MuslimLink Canada Reports Our Nation Is Built On “Violent Colonization, Genocide, Slave Labour”

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Pakistani Canadian Rubab Qureshi represented the riding of Edmonton Mill Woods, Alberta at Equal Voice’s second Daughters of the Vote gathering in early April 2019, which brought together 338 young women between the ages of 18 and 23, representing each Canadian riding and take their seat in the House of Commons during a historic sitting of the House of Commons.

In an interview with MuslimLink Canada, Qureshi states that “Canada is a country built on violent colonization, genocide and slave labour. Its governance was designed by, and for, white men with the specific intention of keeping racialized groups, as well as women, out of the policy-making process.

It is so very interesting to witness this kind of trash talk coming from a Pakistani- Canadian. What the Muslimah fails to note is that in terms of human rights, Pakistan is  far, far worse than Canada.

Not that it makes a difference to Canada-bashers from theocratic, oppressive nations such as Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan, and the rest. Conveniently overlooked is the fact that in Pakistan, Non-Muslims pay an EXTRA TAX for the simple reason that they are Non-Muslims.

Does this Muslimah pay this tax in Canada because she is Muslim?  Why don’t these people look in their own backyard before making sweeping, inaccurate generalizations branding Canada a racist and bigoted nation? Quick answer: because to do this would not brand Canada a racist nation.

Did we not let HER SORRY BUTT into Canada? How “white supremacist” is this? In 2018, did Canada NOT take in the largest number of so-called “refugees” of any nation on earth?

Is this “white supremacy?” This woman has one hell of a lot of NERVE throwing around these accusations. Just like another Pakistani-Canadian, MP Iqra Khalid, founder of the M103 “Islamophobia” motion.

Khalid is another one who enjoys branding Canada as an awful, racist nation. Please do tell, ladies–if Canada is SO DAMN RACIST AND AWFUL why did you move here?

Talk about SLAMMING whitey–and GETTING AWAY with it. . Yet, if Canadians SAY ONE WORD against precious Islam, it is an act of the highest audacity. Question any aspect of Islamic ideology, religious practice, female genital mutilation, child marriage and other archaic 7th century practices, and you are a raving, Islam-hating maniac. Now THAT IS PRIVILEGE!

Such double-standards. Such HYPOCRISY. Yet, being a hypocrite is essential to being a successful Canada-bashing globalist. Khalid is one, and of course, so is Justin Trudeau.

These forces are not after equality–they are after POWER AND CONTROL. By way of Pierre Trudeau’s multiculturalism, they got a leg up. By way of Justin Trudeau, our Third World communities have license to bash Old Stock Canada, white-wash us as bigots and xenophobes, trample on our traditional heritage and culture,  and push our Anglo-Christian communities to the back of society’s bus. And these are the oppressed within society? If it wasn’t so TRAGIC it would be funny.

Consider this: All the legal and legislative justification for grinding Anglo- Christian Canada TO A PULP comes by way of EUROPEAN governance.  Not a single element is derived from the Confucianism, the Koran, Sharia Law, Bhagavad Gita,or any other element of historical Third World ideologies.

In fact, if a resident of Pakistan trashed their government like this lady is doing she would be THROWN in jail. A death sentence would not be out of the question.

Yet, it is Canada which is awful, racist, bigoted, xenophobic and genocidal. Be off with you! Canada doesn’t need this. In fact, more than likely we would not have this if it were not for the Trudeau family, who hi-jacked our country away from the descendants of those who established freedom and democracy within Canada.

Unfortunately, this dream is dying. Want a generalization? Here’s one: Pierre & Justin Trudeau have KILLED Canada as it has been known since its founding in 1867. Today, the power players are people like Ahmed Hussen, Iqra Khalid, and foul-mouthed Third World women like Pakistani Canadian Rubab Qureshi.

For how much longer will Old Stock Canada put up with this? As the Muslimah understands, Canadians are FED UP .The populist movement is growing daily within Canada.

Do Third World warriors and Liberal snowflakes accept the development? Do they choose to engage those who do not buy Liberal-Globalism in discussion and debate? Not in the least. Rather, all they do is attack, blame and brand racist ANYONE who disagrees with them.

Is this  approach sustainable? No way. Sooner or later, the anti-Anglo multicult-pushers will be forced to interact. Name calling and ad hominem attacks only go so far.

When this time comes, CAP look forward to the fools the leftists will make of themselves as their glaring hypocrisy is exposed. Third World migrants who come to Canada for the purpose of running down our people and history must be called out for what they are– multicultural globalist trouble-makers.

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  1. Nova Scotia has the nicest Canadians you could ask for, but they narrowly escaped having another Muslim MP pushing them around. The NDP had a female candidate that was set to take a seat in government, because she was all charity and sweetness and so in love with this country, until someone dug up stuff she wrote just last year revealing her as a traitorous witch. The party threw her out. Good riddance, I say.


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