New Muslim-Liberal Party Caucus Speaks To The Future Of Canadian Society

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According to a 2015 Supreme Court of Canada decision, political institutions from across the country must remain neutral with respect to religion.

“Federal and provincial governments are under an equal duty to maintain neutrality with respect to religion,” said Carissima Mathen, a law professor and constitutional expert at the University of Ottawa. 

Fascinating it is to discover how this flies in the face of a recent development endorsed by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

In June, 2020 Liberal MP Sumeer Zinbari tweeted out that the Liberal Muslim Parliamentary Caucus is deeply concerned about threats made to a downtown Toronto area mosque.

Turns out that a religious-based Islamic caucus has been established within Parliament. Cultural Action Party bet our bottom dollar that 99% of Canadians have never heard of this committee. Liberal Muslim MP’s Omar Alghabra, Ahmed Hussen, Iqra Khalid and others meet on a regular basis to address Muslim community issues.

A Zoom meeting posted on YouTube delivers the contents of one of these meetings. It begins with a prayer:

“In the name of of God the most gracious I want to welcome everyone to the Muslim-Liberal caucus meeting.”

Followed by another person who states that “seeing you all together on the Liberal Muslim caucus is heart-warming. We see a team by definition representative of the community.”

It’s may be all sunshine and roses for those involved, yet in reality this could quality as a breach of the law, as well as accepted social standards.

It was in the year 1990 that the Supreme Court of Canada ruled unanimously that a town council’s recitation of the Lord’s Prayer prior to its meetings is unconstitutional. In a 2015 Toronto Star article, current executive of the Canadian Anti-Hate Network Bernie Faber informed readers that:

“The Ontario Court of Appeal unanimously agreed that imposing the Lord’s Prayer as part of Ontario public school opening exercises infringed the right to freedom of religion as guaranteed by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.”

In Canada, school-sponsored prayer is disallowed under the concept of freedom of conscience as outlined in the Canadian Charter on Rights & Fundamental Freedoms.

Moving forward, a 2017 Toronto Star article informs us that “the Peel Public [School]Board is providing space for Muslim students to pray as a group. The practice has been going on for two decades — as it has in some Toronto public schools.”

Let us clear away the clutter that would arise from mainstream media analysis. George Orwell wrote of such hypocrisy with his allusions to communism in the novel Animal Farm. “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.” 

What this boils down to is best exemplified with one word: privilege. It is apparent that a single religious community has been granted a right to do what others are prevented from indulging in.

How does one reconcile this with government, media and academic positioning on privilege and oppression within society? The answer is that we don’t. An objective analysis of the dynamics is antithetical to positioning by government and media.

We have here a giant piece of privilege accorded to a specific religious community. The inherent bias against the Christian faith is blatant. No Lord’s Prayer in schools and government institutions.

Bringing to light an observation that CAP has held since the day Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was elected:

Canada in 2021 is an anti-Christian country. What makes it so? The answer is found in an area that government and media never speak of– the future. Of course, just because our controlling institutions do not speak of it does not mean they do not understand it.

The bottom-line is one of demographics. “Old Stock” Canadians– Anglophones and Christians— are out-of-style. Birth-rates of 3rd World migrant communities dwarf the Canadian-born. Christianity is a dying religion, while religions of the 3rd World are in growth mode.

The degree to which our demise is manufactured remains an open question. Abortion has reduced numbers substantially. Euthanasia laws are not helping.

In other words, the future of Canada is 3rd World– and Justin Trudeau knows it. At the risk of appearing paranoid, CAP believe that he loves this. 

Away from the media spotlight, special interest privilege has come to dominate society. In the spirit of the transition– a product of Pierre Trudeau’s Charter— a brand new committee has been announced. The African-Canadian Senate Committee is now set to advance interests relevant to their desires.

Do these so-called “progressive” developments reveal the ultimate destiny for our country?  To be brutally honest, the answer is yes.

11 thoughts on “New Muslim-Liberal Party Caucus Speaks To The Future Of Canadian Society”

  1. “The Ontario Court of Appeal unanimously agreed that imposing the Lord’s Prayer as part of Ontario public school opening exercises infringed the right to freedom of religion as guaranteed by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.”

    About that….Where is the so- called Charter now that the medical autonomy/travel/religious assembly rights of Canadians are being squashed?

    Yes; in the trash. Unless a special interest group makes some noise. Then; it reappears. If I may say; The very sight of Trudeau is enough to knock a buzzard off of a Honey wagon. The insults and damage to rank and file Canadians is off the charts.

  2. I agree if they want to live in Canada they abide by our rules
    And respect our religion OR go back to where they came from.

  3. ONCE AGAIN…the liberals are ph-cking Canadians from behind, cutting out Christian standards from schools but bending over backwards for the Muslims to be able to do.

    They should be ashamed for what they are doing to us all.Time they got voted out and are taught that they were voted in and that they can be voted out just as easily.

  4. Migrant communities are now a large Liberal voting block especially in Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa and adjoining areas. In western Canada large migrant communities are in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary and Winnipeg.
    All Migrant communities vote as a block for the party that promises constant migration and family resettlement whether it benefits Canada or not.

  5. Since we realize that government around the world are in the process of destroying society as we have know it in order that they can “Build Back Better” aka New World Order. This new world order the globalists want must remove all religion as they want the people to honor and obey the leaders of the countries and not a God or religious rules.
    We must stop this belief that speaking about religions in our society, churches, schools, in public is tabu and start standing up for the freedom of religion in these places like how it was in years past.
    If parliament has a Muslim Parliamentary Caucus, then it must allow other religious caucus’s as well.

  6. I just noticed Trudeau front and center in that picture. He preaches in mosques, he prays in mosques, and now he is a member of the Islamic Liberal gang. He is NOT a Christian. Infidels cannot preach or pray in mosques. Trudeau is a liar.

  7. The Soviet Canuck Sheeple will let this foreign invasion continue until there is no more Canada. Exactly how Globalists Mohammad Castro and Gerald Butts want it.


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