Muslim Non-Profit Group Say Calls To Remove Alleged Racist “Witch Hunt”

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Despite a cacophony of calls for our prime minister to resign- inclusive of current and former Liberal MPs– Justin Trudeau says he will continue on as party leader.

Throughout his tenure, a certain sub-text has become infused within society by way of Trudeau’s Liberal government. Rooted in the subject of religious communities representation, nine years of Trudeau has resulted in a phenomenon CAP refer to as “trans-religionism.”

Fundamental to the founding of our nation was its “Judeo-Christian” heritage. Trudeau and his communist affectations appears to want this relegated to society’s dust-bin, to be replaced with a “post-modern” religious value system. This past month, as the Liberals continue to suffer in the polls, we witness the phenomenon reach something of an apotheosis.

PM Trudeau’s appointed Attorney General, migrant from Uganda MP Arif Virani, has made a most peculiar choice for the new head of the Canadian Human Rights Commission. In multiple cases, with evidence to back it up, Birju Dattani is being accused of racist behaviour.

The situation stands as a pivotal moment in terms of race-relations in Canada. The mandate of the CHRC is one of objectivity toward cases brought before it. If a selected leader has displayed long-term bias against an identifiable community, he exists as a poor choice for the position.

Unfortunately for Canada’s “old school” religious communities, our Liberal government appear not to give a damn. This suggests what Cultural Action Party [est. 2016] has maintained since Trudeau first became prime minister. It comes in the form of a pre-meditated, systemic transition of priority toward 3rd World religious communities in Canada.

Away from the media spotlight, non-profit “multicultural” organizations are rapidly consolidating political power. One of the most powerful is National Council Of Canadian Muslims. With deep connections to Ottawa via half-citizen MPs such as Liberal Iqra Khalid, founder of the M103 “Islamophobia” motion, power continues to accumulate for religious communities prefered by the Liberals.

Responding to allegations of “racist” behaviour on the part of  Birju Dattani, National Council of Canadian Muslims this week referred to calls for his removal as a “witch hunt.”

“We are disappointed in the Minister of Justice’s politically driven decision to entertain what appears to be a witch-hunt against Canada’s new human rights commissioner based on misinformation and poorly sourced allegations.”

For some, anything counter to community ideological beliefs constitute “racism.” A powerful social weapon it is– one with the potential to re-configure the socio-political orientation of Canada.

CAP consider the likely outcome should this Dattani character remain. The witch-hunt is likely to be directed not at the CHRC head, but rather at those who dare to defy the “post-modern” religious hierarchy now ingrained into society.

Christians and Jews— feel free to bash at will. Sikhs/Muslims– do so at risk to your job, personal finances, and reputation.

The current ramping up exists for a particular reason: Justin Trudeau is being pushed toward the end of his  tenure as national leader. Before he leaves, he is doing all he can to fulfill his original mission, which CAP has coined the Canadian “Woke Revolution.”

It’s a complete overhaul of Canadian society, from soup to nuts. Fundamental to the Liberal neo-socialist revolution come several core components:

Immigration to transition Anglophones to a minority community. Christians and Jews to the back of the religious bus. Can anything be done to thwart this brand of “progressive” politics? If there is, the targeted communities aren’t doing much to stop the agenda from coming to fruition.

Much of the problem comes down to religious-political organization. Some identifiable communities are skilled at the proposition, while others barely indulge. On an historical basis, western democracies tend to separate church and state. Not so in the societies from which many of our migrants arrive.

Iran, Syria, Afghanistan, Somalia, Nigeria. Within these societies, religion is intrinsically connected to the political environment. Upon arrival in western nations, the dynamic spills over. Hence, hundreds if not thousands of 3rd World “multicultural” not-for profit organizations, each dedicated to community advancement.

Christian organizations do not indulge, though we are seeing a few lights come on of late. As a guess, Jewish communities are fearful of doing so. At a mere 350,000 citizens, they are now dwarfed by Sikh/Muslim immigrant community populations.

Through his proclamation that Canada has “no core identity,” Trudeau opened the door for a form of covert warfare to penetrate society. Among a laundry list of bonehead moves made by the PM, this one comes close to the top.

As such, contemporary Canada has transitioned to a battlefield of identifiable community competition. A shame it is that most of us do not recognize the damage Trudeau has done to Canada on this basis. Whether calculated or otherwise, the door has opened for a power struggle of magnanimous proportions.

CAP refuse to deal in subtleties, Christians and Jews are losing at this game big-time. In truth, their barely in the game at all. On a broader scale, the same can be applied to Anglophone Canadians, down-in-the-mouth ever since the Liberals branded them racist, bigoted, xenophobic, homophobic and genocidal.

The bottom line? Get politically organized, or accept the idea that you will be systemically transitioned to powerless minority communities. With the appointment of Birju Dannati as Canadian Human Rights Commission chairman, the time has surely come.

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  1. Saw a slightly dated newspaper cartoon: Trudeau with a bomb-sized pill/capsule in his hands; labelled “Carbon tax.” The long-suffering Canadian says “I can’t swallow that!” Trudeau replies “It’s a suppository.” Like all of his Woke “policies;” he shoves them up our derrieres. Islam is “Job #1.”


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