Netherlands On Verge Of Forming Anti-Immigration Coalition Government

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“From Finland to Croatia, hard-line right parties are part of European governing coalitions, and hard right or populist prime ministers are leading Hungary, Slovakia and Italy.”

Many Canadians may not realize it, but media in our country have silently transitioned to a “pick and choose” political model. In PM Justin Trudeau’s “post-modern” society, what makes the news is that which is conducive to Liberal government policy.

To illustrate the phenomenon, we turn to developments this month in the Netherlands:

“Geert Wilders and three other Dutch party leaders said Wednesday they have brokered a provisional coalition deal in a move that brings closer a government driven by the hard right in yet another European Union nation.”

The words “in yet another” speak to the degree of sublimation in a transition of European nations away from “wokism,” and toward a form of “protectionism.” To be certain, this is not PM Trudeau’s bag.

Mr. Trudeau is a “globalist”–  a political leader who believes that national sovereignty is anathema to our country. His Liberal government permit illegal entry of criminals and terrorists to Canada. When detractors condemn the situation, they are branded racist by government and media.

Trudeau’s neo-socialist schematic means that all signs of shifts away from “woke” globalism must be sublimated by legacy media. It’s exactly what has occurred in the Netherlands, a society traditionally steeped in “progressive” liberal sentiment.

“Wilders’ Party for Freedom won 37 seats in the 150-seat lower house of the Dutch parliament, and the four parties combined hold a comfortable majority of 88 seats.”

Placing the press dynamic in context, we take a brief look at media structure in communist, fascist and theocratic societies of past-and-present:

Former Soviet Union:

“During this time the Soviet Press’s main objective was to disseminate party ideology.” 

Nazi-Occupied Europe:

“After rising to power, the Nazis eliminated freedom of the press in Germany.”


“The government has been using direct ownership, or ownership by large private companies with government links, to control or influence major national media and regional media outlets, especially television.”


“The Cuban media are tightly controlled by the Cuban government led by the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC) in the past five decades. The PCC strictly censors news, information and commentary.”


“Media in China is strictly controlled and censored by the CCP, with the main agency that oversees the nation’s media being the Central Propaganda Department of the CCP.”


“Media is part of a ‘soft power’ approach in Iran’s foreign relations with the aim to shape audience perceptions in order to influence political decisions regarding the Islamic Republic.”

Is it hyperbolic to add Justin Trudeau’s “no core identity” Canada to the mix? By placing media propaganda in a broader context– something the CBC wouldn’t do for all the white rice in China– we come to understand our nation’s incremental ride into the authoritarian sunset. Leading the procession is woke political cowboy Justin Trudeau and his gang of neo-communist blood-hounds.

“The Netherlands Veers Sharply To The Right With New Government”

“Anti-Islam firebrand Geert Wilders and three other party leaders have agreed a coalition deal.”

Here, we gain deeper insight into Canadian media’s censorship of the news. The coalition maintain an anti-immigration, anti-refugee, anti-3rd world religion stance on society.

Say no-go to this one in Canada. Our federal government maintain a strict pro-immigration, pro-refugee, pro-3rd world religion political position. Soft on by-products like criminal activity and terrorism, our PM seems to care only about stuffing as many foreigners into Canada as humanly possible– despite all negative ramifications.

Simply put, the Liberals don’t want Canadians to get any “funny ideas.”

Patriotism, nationalism, secure borders, national sovereignty, pride in country, history and heritage be damned. According to Liberal ideology, these qualities are all fine and dandy– in Pakistan, India, China, Somalia and Syria.

Yet in Canada–  due to the colonial roots of our country– all these things belong in a trash bin according to Justin Trudeau, as well as ersatz political partner, New Democratic Party leader Jagmeet Singh.

A simplistic method for national decimation, but there you have it. Away from the media spotlight, at least a dozen European nations have turned away from the globalist imperative.

Obviously, the Liberals want Canadians to live inside a woke socio-political fish bowl– just as it is in Trudeau’s hero-nation of China.

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4 thoughts on “Netherlands On Verge Of Forming Anti-Immigration Coalition Government”

  1. ok man, good post, but why do you only list countries Nato doesn’t like? Do you think American media isn’t government controlled just because the company says its public? Do you think google, microsoft and all these companies were formed out of garages and not directly from cia?

    cmon man, i wish you could be more honest with yourself

    yes canada under trudeau sucks, but countries, regarding this post, have no freedom of the press, its just not a thing that exist in this world, never during rome, never during feudalism, never during capitalism, and never during socialism

    the press, just like the movies and video games, all get their programming from a core department in each country

      • I understand your view Brad.

        This post is written by a Canadian, about Canada. Other countries are mentioned but Canada is the focus.

        The same things happens in the USA other countries. Media, bloggers & people, all focus locally first, then expand their views, if it fits. Many people just focus on their small group, area or want, not giving any thought to what’s good for the country.

        Both Canada and the USA are now listed as Oligarchs because of our leaders who are working to fulfill Globalist agendas that are pushed via WEF affiliates, like WHO and the UN. It’s happened in so many countries!

        The one thing about this post that makes me delighted and I think is the main thing to take away is, many countries are fighting back by electing the right.

        It gives hope!


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