National Council Of Muslims Pushes Six Canadian Cities To Adopt “Islamophobia” Charter

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When Justin Trudeau unilaterally blessed Canada with its “no core identity” mantra, he omitted what would naturally develop as a result: the surge of special interest groups attempting the fill the void with an ethnocentric-oriented power grab.

No non-profit in Canada has been as successful in this capacity as the National Council of Canadian Muslims. Just this pass week, National Council of Canadian Muslims (NCCM) called on a Toronto-area Christian- Conservative candidate in the upcoming fall Federal elections to drop out of the race “following reports about her past social media posts,” which the NCCM deems to be Islamophobic.”

One wonders why and how the NCCM, which has grown to wield mammoth influence in Canada, is able to exercise such influence with impunity.

Canadians in general, like citizens of many other Western nations, are all too often naive about the extent to which Islamic supremacist influences have entered into Canada and are now actively engaged at every layer of society.

“In the U.S., CAIR is the foremost Islamic supremacist group of influence. In Canada, it is the NCCM, formerly named CAIR-CAN — an offshoot of CAIR. Its earlier press releases identified the group as: “Council on American Islamic Relations Canada.”

As it happens, NCCM has  quietly transitioned Canada’s largest urban centres into bastions of protection for Islamic ideology, practice and belief system. Never mind that a number of practices– female genital mutilation–are illegal in Canada. We speak here of the Liberal government’s chosen people–the folks Trudeau and Liberal MP elevated to a status above other religions by way of the M103 “Islamophobia” motion.

Calgary was one of six Canadian cities to endorse a charter Monday vowing to eliminate anti-Muslim hate crimes, as community leaders expressed concern about a rise in the number of Islamophobic hate crimes. No surprise there–Calgary’s mayor Nenshi is a Muslim.

“It’s a step to first acknowledge that this is a challenge and this is a real issue, said Hida Fadol of the National Council of Canadian Muslims, a civil liberties group. Other cities signing the charter include Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto, Windsor and London.”

Check it out, folks–according to NCCM, this is a first step. Please do tell–what attempt to entrench Islam as Canada’s dominant religion is not a “first step.” They are ALL first steps.

After all, if they were last steps, then NCCM would have to admit their draconian social goals have been a success, and they will never do this. Pourquoi? Because the natural, default position of the diversity devils is to NEVER be satisfied. This means they can push and push ad infinitum to mould Canadian society into exactly what they want it to be.

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NCCM has previous affiliations with CAIR. An excerpt from a Discover the Network’s report about the NCCM’s parent organization, CAIR, states:

“CAIR promotes a radical Islamic vision, as evidenced by the fact that its co-founder Omar Ahmad told a Fremont, California audience in July 1998: “Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant. The Koran … should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on Earth.” 

Quite. How “multicultural” of them. Still, this will not prevent Justin Trudeau from permitting NCCM to push around non-Muslim communities. It will not stop media from preventing Canadians from comprehending the agenda at hand, nor will it prevent Canada’s Marxist education institutions from continuing to run down Anglo-Canada while advancing Trudeau-brand globalism.

The hypocrisy is endless. How is that so-called liberal “progressivism”  came to be inclusive of an archaic religious belief system based on ethnic and religious exclusivity and superiority.

Is this not the antithesis of the original spirit of multiculturalism as intended by founder Pierre Trudeau? Of course it is. It’s just that this element of the equation makes no difference to those working an agenda of social transformation in Canada.

NCCM are a pushy, sanctimonious, victim-card playing organization utilizing Canadian tax-dollars to attempt to control our society. How Justin Trudeau. How MP Ahmed Hussen.

Why does this social dynamic exists? The responsibility ultimately resides with one individual– Pierre Trudeau. It was he who set up Anglophone Canada for its eventual decimation by way of Multicultural policy. The purpose of the ideology–and subsequent  legislation –was to create an “equal playing field” for all identifiable communities in Canada.

Only problem is– it hasn’t happened. What has trans-pired, despite media obfuscation, is that Pierre’s diversity has become a weapon in the hands of special interest groups.

A slight diversion. When I first heard about multiculturalism as a high school student in Halifax, Nova Scotia, my immediate reaction was that one day this will come back to haunt our nation. I was 14 years old. It was the late 1970’s. Forty years later, we see the results.

English Canada and its Anglo-Christian communities have been branded racist. Islamic Canada is breaking bad in Canada,  consolidating power by leveraging myopic Middle Eastern Liberal MP’s to accomplish their goals. Then, establishment media informed the public of what has transpired behind their backsNOT!

Expect this situation to improve for Old Stock Canada? Not while King Justin is prime minister. CAP expectations are more along thew line of NCCM executives taking the next step in their power play against mainstream societies.

Rather than just influence gullible, naive Liberal politicians and their ethnocentric brethren, expect NCCM executives to become actual MP candidates. Expect a continuation of consolidation of power as Trudeau backs these organizations to the hilt.

CAP Salient Question Time: Are all these developments a “random” occurrence. Or rather, are these incremental steps toward turning Canada upside-down by transferring control of our nation to Third World not-for-profits, their appointed MP’s, and their social goals within society?

A BIG question–therefore one which Justin’s media motor-mouths will never answer.  Despite media obscurity, Canada stands at this moment at an incredible threshold in history. It is even more incredible that media hide the truth from the public.

The fall election is not one of Trudeau vs. Scheer. This election is about the destiny of Canada. This is about whether or not the Liberal-Trudeau-Third World- Globalist will supersede our traditional communities, seize control of society, our values, ideals and most importantly, the future of the former “Great White North.”







27 thoughts on “National Council Of Muslims Pushes Six Canadian Cities To Adopt “Islamophobia” Charter”

  1. The Canadian people who are CHRISTIANS should come together and fight these people. Remember, Canada is a CHRISTIAN country and it should be like that for the future generations.

    • False. We are not all Christians because religion is a easy way to control people. “If you don’t do this you’re bad and a dinner and will go to hell!” Please. People are more educated than that.the issue is that they are coming in and changing the way of our life by forcing us to do things their way.

      Please remember Natives were here before the Christians came and they did exactly the same (if not worse) to the natives that Muslims are being accused of. History repeats itself.

  2. This article serves as a worthy example of what the real problem is. Humans are destined to remain mired in our primitive, tribal and violent roots until we can finally rid ourselves of the real problem – religion. Religion is, was and continues to be simply a tool used for power, control and the justification of aggression and exploitation. It is the single biggest issue we face as a species. Where religion exists, ignorance prevails. Until we can finally put our old fables and myths behind us, we’re destined to live in a world more divided than connected, and real peace will remain an unattainable fantasy.

  3. Completely agree with author. Historically Muslim religion is invasive religion. And if someone was allowed to move in Canada this person must take the laws, rules and religion of this country. I don’t know in which Muslim country the Christian religion thrives.

  4. If Muslims promise to ban all sections of the Koran pertaining to child rape, animal sex, mass murder, Jew hate, world domination, subjecting women to terror, jihad etc etc and all hatefilled things contained in the Koran, including Muhammed bragging about personally slaughtering 900 men , women and children during the sack of Mecca, I would say they’d have a chance at full acceptance into civilized society.

  5. All religions need to be abolished. Enough with the silly invisible sky-daddy nonsense. Grow up and take responsibility for all of your actions. Vaccinate your kids. Quit being a jerk and smile more.

  6. Jewish,Christian, and Muslim all these religions are from one resource and all of them have one creator and all of them started from Middle East not from Europe, or north or south of America or Africa. All the three profits (Moses , Esa- Jesus, and Mohammad) back to one grandfather ( Ibrahim)who born in Iraq , so don’t say Muslims or Christian and who should take control over who, don’t say white or black or brown people. We all return back to one creator ( Allah-God) and one father Adam. We should all live in peace without these words and spend our life which is mostly no more than 80-90 years , help and show respect to each other as a human not hate each other’s and not put in our mind who should take control over who and phobia and who should come first or second . Please don’t say that. We should live in a peace with each other. I feel sorry about who wrote this article and who support that writer. We need to work as a one hand and one family to make Canada better and make it the best , we need to raise our children and teach them how to love each other , no color , no religion, no who should take control over who. Work as a respectful human not as something else .

  7. When any ethnic population grows by 30% expect troublesome for local value tradition and policies as they will start demanding their identity and not follow the local rules and traditions so stop immigration if they are more than 10% than local population

  8. All religion is about exclusivity and superiority. The problem is not any specific religious group with special interests, it’s ALL of them.

  9. If you fear that a minority group is against multiculturalism, why would you attack multicultural policy ? This not only pits you against multiculturalism, it makes you against a cultural minority you do not belong to. That is completely contrary to multiculturalism.

  10. So sad we all have to get are crap together before it goes any further. These people are not what Canada is about. If this goes on much longer we all loose.I am like everyone else just dont know where to start . We need a good and honest leader where his heart is for Canadians and Canada.


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