Third World Journalist Brands Anglophone Canada “Racist, Genocidal”

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According to journalist Bashir Mohamed, Canada is a white supremacist, racist and genocidal nation.

 Our legacy of favouring white immigration while opposing or restricting immigration from places unlikely to create “ideal Canadians.’’ Often times, the idea of an “ideal Canadian” leads to dog whistles, such as former Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s references to old-stock Canadians.” This legacy continues to this day with 37 per cent of Canadians — enough to elect a majority government — saying that immigration is a threat to white Canadians.

This guy is unreal. Please do some research on the history of Islamic nations. Oppressive, racist and bigoted behaviour is endemic to these societies. Mass murder in the name of Allah is a regular occurrence within Muslim countries in Africa. Theocratic nations such as Iran, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Somalia are infused with Islamic supremacy and militancy.

But enough of that. This writer comes from a desert tribe, therefore the only form of racism that exists on the planet is white on non-white racism. From the source article:

“History proves this narrative can be dangerous. Jewish refugees aboard the SS St. Louis were turned away from Canadian ports in 1939 after being told that “none is too many.”

Here, the writer pretends to care about Jews. This way, he can avoid the indelible stereotype that his type ONLY CARE about his type. 

“This sentiment is paradoxical considering the harm and genocide white colonialism has inflicted on the Indigenous people in Canada. The ONLY group that has caused widespread destruction in Canadian history is not new immigrants, but those who colonized the land and built a system that favoured them.

Here, Mr. Mohamed passes judgement on a history that he personally has NO CONNECTION TO. Please do tell, Bashir, how was YOUR FAMILY affected by this history?

How EASY it is to waltz into a western nation and proceed to RIP THE COUNTRY to shreds. Anyone can do this. The founder of Pakistan murdered MILLIONS during the founding of his nation– many more than the number of Aboriginals who died by way of the white man.

Of this, Mr. Bashir has NOTHING TO SAY. This is an  Islamic nation, therefore in this fellow’s mind they cannot be criticized in ANY manner. Interesting to note how Justin Trudeau’s posse of religious supremacist MP’s also adhere to this belief system.

So what we have here is a GIANT globalist hypocrite. Don’t worry, Canada is PACKED with these types. In fact, they are arguably Justin Trudeau’s FAVOURITE form of Canadian.

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“Andrew Scheer HAS NOT DONE ENOUGH to condemn those in his party who are racist or who have enabled racists.”

Oh my LORD.  Scheer “has NOT done enough,” says Mohemed. Okay, pal, please provide an example where government HAS DONE ENOUGH.  As an informed Canadian would understand– this doesn’t exist. After all, insatiability is KEY to the success of the anti-Canadian, Anglophone-bashing globalist agenda.

“Continued DENIAL that racism exists here in Canada obscures the plentiful evidence to the contrary.”

CAP do not see whitey running around the country telling anyone who will listen that racism doesn’t exist in Canada. What is this guy even talking about?  Yes, racism and bigotry EXIST. Drop by one of the hundreds of Mosques in Toronto and you will get a healthy dose of racism– from IMAM’s preaching from a pulpit.

Where is this ethnocentric journalist’s concern for this form of racism? Answer:This doesn’t exist. Why? Because in this case, the perpetrator is a co-religionist. How myopic, small-minded and ignorant. And yet, according to another moaning multiculturalist, Conservative Canadians are ignorant and uneducated. Quite.

“Yes — Trump is racist. However, we shouldn’t allow his bigotry to provide cover for the very real and painful discrimination that we have here in our country.”

Yes– Islamic theology has fundamental elements that qualify as racist. We shouldn’t allow white-hating religious supremacists to cover for the racism intrinsic to the religious faith of trouble-making immigrants like Bashir Mohamed.



2 thoughts on “Third World Journalist Brands Anglophone Canada “Racist, Genocidal””

  1. Why does skin colour separates us from each other When the majority does a Family Tree Or blood work Little did they know that a Great Grandmother Or Grandfathers were Natives This is the majority’s of all true Canadians I word it as such because our fathers before us Came to Canada in the 1600 to the 1770s and has families It’s so common to hear this today because of technology and the tools we have to find out who we are A friend once said to me after doing his DNA on I’m Native I’m black and I’m Jewish I said I’m Native and French Both sides married Native men What separates us from everyone else Nothing we live through the same history Our Ancestors did But Yet Society Still separates us Why? I think so many people believe that they are superior over all else due to how they were raised Neither him or myself would ever change it We Are proud to be who we are We are proof to the History of Canada 🇨🇦 And that’s what makes me a proud Canadian Those That believe one race is superior over another are indeed racist people And how would they take it if they found out otherwise that they are more than one culture based on the History of their own country that they love ❤️
    I am very much against any Racism It doesn’t belong here Never will belong here If people are going to start wars over this here in Canada then they shouldn’t be here they need to be taken out of this country I don’t care what colour you are or your ethnic background is Your in a Country that it was founded upon We have a lot more work to do to make things better Treating Native people with respect They were here first They are the teachers and care givers to Mother’ Earth 🌍 And l can not thank them enough for all their hard work and waking us all up to the dangers we are coming to They deserve Clean drinking water They deserve more land better housing and education and voting rights and should be able to have the right to keep anyone they choose from beginning on their land to leave if it’s destroying our oceans Lakes ect It’s for everyone’s best interests and they have been so brave to speak up for our planet and teach us all Anyone who has choose to come to Canada needs to end the hate you carried with you before you choose to come to Canada
    You get more bees with honey Canada is a country Of Different colours ethics Religion and races And we get along by learning from each other It’s a country we’re people say yes please and no thank You often known as overly polite Either way that’s what makes us all Canadians
    And that’s a lot to be proud of We are not about wars hate killing in the streets You don’t see that and look out if they did We have laws and if they are broken we have consequences It’s a beautiful Country and we must all start to except it and live with pride and dignity No hate is needed anywhere’s and most certainly not in Canada 🇨🇦


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