NDP Launch Neo-Authoritarian Attack On Personal Freedoms In Canada

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February 9th, 2024:

B.C. provincial New Democratic Party Selena Robinson has “stepped down from the cabinet post on Monday after facing growing criticism over her comments during an online panel that modern Israel was founded on a crappy piece of land,” which critics called racist and Islamophobic.”

It is neither. Even a cursory review of Section 319 of the Canadian criminal code will verify the fact that Ms. Robinson’s statement is in no manner a “hate crime,” or breach of the law.

The most dangerous idea involved is the fact that it doesn’t matter. What Robinson has on her hands is what is historically referred to as a “witch hunt.” Her “critics” are out for political blood. There exists no legal or legislative validation for her being “let go” from her former position as British Columbia’s Post-Secondary Education Minister.

Continuing with the theme of historical context, what Canadians witness in this manoeuvre is tainted with politics within communist and fascist societies of the 20th century. This is a move common during periods of social revolutions of the past.

“Representatives from more than a dozen B.C. mosques and Islamic associations wrote to Eby over the weekend calling for Robinson’s removal and banning NDP MLAs and candidates in the October provincial election from their sacred spaces until action was taken against her.”

“Now she doesn’t have power over us being a cabinet minister,” stated a group representative.

Right you are. Now, your political factions have power over elected politicians and indirectly, general society. And by way of mainstream media, a perception of a non-existent affront to your “special interest” community. You can’t get more “post-modern” than that, say CAP.

Right here at home, in front of our eyes, has arrived what can be described as a neo-socialist “woke” revolution. At the behest of PM Justin Trudeau and partner-in-political-subterfuge, federal NDP Party leader Jagmeet Singh, individual freedoms in Canada are being put through a meat-grinder of neo-communist assault.

Again on the New Democratic Party front, we have MP Charlie Angus, and his recommendations for citizens who defy draconian climate-change mandates advocated by the Liberal-NDP Socialist Coalition government.

‘NDP Bill Would Prescribe Jail Terms For Speaking Well Of Fossil Fuels’

“It is prohibited for a person to promote a fossil fuel, a fossil fuel-related brand element or the production of a fossil fuel,” reads the Act.

“Violate this as a regular citizen, and the act prescribes summary conviction and a fine of up to $500,000.”

Potentially near-and-dear to the “heart” of PM Trudeau, we place MLA Angus’ bill in the context of the law in communist China:

 “Anyone who uses rumour, slander or other means to encourage subversion of the political power of the State, or to overthrow the socialist system, shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than five years.”

We scale up affinities with Justin Trudeau’s preferred nation of China:

“Rights activists, along with international human rights organizations, have argued that article 105 is inconsistent with China’s own constitution.”

What do you know? To apply a magnifying glass to the crucifixion of Selena Robinson, in addition to Charlie Angus’ eco-fascist legislation, conjures up comparables.

In 2023 Canada, the same dynamic was found in an invocation of the Emergencies Act at the time of the Trucker’s Convoy in early 2022. The very same can be applied to Covid restrictions in Canada as forced upon society by the Trudeau government.

Holy Cow. One could even apply the situation to Selena Robinson and her benign statement on a tract of desert land in the Middle East. Throw in MLA Angus’ piece of environmental fascism. Stir and bake for 88 minutes.

What pops out of the politically-correct oven? Canada’s pre-mediated path from freedom and democracy to neo-authoritarian state control.

In truth, it has been Canada’s political trajectory since the moment Trudeau Part #2 gained office in 2015. And chances are high that if it were not for the support of his direct competitor Jagmeet Singh, Trudeau would be gone from his quasi-communist perch by now.

Irony flows forth as we recognize Mr. Singh’s purpose in politics, if not in life itself. We have here a party leader superfluous in his role. Nothing ever changes for the New Democrats with Singh in its primary position.

When he took over, the NDP held 46 seats in Parliament. At present, their seat-count is 25. Perusing the polls, Singh’s party has remained stagnant for over five years. Two points-of-interest come to the surface:

Firstly, media never criticize or condemn Singh. Secondly, no one ever calls for his resignation, either beyond or within the party Caucus.

Why not? A darn fine question it is. Not being privy to the inside scoop, Cultural Action Party[est.2016] can only speculate:

Because his true role is not as NDP leader. The real role is to serve as back-up to Justin Trudeau for the purpose of a fulfillment of Canada’s transition to a neo-authoritarian state.

No wonder Singh has spent six years branding Canada racist, homophobic, transphobic and genocidal. He wants post-modern revolution every bit as much as Trudeau. To facilitate, he runs down Canadian identity, heritage and history accordingly.

Here’s a thought that legacy media in Canada wouldn’t touch with an 88-foot pole:

The greater the chances of Pierre Poilievre’s Conservative Party forming a federal government(latest Abacus Poll indicates 19% lead), the faster the Liberal and NDP are working to destroy individual liberties in Canada.

As a guess, Jagmeet Singh wants what Justin Trudeau wants, who at the end of the day, wants what the communist government of China want for Canada.

Every bit of it masked by subterfuge by way of a bought-off establishment media.

2 thoughts on “NDP Launch Neo-Authoritarian Attack On Personal Freedoms In Canada”

  1. it’s perfectly fine for government to use rumour, slander, libel, to attack a citizen, including fake police reports, fake social media, fake official narrative, no problem.

    have to agree, the law should be consistent for all citizens, and it would solve most of these special interest problems.

  2. Yet the liberal and ndp cant do without oil and gas. Every thing they have some form of grease that comes from oil: toothpaste, cellphone, food, clothes and so on. So far none of the ndpers and activities have attempted to stop their luxury items.


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