Muslim-Dominated City Council In USA Ban LGBT Pride Flags

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Underplayed for a purpose, media in Canada continue to bury a critical social development south of our border.

Across the United States, Muslim citizens are rebelling against LGBT indoctrination in American schools. Here in Canada, media refuse to expose the ubiquity of the Muslim-American backlash against the Pride movement.

They do so because the Liberal government in Canada do not want 40 million citizens to comprehend the magnitude of anti-LGBT sentiment in North America.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau finds himself caught in a dilemma. To say that a promotion of Islam and LGBT are two of Trudeau’s biggest pet projects since coming to office in 2015 is a giant understatement.

Caught between a rock and a political hard place, PM Trudeau– purse-string controller of mainstream media– informs his troops as to the game-plan:

“Don’t say a word about situation in the U.S.” being the operative. “This way, we can deceive the people of Canada into believing that LGBT propaganda within society is accepted by the majority.”

It isn’t– not by a long-shot. Not only Muslims, but millions of Christians, both secular and religious, are dead-set against Pride indoctrination in our public schools.

Interesting it is to note Canadian media’s “selective memory” on the topic. When Canadians of Anglo-European heritage protest against Pride, CBC and corporate media corral them into a bullpen of bigotry. When Muslims behave in the same manner, Canadian media have not a word of condemnation for their actions.

Why? Can it be the case that the Liberal government of Canada prefer Muslims over Christians? Fair is fair, after all. Or is it? Cultural Action Party maintain that Trudeau and Liberals have not the slightest interest in social equality among our nation’s identifiable communities.

“In 2015, many liberal residents in Hamtramck, Michigan, celebrated as their city attracted international attention for becoming the first in the United States to elect a Muslim-majority city council.”

Holy Cow– this is quite the development. The mayor of Hamtramck is Muslim, in addition to all members of City Council.

According to the source article from The Guardian in the U.K., “Hamtramck is still viewed as a bastion of multiculturalism.”

If every member comes from one ethnic background, it makes their government monocultural, not “multicultural.” Liberal media twist the situation accordingly.

“In a tense monologue before the vote, Councilmember Mohammed Hassan shouted his justification at LGBTQ+ supporters: I’m working for the people, what the majority of the people like.”

Blimey– no wonder the press in Canada won’t touch this with an 88 ft. pole. To do so would puncture the propaganda inherent within our media.

Working for the majority in our country? Forget about it. It’s not the Liberal Party way. Inspired by ex-Liberal PM Pierre Trudeau’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms(1982), our nation’s fringe minorities rule our political roost.

A 2022 study from Statistics Canada informs us that less than 1% of our population qualify as transgendered.

We recognise a critical issue. The non-transgendered are making more of a racket out of trans then those who actually indulge in the practice. In this way, LGBT is more political than it is gender-oriented. Media say nothing.

“For about a century, Polish and Ukrainian Catholics dominated politics in Hamtramck, a city of 28,000 surrounded by Detroit. By 2013, largely Muslim Bangladeshi and Yemeni immigrants supplanted the white eastern Europeans, though the city remains home to significant populations of those groups.”

Talk about a situation bound to get the globalist blood pumping through the veins of Justin Trudeau. He loves this kind of thing, and is working like mad to emulate the phenomenon within Canadian cities and towns as we speak.

Hamtramck Muslims say they simply want to protect children, and gay people should keep it in their home.”

And due to ethnicity and/or religious identity, they are excluded from media vitriol targeting those who oppose the transgender movement.

To be followed by the typical reaction from LGBT advocates:

“That sentiment is an erasure of the queer community and an attempt to shove queer people back in the closet”, said Gracie Cadieux, a queer Hamtramck resident who is part of the Anti-Transphobic Action group.

Like heck it is. Hysterical reactions such as this one are par-for-the-course in liberal la-la land.

“Mayor Amer Ghalib, 43, who was elected in 2021 with 67% of the vote to become the nation’s first Yemeni American mayor, told the Guardian on Thursday he tries to govern fairly for everyone, but said LGBTQ+ supporters had stoked tension by forcing their agendas on others”.

Upon which CAP juxtapose this with political correctness indulged in by Canadian politicians:

It will be a steaming hot winter’s day in Nunavut when a Canadian mayor– or any other level of politician for that matter– deliver an anti-LGBT statement of this nature.

Anyone else pick up on the uniformity displayed by Canada’s political class? All of them, without exception, refuse to voice an opinion opposing any aspect of LGBT activism.

Simply put–they’re all the same– a circumstance which Canadian media never speak of. Has it come to this: in order to become a political leader in Canada, one must purchase a ticket on the LGBT  line. No exceptions permitted.

All of which bring about a salient question:

Has Canadian society been seduced by a coordinated, calculated effort delivered by government and media?

Is LGBT a natural, organic social development? Or is the Pride movement a social construct intended to throw a wrench into western society? After all, there’s no sign of the movement in China, Pakistan or Iran— three of Canada’s leading source nation for immigration to our country.

Exempt from condemnation regarding opposition to LGBT politics, perhaps Muslims in North America can achieve what the rest of us cannot.

Of course, the whole thing could go sideways.

In Canada, there is a movement within the Muslim communities to exempt their children from LGBT rhetoric being taught in public schools.

Knowing Justin Trudeau the way we do, perhaps he will grant this privilege to this community, while the rest of us are stuck with the propaganda machine the leftists refer to as “gender equality.”

5 thoughts on “Muslim-Dominated City Council In USA Ban LGBT Pride Flags”

  1. Reading between the lines….I’ll wager that this Trudeau creature “swings” toward these anti-hetero; warped sexual expressions. It’s deeper than politics for this homosexual/trans/pedo attracted; tongue-hanging-out girlie boy. If the notorious Jeffrey Epstein were still alive; I imagine Trudeau would be listed on the Epstein Island flight logs.

  2. funny, your blog used to cry about muslims and third world immigration and religions claiming they are trying to replace the “anglophones” and “old stock” and “christian” communities, and now that they are hating on LGBT like christians you are becoming obsessed at worshipping them instead of continuing your cry about the invasion.

    your blog is dumb, figure out you hypocrite.

    • What you say is false. Anyone who follows our blog knows we do not worship Islam. The issue we are focusing on is the fact that media are intentionally burying Muslim push back against LGBT, as well as media hiding solidarity between Christians and Muslims in this regard.

      There is no “worship of Islam” and there never will be. CAP leave that to Justine Castro and the Lie-berals, along with their media partners.

    • Mr. (Ms.) Dumb. Welcome to factual; even-handed reporting. Unlike the CBC and its kind; contrary; distorted/misleading news items are not censored on this website. You’re free to speak your mind here….That is; Until Trudeau bans “alternate” websites that he finds “unacceptable.” BTW–If you read Mr. Salzberg’s balanced; even-toned reply to you; notice that he didn’t use ad hominem attacks. He addressed your points; respectfully. Like so many people in this country; (If you live here) You seem to have absorbed Trudeau’s divisive; spiteful ways. This is a sign of bitterness, and anger; not good health.


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