New Book Exposes Trudeau’s Two-Faced Deception of The Canadian People

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Drawing on investigative research and first-hand reporting, author Martin Lukacs reveals that behind the latest wave of Trudeaumania is a deceptive status-quo political machine, backed by a cast of corporate elites and lobbyists who expected a pay-off from Liberal rule in Ottawa.

To be forthright, CAP could not have summarized the duplicitous methods of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau better. For this reason, it can be understood why The Trudeau Formula has  been sublimated within mainstream Canadian media.

Because it likely reveals truth–that’s why. A general synopsis goes like this:

Justin Trudeau and his Liberal political strategists are masters of propaganda. How to seduce 38 million Canadian citizens? In concept, it is rather simplistic:

— On the surface, establish the idea that e top priority for government is concern and care for the “under-privileged” — Third World migrants, refugees, starving children in Africa, oppressed transexuals, and the like. Add to this feigned concern the environment in the form of reductions in fossil fuel emissions through carbon taxation.

Put these together, and what do you have? A concern for humanity, as well as concern for our planet. Intended public perception: a righteous, moral, humanitarian ruling government.

— Beneath the surface, pander to corporate Canada like it has never been done before. In terms of specifics,  the Liberal-SNC Lavalin scandal is a quintessential example.

It is Quebec-centric, Laurier Club-centric, as well as Liberal-centric. The scandal includes ties to the Middle East. The book “The Trudeau Formula” successfully delves into the nitty-gritty of the Justin Trudeau-Gerald Butts program of public deception.

The high-level takeaway for Cultural Action Party is crystallized with a single word, which is “swindle.” 

Needless to say, Canadian media not only banish this book from the consciousness of our citizenship. To please PM Trudeau, they bury some of the most extreme government hypocrisy in Canadian history.

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In a wonderful example, Canadian author Martin Lukacs sheds light on a climate plan hatched in collaboration with Big Oil, the arming of a bloody Saudi war in Yemen.

Since Justin Trudeau became prime minister in 2015, the Islamic country of Yemen has received upwards of $300 million dollars in foreign aid via Canadian tax-payers.

And yet, at the same time, Trudeau has authorized the sale of  $15-billion dollars worth of  armoured vehicles to Saudi Arabia, a major combatant in a costly military intervention in Yemen.

“Last fall, Canada was for the first time publicly named as one of the countries helping fuel the war in Yemen – where a humanitarian crisis has left hundreds of thousands dead.”

Playing both sides of the coin, are we Mr. Trudeau? Interesting to note that while establishment media have exposed the Saudi Arms deal, never once have they juxtaposed the giant foreign aid donations with the death of innocent civilians in Yemen.

It is here that astute Canadians can witness the duplicity not only of Justin Trudeau and the Liberals. As CAP has expressed ad nauseum, the protectionist wall Canadian media have put up regarding Justin Trudeau serves to insulate Canada’s pseudo-dictator from condemnation.

Now wonder the two-faced nature of Canada’s post-modern prime minister has never reached the consciousness of our citizenship.

— Brad Salzberg,CAP Founder(est.2016)



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  1. This piece of in human self ritcious silver spoon global puppet needs to go to be done and releived of his Destruction of Canada I don’t think his caucus truly know there demise he’s him and a few more of his masters that intend nothing but global backlash to divide us patriots ,thus we must educate friends and foes to forge forward and stomp him out .


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