National Council Of Canadian Muslims Has Trudeau Running In Circles

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In which the National Council of Canadian Muslims pass judgement on the Liberal  government actions assigned to them by Canada’s most powerful ethnic non-profit organization.

“The NCCM presented 61 recommendations to address Islamophobia, in both its violent and systemic forms. A total of 35 recommendations for action were directed at the federal government, 19 recommendations were directed at provincial governments, and 7 recommendations were directed at municipal and regional governments.”

One year after the submission, NCCM inform our Liberal government of the degree to which the Feds lived up to their standards:

“Although much has been done, much more remains.”

If ever there was a calling card for Canada’s diversity industry, this is the one. They must remain insatiable. This way, political power will continue to accumulate ad infinitum. It has become the defining characteristic of post-modern society: those who whine most successfully, win.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau installed this social ethos the day he became prime minister. The phenomenon reaches beyond the NCCM. Those who complain most, gain most. In 2022, everybody’s doing it– now including Anglophone and Christian communities.

What does this do for social unity? Nothing at all– and that’s the way Team Trudeau like it.

According to the National Council For Canadian Muslims report, the federal government has addressed the following recommendations:

— Added new violent white supremacist and neo-Nazi groups to its terrorist entities list, groups that included those who espoused violent Islamophobia.

Militant Islamic groups are every bit as extreme; NCCM say nothing about their inclusion on the government blacklist.

Committed $85 million over the next four years to help launch a new anti-racism strategy and national action plan to combat hate, including Islamophobia. Committed $89.9 million over the next five years to reform the current method of targeting terrorist financing within the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). 

Throw an additional $175 million taxpayer dollars at “Islamophobia” without approval from taxpayers. Blame the CRA for advancing racial prejudice.

Created a new office for a Special Representative on combating Islamophobia and allocated a budget of $5.6 million over five years to support it.

Demands for an exclusive from government in the form of a watch-dog representative. The individual will function as an overseer of prejudice against Muslims. No equivalent calls to monitor racism against Christians and Jews.

Together with half-Pakistani citizen Liberal MP Iqra Khalid, in 2016 the NCCM managed to get the M103 Islamophobia motion passed by Parliament. Several detractors spoke out– why not include Canada’s other major religions? It was not to be– their proposal was rejected.

To say nothing of what the non-profit group want from the provincial governments of Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta and Nova Scotia.

We have here a demanding lot. But who would be surprised by this? Some communities are well used to the Feds breaking their backs on their behalf. Since day one in office, PM Trudeau has pandered to their wishes. As a result, the expectation is special treatment– always and forever.

“There have been significant strides made to address and mitigate the harms of violent and systemic Islamophobia at all levels of government. However, there is still so much more left to do in order to create a better Canada for all.”

At which point CAP interject with a question: what does it take for diversity-pushers to reach a point where sufficient progress has been made?

Answer: no point at all.  In the 50 year period since Pierre Trudeau forced Multiculturalism upon society, it has never occurred. There is no reason why the dynamic will be altered in the future.

Why not? Because when considering so-called “minority rights,” the goal is not social equality, but rather consolidation of political power. On this basis, why would LGBT or any other woke power-player display signs of satisfaction? Or– God forbid– actual appreciation of the degree to which Canadian society has bent over backward to accommodate special interest needs.

These pursuits are not so much about alleviating racism as they are about political power. This is the reason why ethnocentric non-profits display not a shred of appreciation for Canadian society.

Upon which CAP expose a neglected element of the equation:

Return to the motherland, and what will be found? In Saudi Arabia, it took until the year 2017 for it to become legal for women to drive a car.

“Saudi Arabia’s mass execution of 81 men this weekend[July 2022] was a brutal show of its autocratic rule, and a justice system that puts the fairness of their trials and sentencing into serious doubt,” said Michael Page, deputy Middle East director at Human Rights Watch.

Yet, according to the multicult brigade, Canada is “systemically racist.” Never one to criticize their own, we come to understand the hypocrisy underpinning the 3rd World immigrant complaint department.

NCCM want the federal and provincial government’s to do what they tell them to do. If not, their shortcomings will be written up in an annual report, and judged accordingly.

Upon which Justin Trudeau, Multiculturalism Minister MP Ahmed Hussen and the rest of the Liberal cabinet bend-over-backward to satisfy a tiny segment of Canadian society. This is what Liberal government multiculturalism brought to Canada.

The will of the minority supersedes the will of the majority. A Pierre Trudeau-creation, current PM Justin Trudeau is here to prioritize special interest Canada over and above general society.

3 thoughts on “National Council Of Canadian Muslims Has Trudeau Running In Circles”

  1. This is not their first kick at the cat, they are more experienced than Canadians truly know! The started in Europe, England and every country they invaded through immigration! Wokism is a Liberal Trademark and these Muslims are fully aware as to how they use it to their advantage against the Citizens of any country they have invades screaming Racism over and over again! Using the original citizens taxpayer monies against themselves! WTF UP!

  2. I have to give Canadian Muslims credit exposing this Coyote Trickster who patronized their mosques and even preached one of their sermons. Jackal Trudeau is NO longer a friend to the mainstream Islamic communities of Canada. Trudeau only supports the radicals NOT the mainstream Muslims.


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