Muslim Community Say No To Trudeau’s LGBT Indoctrination Agenda

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“This mother and daughter are furious that gender ideology is being taught at schools. At one point, Antifa pushed the mother to the ground.”

The ladies are livid. Wearing traditional Islamic clothing, inclusive of a hair-covering Hijab, a Muslim mother lashes out against LGBT propaganda being forced upon her children.

Speaking to a reporter from True North News, a young Muslim woman makes a comment:

“Our kids are learning stuff they’re not supposed to be learning at this age. I have a brother that is in kindergarten and learning about this stuff, this is just not appropriate.”

“The mother of the young woman added I don’t want to send (my kids) to the school anymore.” 

These women are not alone. Millions of Canadian parents and family members feel the same. Christian, Muslim, White, Black, Asian. Like some twisted version of totalitarianism, the Liberal government of Canada is permitting– many would say promoting– social chaos in the form of LGBT indoctrination in Canadian public schools.

Where, pray tell, is the mandate? Were parents informed in advance that our public school system would transition to institutions of gender ideology dissemination for those as young as eight-years old?

Who voted for the agenda? What choice have parents been given in terms of child participation? The entire spectacle is being forced down our throats against the will of general society.

In reaction, LGBT advocates and woke school boards have only one thing to say to those who question the agenda:

“This is hate.” Joined by them is PM Justin Trudeau, who by this point in time, has transferred his dysfunctional self into an LGBT-Pride pushing political zombie.

Another Muslim protester spoke:

“We want to keep our kids from the bad things they want to teach them adding leave our kids alone.”

“Hands off our children” is the message. But hearing it from the Muslim community is a whole other ball game. In terms of working the will of specific communities, Muslims and Homosexuals lead the pack in Justin Trudeau’s post-modern Canada.

How to please both becomes the existential question of the moment. From day one in office, PM Trudeau has championed these communities above all others.

Why does Trudeau behave in this manner? One idea is that his vacuous self is simply following orders from on-high. If you want to remain prime minister, you must adhere to the globalist doctrine as advanced by World Economic Forum, government of China, United Nations, World Health Organization and other nefarious international power-players.

Then there’s the idea that superficial, devoid-of-depth Trudeau actually believes in what he says. Followed by a Cultural Action Party favourite, that LGBT-Pride is an application of pre-meditated social chaos– for a purpose.

Injecting poison into the body politic, government use the fall-out to justify stealing individual rights and personal freedoms from the people. After all, if social harmony was the order-of-the-day, how could Trudeau’s Liberal neo-communists take absolute control of our country?

We speak of a standard of authoritarian government control. From the Russian Revolution to Fascist Europe in the 20th century, the methodology remained consistent:

Government must create chaos to justify a loss of freedom in the name of “working for the benefit of society.” Stalin did it, Hitler did it, as did Mao Tse Tung. Without manufactured socio-political chaos, conversion from democracy to dictatorship is tenuous at best.

The big players in legacy media understand this element of history, but never do they say a word about it. When white Canadians complain, they are homophobes. When Christians complain, they are bigots.

But what will Justin Trudeau do if Muslim-Canadians begin to organize politically against the LGBT-Pride movement? When it comes to community organization and goal accomplishment, they are the best in the business.

Ironically, this may be the solution to the LGBT scourge permeating Canada’s education system. In this, we come to understand a fundamental of Liberal politics. In Trudeau-land, “special interest” community politics are at the top of the social totem pole. It’s been this way ever since Pierre Trudeau forced the Charter of Rights and Freedoms upon society in 1982.

Let the 65% of Canadians who are Christian protest gender ideology in our schools, and they are branded by media as hateful bigots and homophobes. Switch this to the 4% of Canadians who are Muslim, and mum’s the word from government, media and academia.

Let us be clear in our assessment: Justin Trudeau, the Liberal Party, our academic world and mainstream media will not condemn Muslim communities for standing against the LGBT gender assault on  society. It simply will not happen.

Can this be the answer to our prayers? Common sense Canadians may not care how it happens, or who makes it happen. We just want Justin Trudeau’s neo-communist social scourge to end.

“No one can serve two masters; for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and wealth.”

With the exception of Justin Trudeau? This man has so many masters one would need a calculator to tally the total. That none of them include actual Canadians is a point worth comprehending.

Islam, or LGBT, Comrade Trudeau? Or will the usual transpire, as Liberal backroom schemers find a way to weasel their way out of the manufactured social scandal that is LGBT-Pride politics in Canada.

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