Justin’s Canada: Nearly Half Of Canadians On VERGE Of Bankruptcy

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Unlike his predecessor, Stephen Harper, Justin Trudeau is not an economist. He’s a snowboard instructor and a geography teacher, and it is getting more obvious by the minute as October’s federal election looms large.

An Ipso survey commissioned by MNP Ltd said the number of Canadians only $200 away from financial bankruptcy rose this year to 48%. Not $2,000 away, which is bad enough, but $200 AWAY. 

Justin Trudeau is a dangerous politician. Much of this is rooted in his immature impulsiveness. Add to this a penchant for mental mania inherited from mother Margaret. As Trudeau’s seemingly spontaneous tweet welcoming all refugees to illegally cross the Canadian border implies, he is a reckless decision maker.

Yet beneath the surface of media presentation lies an insidious element of the Trudeau game plan–  a devastation of the Canadian economy by way of fiscal deficit coupled with personal debt. As alluded to in previous articles, the Trudeau family love debt. Pourquoi? Because it pleases international banking, for one thing. Indeed, the circumstances are part and parcel with the unspoken agenda of the fundamental transformation of Canada from a free and democratic nation to a socialist nation-state where the population RELY on government for just about EVERYTHING.

Such as it is in present-day communist nations, and those of the past. The more the citizenship relies on government, the more they are CONTROLLED by government. As it happens, Justin Trudeau has an insatiable need for control. 

Therefore our current Liberal government take incremental steps toward a virtual enslavement of the people of Canada. It is two-fold in nature: an ideological component– control the thought of Canadians by way of government and media. Next, control the financial destiny of citizens through debt accumulation.

This how democratic nations and their peoples are SEDUCED. It has happened within historical societies of the modern era, and it is happening right now within contemporary Canadian society. From “democracy to dictatorship”– this is the true agenda at play as globalist methodologies continue to work their way toward their ultimate goal.


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