globalist Reset agenda?

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Unlike viral medicine, CAP is rather skilled at predicting future societal outcomes. Our opinion is that an ongoing Covid virus dynamic will surely erode national sovereignty–within western nations, that is. There is nothing like an external crisis to bring together disparate forces in an effort to resist the attack. Is Covid functioning as a real-life “War Of The Worlds” within western society? Is not a form of “global alliance” the best remedy?

When thinking about this, a salient point comes to mind–one never considered by establishment media: in terms of global assimilation of nations, it is democratic societies such as Canada that lead the pack. Conversely, nations such as China, Iran and Pakistan maintain infinitely stronger walls to resist the process.

Did you know that, for example, Somalia is a purely homogenous society? 99% of citizens are Islamic. Somalia has no immigration, no refugee policy(why would they), and of course–no Multiculturalism. Ditto for dozens of Middle Eastern and African nations.

Surely this speaks VOLUMES in terms of susceptibility to cultural assimilation. No wonder the CBC never breath a word about it.

This is how Cultural Action Party of Canada see Covid’s place within a potential restructuring of citizens on planet earth. At present, PM Justin Trudeau is pitching the “redistribution of wealth” ticket. In other words, transferring western wealth to 3rd World nations.

Is this agenda of “social justice” really a program of political altruism? Indeed, all this makes for a highly ominous scenario for the future of the western world.

It is more than obvious that  Trudeau is “in the loop” on the entire affair. Indeed, his smugness since day one suggests this very thing.  Media continue to tow the line in full compliance.  Keeping 38 Million Canadians in the dark as to the destiny of our nation seems to be the main objective as an assimilation of sovereign nations continues to roll.

For CAP’s money, none in history appear to be more effective at accelerating the process than the “Great Pandemic Disaster of 2020.”

— Brad Salzberg, Founder of Cultural Action Party(est. 2016)








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  1. As I’ve alluded to before, the great ‘reset’ world wide is all part of the master plan of control. Look for the truth, it’s out there, economic forums, UN and WHO are all the perpetrators. With compliant media and puppet leaders like Trudeau who are impressionable as well as complicit and crooked it will be hard to stop unless the people band together and defy what’s going on.

    • The source is the Health Secretary of Britain. In general Cultural Action Party is extremely careful to back up our messaging with valid links, etc. We try our very best not to indulge in Fake News–Brad

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