NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh Claims “Aboriginal Genocide Is Ongoing”

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“What has happened to Indigenous people in Canada is genocide, no question about it. There were clearly systems in place designed to kill them.“

“215 Indigenous kids were found in an unmarked mass grave. Anytime you think of unmarked mass graves, you think of a distant country where a genocide has happened. This is not a distant country, this is here in Canada, and the genocide was against Indigenous people. It is a genocide that is ongoing.”

— New Democratic Party Leader, Jagmeet Singh

Should Canadians take Mr. Singh at his word? After all, the man is an aberration of a politician. While holding a position as leader of the New Democratic Party of Canada, he actually works for the Liberal Party of Canada.

In March, 2022, PM Justin Trudeau announced that the Liberals had struck a deal with the federal NDP to govern until 2025:

“This supply and confidence agreement starts today and will be in place until the end of this Parliament in 2025,” stated PM Trudeau. By signing the agreement, Jagmeet Singh bestowed the greatest favour upon the Liberals imaginable– a license for a minority government to continue authoritarian control for three more years.

Speaking of Liberal-NDP nuptials, we note a certain symmetry: Justin Trudeau also enjoys branding present-day Canadians genocidal. Failing to distinguish between historical and contemporary society, Mr. Trudeau promotes the genocide narrative:

“Trudeau’s acceptance of an inquiry’s finding that Canada committed genocide against Indigenous people could have tremendous legal impact,” reported CTV News.

“I think that is an important part of discovering the truth,” Trudeau said. CAP agree– it is critical to discover truth. Turns out that Trudeau has omitted a vital piece of it– the Liberal Party’s role in the residential school system.

Canada’s Residential Schools are historically labelled as being in existence from the year 1863 to 1998. For 60% of that time period, the Liberal Party was the ruling government.

During the years that Residential Schools existed, a Liberal prime minister held office 70% of the time.  Apart from founding fathers Sir John A. MacDonald and Sir Wilfred Laurier, the longest standing national leader during the time period was Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau.

If he wanted the truth understood, Justin Trudeau would inform the public that his Liberal Party has been a key factor in what he and Jagmeet Singh label an Aboriginal genocide.

“A genocide that is ongoing,” claims Jagmeet Singh. What percentage of our general population agree? We don’t know, and never will. Here, Mr. Singh attempts to hi-jack our social consciousness to maximize Canadian self-hatred.

A 2006 study on Aboriginal population growth contradicts Singh’s claims:

“First Nations, Inuit, and Métis together make up one of the fastest growing segments of the Canadian population. It has been stated that the First Nations and Métis populations have undergone an especially rapid increase in the last decade as can be seen in Figure 2.3.”

Cultural Action Party fail to understand the point of this politician. Since the day Singh assumed party leadership, the NDP have been reduced from 46 to 25 seats in Parliament. At this point in political history, Jagmeet Singh is hard at work– on behalf of Justin Trudeau’s Liberals. Spending the past half decade branding our country racist, bigoted and genocidal, his political purpose has reached a point of non-existence.

As reflected in Canadian media– Not. CAP can’t help but notice a curious phenomenon. CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail, Toronto Star– not one has an iota of criticism for Jagmeet Singh. We contrast this with legacy media’s position on Conservative Party leadership contender, Pierre Poilievre.

According to media, this man is a racist whose supporters comprise a collective of racists. The bias, subjectivity and malevolence toward this man flow from the pens of mainstream media on a daily basis. As for Jagmeet Singh, he is a proverbial golden-boy.

Why? The answer is found in the big picture– those who control Canadian politics and media in our post-modern era. It is the reason why Jean Charest will likely end up winning the Conservative leadership nomination.

These political dynamics are manipulated from beyond our borders. Over the past six months, Canadians have witnessed the emergence into public consciousness of the World Economic Forum, World Health Organization, and other global controllers of western nations.

As with PM Justin Trudeau– not to mention Jean Charest, NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh is working for the cause. As long as this political structure remains in place, Canada’s national sovereignty will continue to erode.

7 thoughts on “NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh Claims “Aboriginal Genocide Is Ongoing””

  1. Does this ridiculous looking cardboard politician actually believe the lies he tosses around like confetti?? Bad enough we have to endure Trudeau. As my late father used to day; “gadzooks!” We’re being suffocated in a noxious weed patch of these miscreants….They’re taking over our once lovely garden. We need some industrial strength Round-Up. Better yet; a giant rototiller. May as well use ’em as mulch.

    • He’s as disgusting as Trudeau and Charest, this has to be Trudeaus plan as he only likes the French in Quebec. ;time to separate from Quebec, the province making its own rules on language and what one can wear. This is prejudice. Quebec, Trudeau, Singh and Charest, the ones who will finally break Canada and never give citizens who pay their wages have a voice.

  2. “215 Indigenous kids were found in an unmarked mass grave.”

    Complete lie. There were 215 locations of magnetic anomalys detected. No body yet. Nothing has been dug up.

    No mass grave has yet been found at a residential school. No mass anything has been unearthed – not one. Only anomalies.

    If bodies are located, there is no evidence yet that they were “indigenous”. Maybe they are there and maybe they are indigenous – no one knows. Trudeau is the source of the “mass grave” lie. Who is the source of the “bodies” lie?

    This is just pathetic.

  3. Don’t be fooled Jagmeet ‘banned from India’ Singh does not care one iota about natives. They are just a useful ‘tool’ for him and many other politicians.

    Those graves nothing has even been proven or dug up. So many wild assumptions and exaggerated allegations (many with little or no proof at all) when it comes to alleged FN issues.

    The native issue is its own ‘industrial complex’ and loads of money to be made by many so the gravy train continues instead of addressing any issues like drinking water and accountability of Chiefs when it comes to tax payer money. Jagmeet holds the strings of the leftist/socialist coalition so what is he doing??

    The ‘R’ word means nothing these days as anyone who disagrees with leftist governments is branded with this overused word….

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