Muslim Parents Say Trudeau “Lying Or Misinformed” On LGBT Indoctrination

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Muslim parents in the United States are claiming that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is “lying or misinformed” after he blamed the ‘American right-wing’ for Muslim-Canadian opposition to the LGBTQ curriculum in public schools.

One Muslim parent asked Trudeau to “please protect our culture, our belief, the sin that you are doing to them.” 

Can you imagine? Justin Trudeau dedicated to preservation of culture, eh? In some respects it’s true. Our PM is wholly dedicated to preservation of specific cultures. The only problem is that, apart from Quebec, none of them have anything to do with Canadian culture.

Islam, Sikhism, Chinese, LGBT– for certain. The rest of it can fall by the wayside. Mr. Trudeau is in the process of strong-arming an entire country in a bid to transition Canada into an entity no citizen ever asked for, and likely do not want.

But Islam is different. Eight years of Trudeau, eight years of pandering toward specific “identifiable” communities. Islam is out front by a country mile, followed by LGBT and Sikhism.

As far as Anglophone-European identity is concerned, we can all go jump in Lake Ontario. Trudeau doesn’t give a damn, and he never will.

But angering Muslims is not part of the PM’s woke globalist game-plan. In response to the Muslim community, Trudeau said there is not “aggressive teaching or conversion of kids into being LGBT, claiming that narrative had been weaponized by people on the “far right who have consistently stood against Muslim rights.”

Binnish Mustafa, a Montgomery Country parent, said Trudeau “really needs to go to the public school classroom and sit there and see the discussions that follow certain classroom books that are being discussed.”  

So he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. It wouldn’t be the first time. In order to preserve what is in reality a form of Liberal dictatorship in Canada, local press take the edge off the situation.

Hear ye, hear ye: the Muslim vs. LGBT issue is a much bigger social issue than CBC, CTV and the rest are letting on. Across America, from coast-to-coast, Muslim parents, along with millions of others are just saying no to LGBT propaganda in public schools.

Why are Canadian media down-playing the issue? Because it creates a conundrum for the Liberal government. It’s far from rocket science to figure out why.

The Liberals fund all mainstream media outlets in Canada. In return, our press back the Trudeau ticket– a form of neo-communism resulting in an erosion of individual freedoms, a staple of our Charter of Rights and Freedoms. As far as democratic governance, the Liberal game plan includes a slow-and-steady steamroller effect intended to snuff out democracy all together.

“I’m surprised that Trudeau has also not asked himself why this is happening,” Monib said. “Is it because there has been an aggressive overreach to do this?” 

Easy to get sarcastic over this comment. But the truth is, it’s exactly that: the pushing of LGBT propaganda on our youth is an “aggressive overreach.”

How about this game plan– schools shut up about LGBT, and concerned parents will shut up about the liberal left’s attempt to brainwash our children. You stop putting strange ideas into the minds of our youth– concepts far above their cognitive capabilities— and we will cease labelling you a gang of pink-haired groomers.

Will it happen? Could it be that the Muslim ticket is the way out of the societal disaster that is LGBT/Gender Dysphoria training in grade schools?

It may be a good move for Muslims. It could help take the edge off inter-community disharmony in the United States, as well as Canada.

The very reason why it is unlikely Mr. Trudeau will stop his LGBT-pushing. Why? Because the last thing he wants is to see disparate communities join together in solidarity.

Why not? Because the phenomenon runs counter to the goals of government. The Liberals know it– to successfully revolutionize a country, a divide and conquer strategy is integral to success.

The root problem with Canadian society is that, largely due to media, Justin Trudeau is a misunderstood individual. This person is not a prime minister in the traditional sense of the role. Rather, our PM is a socialist revolutionary in the spirit of communist despots like Mao Tse Tung and Fidel Castro.

The Liberals are presently paying legacy media to hide these concepts from 40 million Canadians.

Last week, The Guardian  in the U.K. published recently published an article about protests against LGBT indoctrination in Dearborn, Michigan.

For those unaware, Dearborn is home to the largest Muslim population in the United States. It’s also home to the largest mosque in North America, although there’s one in Fort MacMurray, Alberta that could challenge that claim. 

‘Conservative Muslims Join Forces With Christian Right On Michigan Book Bans’

“A recent school board meeting at which about 1,000 people gathered in Dearborn, Michigan, to pressure district officials to censor books with LGBTQ+ themes was in most ways similar to hundreds of other recent book ban hearings across the US.”

Cultural Action Party attempt to be crystal-clear: never–as in no frackin’ way– will the CBC or corporate media in Canada publish an article of this nature.

See what the Liberals and their media partners have done? They have gone and buried the Muslim-LGBT community conflict in order to protect transgender-pushers in Canada, and by extension,  Trudeau and his Liberal government.

Media do so because LGBT advancement is pivotal in government’s pursuit of a “post-modern” society. The decree comes not from the people of our country, but rather external forces beyond our borders which drive the agenda.

World Economic Forum is number one on the charts, and there are other globalist players pushing the LGBT narrative to their advantage. Namely, the corporate world, and within this, medical, fashion and cosmetics industries.

There’s big money in rainbow t-shirts, hats and socks. A quick look at Justin Trudeau’s “tickle-trunk” would likely serve as validation.

Muslims in America and Canada have had enough. The whole situation qualifies as an absurdity, and a dangerous one at that. “Leave our kids alone” is the refrain, a sentiment shared by millions upon millions throughout North America.

Get the scourge out of our school systems.  If society says no, than the answer must be no.

The fact that Justin Trudeau refuses to adhere to this principle says all we need to know about the neo-communist agenda of Canada’s current prime minister.

3 thoughts on “Muslim Parents Say Trudeau “Lying Or Misinformed” On LGBT Indoctrination”

  1. (1) “Trudeau said there is not “aggressive teaching or conversion of kids into being LGBT,“ claiming that [the] narrative had been weaponized by people on the “far right who have consistently stood against Muslim rights.” Say what???? Euro Canadians/Americans standing against Muslim rights? What rights are we talkin’ about?? Not to have their kids groomed/sexually/porn indoctrinated? One repeats; Say what??? Standing against Muslim rights?? What a blood outrage. Canadians bend over backwards for foreigners from the ends of the earth; landed; naturalized citizens; or tourists. This wicked; lying horses’ ass has stirred up a paper wasps’ nest; here’s hoping Trudeau gets severely stung, and goes into anaphylactic shock. Hide the epinephrine injectors. (Adding insult to injury: As CAP said; we Euro-descended White folk matter not a whit.) Message to Trudeau: The Bible forbids, and warns against these abominations. Trudeau raises his middle finger, and utters “Pffft.”

    Just when we think that this vile putz has crossed the “that’s it” line–He leaps over it, and defiles himself even more. If we could bottle all of the rage against this devil’s apprentice–It would be enough to blow up the world. Like the Energizer Bunny; he keeps going, and going. Straight to Hades; we hope. Maybe the flames of Hell will burn the stink off of this walking outhouse.

    (2) “Binnish Mustafa, a Montgomery Country parent, said Trudeau “really needs to go to the public school classroom and sit there and see the discussions that follow certain classroom books that are being discussed.” Yes, and bring his White privileged kids.


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