National Council Of Canadian Muslims Sue Canadian Government For “Islamophobia”

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The National Council of Canadian Muslims (NCCM) and the Canadian Civil Liberties Association (CCLA) today filed a legal challenge in the Quebec Superior Court to stay the application of Quebec’s Bill 21: An Act Respecting the Laicity of the State (Bill 21), which was passed into law late Sunday evening by the Coalition Avenir Quebec (CAQ).

The NCCM & CCLA lawsuit challenges the validity of the new law, contending that it is unconstitutional and will cause irreparable harm to religious minorities.

Bill 21 bans people who wear religious symbols from a variety of public sector jobs, including teachers, police officers and prosecutors. The law will MOST SEVERELY curtail the freedoms of Muslim women who wear the hijab, Jews who wear the Kippa, and Sikhs who wear turbans.

“As of last night, the Quebec government has legalized religious discrimination – and we will not stand for it. This shameful law is a black mark on the progressive and inclusive province of Quebec to be. Muslims, Jews and Sikhs to the margins of society in an already-time when Islamophobia, anti-Semitism and other forms of racism are on the rise. That’s why we will be taking immediate legal action to prevent state-sanctioned second class citizenship,NCCM’s Executive Director says, Mustafa Farooq.

There is a populist phrase which encapsulates the “Islamophobia” conundrum rather well: “Within Western nations, Third World immigrants are OBSESSED with minority rights. Within Third World majority nations, there ARE NO MINORITY RIGHTS.”

NCCM WON”T STAND for it.  It is “black mark on progressive” Canada. Too bad there is nothing progressive about this organization, who DEMAND SPECIAL STATUS for Muslim students within the Canadian public school system.

The amount of power that non-profit Third World organizations such as NCCM wield within society is  staggering. This organization played a significant role in the elevation of one specific religion ABOVE ALL OTHERS. This occurred by way of MP Iqra Khalid’s M103 “Islamophobia motion.

Informed Canadians understand the roots of special interest power in Canada. The source is Pierre Trudeau’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms–a measure which depleted power among ELECTED MP’s, and TRANS-fered that power to NON-ELECTED JUDGES and courts. As in, LIBERAL judges and Liberal courts.

As a result, the fringe groups gained an ability to PUSH AROUND the Canadian majority. One of the  most extreme examples is Canada’s transgender lobby. There are no official Canadian studies on the percentage of our population which is transgendered. In the USA, the figure is 0.6% of the population. Meaning 99% of the nation is NON-transgender.

Why then would this tiniest sliver of society capture the mind-share of the majority of Canadians? Why would Justin Trudeau go all-in on a voter base comprising less than ONE PERCENT of the population?

CAP has a term for the lawsuits special interest groups throw at the courts: LAWFARE. This occurs when an entity with no respect for the Canadian way of life  leverage local western laws to undermine the foundation of said nation.

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In Canada, this has become a full-blown industry. Lawyer, Judges & Courts accommodate a phenomenon rooted in multiculturalism–ANOTHER Pierre Trudeau production. Here is a very brief timeline of our social transformation by way of the Trudeau family:

1967-– Liberal Prime Minister Lester Pearson changes immigration policy to point system. Pierre Trudeau becomes prime minister in 1968.

1971-– Pierre Trudeau visits China, returns and forces multiculturalism upon society

1982— Pierre Trudeau forces the Charter of Rights and Freedoms upon society.

1988- Conservative PM Brian Mulroney ratifies Multicultural Act Of Canada

2015Justin Trudeau becomes prime minister, leveraging all the transformative legislation father Pierre established.

2017-Justin Trudeau increases mass immigration quotas to highest levels in history.

2018– Justin Trudeau brands Anglophone Canada racist, bigoted and xenophobic.

2030— Anglophones become minority community WITHOUT the minority rights ascribed to Sikh, Chinese, Muslim and other Third World Canadian communities. Transition to second class minority community is complete.

Hyperbole? Paranoia? Go ahead–be the judge. In the meantime, CAP will stick to this theory. Ostensibly, purpose of multiculturalism is to create a level playing field for ALL identifiable communities in Canada. Has the goal been accomplished? NOT in the least– however, this has nothing to do with Canada’s so-called “suffering minority” communities. The community most damaged by way of the Trudeau diversity debacle are Anglophone Canadians.

Who finances an organization such as National Council of Canadian Muslims? This would be working Canadians, long term tax-payers, and the public in general. Therefore, at least in part, Old Stock Canadians are funding the Trudeau family assault upon Anglophone and Christian Canada. Nice.

This, folks, is multiculturalism. Think about it–it’s a GENIUS concept: Utilize English Canada’s tax dollars to DILUTE English Canada. Pure brilliance! And we have FALLEN FOR IT--thus far. Of course, establishment media and Marxist educational institutions who for decades have GREASED THE WHEELS of the multicult madness.

Plainly spoken, the Canadian people have lost control of their own nation. Our society has been HI-JACKED. The ring-leaders are obvious and tangible–Justin Trudeau, and Pierre Trudeau before him are the catalysts for the entire affair. Sad–but true.








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  1. Second class citizens are born in Canada merry Christmas fit in that’s all most of Canadians want stop trying to change our country and push your hateful religious beliefs somewhere else thanks


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