New Quebec Premier Promises Reduction In Immigration; Hijab Ban

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Polls back up what Legault said. Despite the corrupt elites and scared pandering federal parties all opposing measures to restrict the Niqab and Burka, all polls show MASSIVE SUPPORT for the restrictions, not only in Quebec, but in EVERY PROVINCE.



3 thoughts on “New Quebec Premier Promises Reduction In Immigration; Hijab Ban”

  1. Let us hope Quebec’s CAQ Premier is a man of his word and his conviction. Let us hope the Quebec result is a predictor of an overwhelming national rejection of Trudeauvian Liberalism in 2019.

  2. That is great news , now all we need is for them to shut down their borders & send back the illegals where they came from .

  3. finally a premier with the balls to stand up for true Canadians…now lets see if we can do something about their desire to wipe Christians and Jews off the map..these scum and their satanic beliefs have got to go too…don’t believe me…read their satanic book…its self explanatory…even the naive should grasp their meaning…


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