NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh Brands Canada Homophobic During Pride Month

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In contemporary Canada, expositions of pride take on a peculiar form– none more unusual than NDP Party Leader Jagmeet Singh’s approach to the topic:

“We must acknowledge that the colonial history of our country has actively had a harmful impact on 2SLGBTQI+ people. Two Spirit and Indigenous LGBTQQIA+ identities were actively attacked and purposefully destroyed. People who were once honored in their communities and held important traditional roles were left shamed, rejected and vulnerable.”

Let us note the New Democratic Party leaders choice of words. Traditionally, Indigenous communities have been accepting of transgender beliefs– hence the term “two-spirited.” In order to dig the knife deeper into the back of traditional Canada, Mr. Singh calls out the lack of acceptance from colonial settlers. In other words, he is insulting the two types of Canadians he most resents: Anglophones and Christians.

Reasonable takeaways: Jagmeet Singh is incredibly bitter toward our country, and its history. Ours is a nation steeped in persecution of homosexuals and transexuals. The reason for it is found in our colonial history. Mr. Singh does not like our national heritage one little bit. In terms of his feelings regarding Aboriginal history, Singh has the following to say:

“There were clearly systems in place designed to kill them.This is not a distant country, this is here in Canada, and the genocide was against Indigenous people. And it is a genocide that is ongoing.”

What to conclude? For starters, everything that CBC and corporate media refuse to acknowledge. This man seriously dislikes Canada. One has to wonder how an individual with such an animus toward our national heritage became leader of a federal political party.

At which point a light-bulb moment arrives: Canada’s prime minister, Justin Trudeau, shares Singh’s animus. No wonder the two recently partnered to lock in a Liberal-NDP Socialist Coalition government until the end of 2025.

Every bit of this is lost on legacy media. They simply don’t get it. Or more than likely, they do get it, but are being funded by Justin Trudeau to ignore the phenomenon. There you have it– Trudeau and Singh– sharing a hatred of Canadian identity, together they control our country.

In what other societies on earth do we find this spurious political dynamic? The answer, of course, is in no other country. Thus rendering Canada unique. Thereby eliciting a salient concept: there has to be a reason for this aberration in social structure.

Without question, there is. Has Canada been selected for a national transformation of magnanimous proportions? Cultural Action Action respond in the affirmative.

Ours is nation has been selected as a prototype western authoritarian society. To facilitate the process, Justin Trudeau and Jagmeet Singh were placed into political office.

Canada-lover Jagmeet Singh:

“This Pride Month, New Democrats are celebrating the victories of the 2SLGBTQI+ community and recommitting to always fighting by your side for full equality and a future where people can live free of discrimination, homophobia, transphobia, and biphobia.”

CAP offer a corollary: the new Canada will never live free of Anglophobia, Chistophobia, and Heterophobia. These “qualities” have been instilled by Trudeau and sidekick Singh throughout the past six years. Our country is in no manner being freed from hatred. Rather, hatred is transitioning toward Canada’s “Old Stock” communities.

To accelerate momentum, the globalist forces powering the Trudeau-Singh alliance have transcended “traditional” racism. This was accomplished through a carving out of post-modern persecuted communities–homosexuals and transsexuals.

Taken as a united force of oppressed peoples, a war is waged on the so-called guilty parties. This is what Jagmeet Singh is up to with his contrived hatred of Canada.

Now for the bad news: nothing about this is random in development. Every bit of it is part of a pre-conceived attack. Due to its pre-meditated nature, those in opposition have been caught off-guard. We have no resources from which to fight back. When we do, media brand us racists and bigots– another strategy planned out in advance.

Yes sir– the social situation looks mighty dire for Anglophones, and other Canadians of European heritage. The master plan unfolds as directed while our country undergoes an axiomatic transformation.

“This mass grave is a painful reminder of the genocide,” says NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh.

The only problem is, no bodies have ever been discovered in the mass graves. Then again, it’s really not a problem at all. In pseudo-communist Canada, it doesn’t make one bit of difference whether bodies are found, or not.

12 thoughts on “NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh Brands Canada Homophobic During Pride Month”

  1. How fitting. That ought to be a monkey on a unicycle. His (ahem) organ grinder is in the midst of the crowd; tongue hanging out in emotional intoxication. “Tip toe; through the [pansies]; with me-e-e-e-e.” Apologies to the late Tiny Tim. (Herbert Khaury.)

  2. “Lack of acceptance by Colonial settlers.” This doofus distorts history almost as much as his White twin. “2SLGBTQIWhatever” was not a “thing” in those days.

    BTW–How are the flamboyant folk doing in his native country? Do they have any “history”–good or bad–at all? This cretin’s imagination expands faster than the universe. Go back to India Singh. Oops. You’re barred from entry. Maybe Iran will have sympathy w/ your views. Sell your pricey; working man’s BMW; Pack up your rainbow flag; your $3,000 Armani suit; slip on your $11,800 (US) Berluti Cursive Galet Alligator Leather Loafers–And fly away; on a (private) jet plane.

    Too hot in Iran? Maybe China instead? Egypt? Syria? Ukraine? Christian hating Nigeria? One can’t have too many passports. Good riddance “Canadian.” Don’t come back; ya hear?

  3. Why are Trudeau and Singh in politics as leaders of their parties they are not elected to stand behind and praise minority groups they were elected to stand behind all Canadian they are bias and should never hold the position of leadership vote them out of their leadership positions

  4. Taken at face (black) value, turds recent comments and these of shagmeat, come very close to being hate speech such is their anti Olde Stock Anglo, and Olde Stock European and anti Christian ranting. Hitlerian in fact.

  5. If we agree about the “colonial” occupation of Canada (which I don’t), one must labor to point out for the mentally deficient leader of the NDP, that the ever changing terms he uses “2SLGBTQI+ people. Two Spirit and Indigenous LGBTQQIA+ identities” didn’t exist at the time of said occupation, nor could one prove that they existed. Ergo, his statement and his argument is defective and erroneous, and without substance. He must be a very crappy lawyer.

  6. I can’t stand either one of them no matter what they like who they like or who they are! They are against all that is good including every race creed sexual orientation that is the personal choice not what are the governments to decide! The crimes they’ve committed are behind my ability to understand why they are not charged with anything crimes against the cabinet of human rights and political views are erased in our country these days.

    They need to be charged with a crime they committed and they need to go through what every other Canadian does that commits a crime that’s not stuffed in the governments pocket and be sent to jail.

    God willing country will be ours one day again and every single Canadian that actually has a heart and a brain that functions in a way that’s not to destroy others or bring others down with lies and deceit please make that happen one day soon!

  7. The NDP is a party of losers. That is why they will say anything and do anything to win. The end justifies the means is their mantra. The only History they know is revisionist writings of it using emotional rhetoric and turning it into a pity party. They cast shame on people who died a hundred years ago about the way they lived and expect their ancestors to pay restitution for their mistakes. They stink at business and hate people who succeed at it. They want everything to be free and think wealthy people should pay for it. Health Education Luxury and Leisure whose acronym is HELL. They believe in a socialist utopia paid for by the confiscated wealth of producers and run by bureaucratic megalomaniacs who couldn’t run a tire down a hill. They choose leaders who can virtue signal the loudest and gainsay the opposition on every decision they make except voting for raises in pay for them selves. They are expected to do nothing and that is exactly what they do.


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