Curious Silence Surrounds Marrisa Shen-Ibrahim Ali Murder Trial

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Within media circles, the term “Trial of the Century” is an idiom applied to critical legal cases of history.

The trial of a Syrian Refugee to Canada named Ibrahim Ali, charged with the murder of 13-year old Marrisa Shen of Burnaby, B.C., hardly qualifies as the murder trial of the century.

What comes close is the length of time it took for this case to reach a Vancouver courtroom. On July 18th, 2023, six years passed since the gruesome murder of young Ms. Shen took place.

Court delays, obfuscation, sporadic media coverage and lack of detail colour the picture of the court case, currently taking place in Vancouver, B.C.

Marissa Shen (October 20, 2003– July 18, 2017) was a 13-year-old Canadian girl whose body was found in a wooded area in Central Park in BurnabyBritish Columbia, Canada, on July 19, 2017.

On September 7, 2018, RCMP arrested Ibrahim Ali, age 33, as primary suspect for the murder of Marissa Shen. Ibrahim Ali had arrived in Canada as a refugee from Syria in April 2017, just months before her murder took place, stated police.

In other words, Ali is drawn from a special class of people. As a member of PM Justin Trudeau’s original push to import 35,000 Syrian refugees to Canada, Ali qualifies as a member of our federal government’s “protected class.”

The first form of protection being absolute silence from mainstream media in Canada. In fact, the sounds of silence surrounding this case should be understood as an outrage by all Canadians.

It isn’t– far from it. The most curious of elements being Chinese-Canadian community silence surrounding the brutal murder of the Burnaby schoolgirl.

‘Marrisa Shen’s Accused Killer Appears In Vancouver Court, Sparking Protests And Fears Of Anti-Immigrant Backlash’

September, 2018: “As the man charged in the death of 13-year-old Marrisa Shen made his first public court appearance on Friday in downtown Vancouver, sign-waving protests alongside an emotional vigil were taking place outside the courthouse.”

Early in the game, members of Vancouver’s Chinese community gathered outside a downtown courthouse to protest the circumstances surrounding the Shen murder.

Those days appear to be gone. This past week, Marrisa Shen’s mother and sister took the stand. What followed was an avalanche of tears expressing the pain of the loss of a cherished daughter and sister.

Why no one seems to care should stand as the curiosity of the century. Media are staying mum. While the odd article has appeared in small, local publications, legacy media in Canada has voided itself of exposure of the trial to the general public.

What is it about the Ibrahim Ali-Marissa Shen murder trial that results in a set-up such as this?

The main impetus for the silence remains an open book. CAP speculate that the trial is being influenced at the highest levels of our federal government.

What’s really on trial here? Cultural Action Party deliver the following hypothesis:

The murder of the schoolgirl is secondary. What is really on trial is the integrity of our federal government’s immigration and refugee policies. If found guilty, and major public awareness of the verdict gained general awareness, then Justin Trudeau would look really bad.

As in really, really bad. Pourquoi? Because of his own volition, as interviewed by CTV News, our PM stated straight up that he “would take full responsibility” for 35,000 Syrian refugees he imported to Canada upon election victory in 2015.

It never happened. Thus, a burying of the murder trial via mainstream media.

Are we understanding this situation correctly? Are common sense Canadians to believe that the life of a 13-year old Canadian child is meaningless when compared to Liberal immigration policy?

For six years, the Shen family remained silent. Not once did they make a statement to the press. Did you know? A publication ban means that media are not permitted to publish the words “Marrisa Shen” in related media articles.

“The mother of a 13-year-old girl found dead in a Burnaby, B.C., park six years ago has taken the witness stand at the murder trial of the teen’s accused killer.”

“The mother, who cannot be named under the terms of a publication ban on the girl’s identity, broke down in tears as she talked about the meaning of her daughter’s Chinese name.”

Can you get to that? The name of the murdered is omitted. The name of the mother is omitted. Know what this means?

It means that when a Google search is done on keywords “Marrisa Shen,” the articles that appear are four-to-five years old. Shen’s name cannot be used in the headline of a media article. The result is low public awareness— the exact opposite of what should occur regarding the heinous murder.

Upon which we pose a vital question. Would the circumstances be the same if, for example, the accused was named Dave Smith, Canadian-born caucasian of Anglophone origin?

Under this hypothetical, CAP imagine the outcome:

“This is an example of the vile hatred “Old Stock” Canadians have toward immigrants, and in particular, Chinese-Canadians,” say community activists.

CBC pour it on. Toronto Star, Canada’s “official anti-Anglophone” news outlet, condemn with impunity the actions of a rabid racist. Lock him up and throw away the key.

CAP cannot predict the future, but we do have a history of accurate forecasting of political outcomes. And without question, this trial is political in orientation.

The dampness surrounding media dissemination gives us a clue. Add to this silence from Burnaby City Council, of which three councillors are of Chinese origin.

Silence from Burnaby Now, sporadic coverage from Vancouver Sun, complete sublimation from the CBC.

Where are the Shen supporters? One of the most prominent government-funded immigration non-profit groups in Vancouver goes by the name SUCCESS Immigrant Services.

Their executive hasn’t made a single comment on the trial. Chinese media, including Sing Tao, Fairchild Group, Epoch Times– barely a mention, if anything.

“Crown attorney Isobel Keeley said at the start of the trial that the court would hear evidence showing the girl’s killing was random, but that DNA results would prove [Ibrahim] Ali sexually assaulted her.”

“She said the evidence would show the girl was passing through a neighbourhood park when she was dragged off a pathway into the forest by Ali, sexually assaulted and strangled.”

Something wrong with this picture? Of course there is. And who, pray-tell, has the power to bury exposure of the Ali-Shen murder trial to the extent to which it has taken place? Is there an entity you can think of which maintains an ability to shut down exposure of the trial in its entirety?

CAP can only come up with a singular response: the Liberal government of Canada, PM Justin Trudeau residing.

Is this what has transpired regarding the alleged murder of a 13-year old Canadian school at the hands of a Syrian refugee named Ibrahim Ali?

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  1. This past week, I read that Ali’s lawyer was trying to paint a picture of a dysfunctional family, where the Mother didn’t really know her daughter.
    My reaction was, this sleazy lawyer was reaching at the bottom of the barrel to try and make his client look good.
    At the end of it all, if Ali is found guilty, I for one want him deported back to where he came from. My taxes can be better spent helping real Canadians.

  2. i’m not defending this person, but why don’t you post the crimes of christian conservatives?

    oh ya that’s right… echo-o-o-o-o-o-o

    • “Sameold” Sameold: Yawn. Why don’t you list the “crimes” of Christian conservatives? Just one. Reading the Bible? Going to church? Not genuflecting to the woke agenda? We’ll wait. Oh ya; that’s right….Echo-o-o-o-o-o-o.

      • And religious Muslims commit no crimes, eh? All religions have good and bad elements. Your arguments are hollow. But don’t stop, it’s good fun for CAP.

    • And what crimes committed by Christian conservatives here in Canada are on the same level as this fake pos refugee, in your utopian world view? Please educate us all.


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