NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh EXTENDS LIFE Of Trudeau’s Liberal Dictatorship

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It had to happen. While naive Canadians held their collective breath in anticipation of the fall of Justin Trudeau’s minority government, any informed patriot knew that back-up globalist, NDP leader Jagmeet Singh wouldn’t hesitate to prop up the ruling Liberal Government.

Within 2020 Canada, some things are just so darn predictable. This is the very reason why CBC and corporate media pretended the set-up was not a guarantee. Within the neo-socialist government structure led by PM Justin Trudeau, media’s shift into a pseudo-communist news entity is essential to the intended objective.

For CAP, democracy in Canada died on October 19th, 2020. This is the day that the agenda of the globalists backing Trudeau as PM had their wishes fulfilled.

This is the day Justin Trudeau became Canada’s debut dictator. Five years on, Canadians are only beginning to comprehend this post-modern reality. Media successfully obfuscated the agenda for five years running–socialist puppets that they are.

No surprise that a pre-conceived agenda of socialist decimation included a “back-up dictator” like Jagmeet Singh–a man who has more in common with Justin Trudeau than most may realize.

What, pray-tell, are the commonalities? A shared malevolency toward English Canada, and its Anglophone communities, for starters. On this basis alone, CAP was convinced that the minority Trudeau government would never fall.

Within the world of the globalist seduction of Canadian society, nothing is left to chance. Singh exists to support Trudeau. Any condemnation of our PM by from this fellow is balderdash. Singh is “Trudeau Lite”— a turban-clad version of Comrade Trudeau.

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If not for CBC/Media spin, distortion and outright propaganda, 90% of Canadians would understand this in no uncertain terms. Media not only work for government. They share the very same animosity toward Anglo-European Canada which linger in the minds of Mr. Trudeau and Mr. Singh.

As CAP espoused from day one, a Liberal Dictatorship rules Canada in the year 2020. The Trudeau government will not fall–minority or otherwise. Call us incredibly negative and/or pessimistic, but we believe the Liberals will win once a again “win the day” in ANY future federal election.

Does three terms in a row doth make a dictatorship? Just sit back and watch as the CBC shun this concept. In typical globalist style, the truth shall be revealed– decades AFTER our trans-ition to an anti-Anglophone Socialist Dictatorship is fully entrenched within society.

Ringing any bells? It does for CAP-because this is the pattern informed Canadians have witnessed ad nauseum. It is only after forty years passing that the outcome Pierre Trudeau’s immigration and multicultural policies came to be understood as manifestations of anti-Anglophone sentiment.

Yes, one day the people of Canada will awaken to the fact that Canada has been stolen from its citizenship–the very thing CBC will bury until past the point anyone– or anything– can stop the globalist destruction of the former Great White North.

— BRAD SALZBERG, CAP Founder(est. 2016)


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