Nation Of Pansies: Justin Trudeau’s War Against Heterosexual Canadian Males

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Skill-testing question: Name one leader of a western nation–or any nation– apart from Justin Trudeau who has dedicated themselves to LGBT/Pride as ubiquitously as our current prime minister.

Answer: There are none. Not among western democracies, nor among Trudeau’s chosen Third World, African and Islamic nations. Within these societies, homosexuality is on the back-burner of social issues. Yes, LGBT may have a presence, but in this regard Canada is  unique relative to foreign nations.

Within contemporary society, homosexuality plays a giant, over-represented role within our political spectrum. Presently, Conservative Party Leader, Andrew Scheer, is being raked over the goals for failing to attend various Pride events across the nation.

Additionally, Scheer is being branded a homophobe based upon statements he made in the past–the year 2005, to be precise. At this time, current Liberal Defence Minister, Ralph Goodale, echoed similar sentiments.

Fast-forward to 2019, and Mr. Scheer is fighting to overcome the homophobia branding of the Liberals and NDP. Witness as Jagmeet Singh and his pink turban collection go hog-wild over the issue. A “disgrace,” bellowed he of the rainbow-turbaned variety.

Since when has homosexuality played a core, fundamental role in a Canadian federal election? Response– since October 25th, 2015--the day Justin Trudeau was crowned prime minister, and proceeded to seize control of the consciousness of society.

What gives? CAP shall inform–what gives is that throughout the entire trans-formation of Canada to “Gay Capital of The Western World,” not a single article has appeared which encapsulates the essence of the situation:

Justin Trudeau has transformed Canada into a “gay” nation. Hundreds of millions of dollars are earmarked by Trudeau to the process. Pride Parades, LGBT sidewalk crossings. Transgenderism for Canadians of all ages. The promotion of the effeminate among Canadian males–of ALL ages.

Drag Queen Story Time. Sex change therapy for 14 year-olds. Orwellian shutdown of all dissent.  Men in leather spats, boys in frilly dresses. Jonathan Yaniv. Entire social studies departments at University of Toronto, McGill and UBC dedicated to gay life. Minister of Defence, Harjit Sajjan prancing around at parades waving Pride flags.

Simply put, homosexuality has permeated our society in an unprecedented manner. The driver is Justin Trudeau–no one is more responsible than this curious political creature.

What effect does this have upon a society? How is masculinity affected? What impact does all this have upon male Canadian children and teens?

No surprise–CBC and the rest eschew this entire topic. Therefore, it is CAP’s duty to  enlighten. The issue is manhood— or the lack thereof. For the past four years, Justin Trudeau has promoted the dissolution of manhood within society.

To place in context, we look to something Trudeau hopes to ultimately erase— Canadian history.

“On June 6, 1944, the 3rd Canadian Division (supported by tanks of the independent 2nd Canadian Armoured Brigade) landed on Juno Beach in the Battle of Normandy.Canadian airborne troops had also landed earlier in the day behind the beaches.[224] By day’s end, the Canadians had made the deepest penetrations inland of any of the five seaborne invasion forces.”

On June 7th, 2018, Justin Trudeau ran though the crowd at a Pride Parade wearing a pink t-shirt while waving a Transgender flag high in the air. While doing so, he hugged a series of transvestites, did a high-five with a hairy-chested man in leather spats, and took off for a meeting with the Global Council of Refugee Status In Africa.

“Canada joined a US-led coalition in the 2001 attack on Afghanistan. The war was a response to the 9/11 terrorist attacks, and was intended to defeat the Taliban government and rout Al-Qaeda. Canada sent special forces and ground troops to the conflict.”

In 2019, Justin Trudeau re-instated citizenship for convicted ISIS terrorists, gave tens of millions to fundamentalist Islamic non-profits, and placed rumoured ex-members of the Muslim Brotherhood into key Liberal government positions, including that of Immigration Minister.

Then, the CBC wrote a major op-ed piece exposing the whole gnarly situation– in common sense Canadian’s dreams. Of course they didn’t–they were too busy airing a documentary promoting transgenderism for children.

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Such is the state-of-the-nation under King Justin. Masculinity is so “2015” for this flakey fellow. Why? What is it about homosexuality that causes PM Trudeau to dedicate his political life to the agenda? Is manhood so awful that our PM must promote its erasure from society?

Very, very strange. “What is this all about,” asks a regular reader of the Toronto Star. “Never thought of it this way,” says a father of two young children..

Of course he didn’t. Not because you are dumb, but because you take establishment media in Canada at face-value.  CAP theory on Justin’s gay obsessions:

It is part of a much larger social dynamic. Simply put, globalism DEMANDS the erosion of masculinity within western nations. Not in China, Pakistan or Iran. The source of this is something called the Open Society Foundation.

This globalist organization is controlled by billionaire, George Soros. The group advances open borders within democratic nations–not Islamic or communist countries– western democracies only. They also promote homosexuality and transgenderism in a massive way–as in billions upon billions of dollars pumped into the anti-heterosexual agenda.

Why? Because this cuts down on the birth of children within said nations. Gay lifestyle means adoption-only. Transgenderism results in sexual sterilization. Result? Men trans-ition to sissies, children loose an ability to reproduce.

Therefore, a logical question emerges: Who are the effeminate ones? Which segment of our demographic most indulges in the effeminate affectations PM Trudeau pushes upon society?

Here it gets interesting. Are the lion’s share of the effeminate new arrivals to Canada? Of course not. No, they are not. Our migrants come from China, India, Iran, Pakistan and Phillippines. In Pakistan, if two men walked down the street holding hands they would more than likely be shot through the head within minutes. Ditto for Iran.

Viewing the situation from the religious perspective, are Sikhs and Muslims the leading proponents of fairy-land Canada? Not a chance. Their religious creeds are antithetical to the “homo-ization” of Canada. First Nations? Not really.

No–the bulk of these people are secular, Anglophone Christians. Bingo-there’s your answer. Liberal-Globalist philosophy of the variety Open Society Foundation espouse TARGETS our traditional communities, depleting birth-rates among our people.

This is why Justin Trudeau so vehemently supports the feminization of Canadian males. Then, John Ivison, Irish-Canadian journalist for the Globe & Mail, writes a piece spilling the beans on the entire affair.

Yes– on the 12th of Never!  Rule number one among mainstream journalists: Never expose the true, high-level, long term agenda of Trudeau and his Liberal-Globalist cultural assassins–regardless  if it is your personal/family heritage which is being destroyed.

This is Justin Trudeau in the flesh. Not what is presented in the Canadian “ene-media.” Canada did not have to become a “homosexual” nation. No one asked for it, no one voted for it–typical Trudeau, eh?

Pansy Nation of the World? Bet on it for as long as traitor Trudeau remains prime minister.




5 thoughts on “Nation Of Pansies: Justin Trudeau’s War Against Heterosexual Canadian Males”

  1. There is no such thing as an EX Member of the MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD, no matter what the person says. Those people are still MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD.

  2. While not denying, and indeed protesting against the feminization of boys and men, your review of the subject has only identified the symptom and not the cause.

    The real culprits are the ‘woke’ generations and politicians who have seconded gay issues – ‘ i.e. orientation-appropriation’ – to advance their own purposes. They have made it a cause celebre that the gay community neither asked for or wanted. Nonetheless, they are the ones who are suffering the backlash while the SJWs go dancing off to their next f*ck-up.

    The other flaw in you commentary is making the assumption that gay men can’t be ‘men’ in the sense of participating in Vimy Ridge, etc., because they did. [see may review of ‘Coming Out Under Fire for a synopsis of gays in the second world war:

    I abhor the fact that boys and men are being emasculated by feminists and mass ignorance like MeToo, but placing the blame on gays just doesn’t fit.

  3. “Name one leader of a western nation–or any nation– apart from Justin Trudeau who has dedicated themselves to LGBT/Pride as ubiquitously as our current prime minister”?
    You may ask?
    I would add a certain pansy by the name of Anthony Charles Lynton Blair to that list as something of a prelude to Justine Trudeau.


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