Muslim-Canadians Now Politically “Organized And Empowered” Says Community Leader

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With a star-studded guest list of 75 elected officials including Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, The Canadian-Muslim Vote  welcomed 1,000 people this past weekend at what is likely the LARGEST DINNER PARTY in Canadian politics.

With all major federal parties speaking publicly, the event had the tone of an unofficial campaign launch. If you haven’t heard of it yet, the TCMV annual Eid Dinner has become a cornerstone event in Canadian politics.

Why does this dinner party matter? In the wake of Quebec’s Bill 21, it symbolizes how political power in the Canadian-Muslim community has grown in four short years, says writer Seher Shafiq.

Who is responsible? Apart from myriad Islamic non-profit organizations funded by Canadian taxpayers, the person most responsible is  Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

After four years of dedication to the advancement of the Nation of Islam within Canadian society, Canada’s Muslim community has been transformed into a  political powerhouse. If Trudeau wins the federal election in 2019, there is every chance Islamic-Canada will become the most powerful identifiable community within Canadian society.

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In no manner did Justin Trudeau run for office on a platform for the empowerment of Islamic Canada. He just did it anyway–in the same manner as father Pierre Trudeau created the original catalyst for such a thing by forcing multiculturalism on an unsuspecting Canadian public.

On a personal level, I suspected the transformation from day one. This day was when I was a 14 year-old, Grade 9 student in Halifax, Nova Scotia. I knew nothing of and did not care about politics at that time The reaction was a gut-instinct impression. One day, multiculturalism will cause DAMAGE within Canadians society. Forty years later, the damage has arrived.

Anglophone Canada is in trouble. You will not hear this from government, media, academia, our legal industry, or any other fundamental Canadian institution. But you will read it right here– at least until the time the Trudeau government decide to muzzle us.

Utilizing a hockey metaphor, It is obvious that Justin Trudeau is on a major POWER-PLAY. He wants Canadian society turned upside down, and so do others. The corporate business world want  employee wages on the level of Third World standards.  Banks want foreign money. Social justice warriors want to destroy what they see as Anglophone hegemony.

Third World multicultural organizations are insatiable in their quest for power. Third World members of parliament work for Third World-majority ridings. Incrementally, step-by-step, Canada is morphing into a nation where our founding communities are being divested of power within society.

Back to the source article: As a community of approximately 1.5 million across Canada, there are 23 ridings (many in the GTA) that have a Muslim population of 10 per cent or more. When looking at these swing ridings, 2019 election projections by the Laurier Institute(major globalist organization) indicate that the outcome in many swing ridings could be decided by how the Canadian-Muslim community votes this fall.

This is Justin’s post-modern Canada. As CAP has maintained, the agenda of the Trudeau government takes the form of a  VENDETTA against specific communities.

Trudeau action’s are punitive: he is working to PUNISH English Canada and its Anglophone-Christian peoples. His is having a lot of success– not that Trudeau can accomplish this by himself. To fully succeed, an entire social and political infrastructure had to be established.

This is now complete. CONTROL of media has been established. The Islamic community are politically organized, and ready to move forward. Trudeau has successfully corralled non-Third World Canadians into a racist/bigot bull pen. Powerful anti-Anglo MP’s are in place within Liberal cabinet and caucus.

They globalist are READY to take the next step. How will this come about? Continue to fool Canadians into believing in the false righteousness of Justin Trudeau. Brand all non-Liberals racists and bigots. Pay off media to go along for the ride.

The writer of the source article is absolutely THRILLED with what has transpired. The fellow is beaming with pride regrading  the accomplishments of Islamic Canada. Nowhere in his article, nor ANY mainstream news piece, are the feelings of those affected by the rise of Islamic power.

How interesting. Canada is presently undergoing the greatest societal transformation in its HISTORY. Is it not telling that the perspectives  of Old Stock Canadians have NEVER ONCE been articulated within establishment media? Ever seen a study or article  such as “Anglophone -Canadian Perspectives On Immigration and Multiculturalism?”

NEVER–and with good reason. In Trudeau’s post-modern Canada, this community is INVISIBLE. We are meaningless and expendable. For every Old Stock Canadian there is a family of five from the Third World ready to take our place. And Justin Trudeau is PAYING THEM to do so.

There is nothing random about any of this. The program has been in the works for decades–certainly from 1988 when the Multicultural Act of Canada was first legislated. However, the agenda is insidious and covert. It has been rolled out incrementally. It was designed to FOOL the Canadian majority. The seduction and eventual control of mainstream media was pre-meditated.

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Basically, European-Canadians created a quality nation based upon freedom, democracy and the rights of the individual. It was far from perfect– as exemplified by the treatment of Aboriginals.

What is the source of this stability? Governance, Law, Legislation, Parliamentary structure, jurisprudence, habeas corpus, freedom of the press, and other fundamentals. How much of this is rooted in Sikh heritage? NUNAVET! What elements of this social structure are rooted in Islamic ideology. Not one thing.

All of it is derived from British and European governance. Yet, Justin Trudeau is working diligently to marginalize and demonize the descendants of those who established these elemental aspects of Canadian society.

Common sense Canadians, Conservatives, patriots and nationalist MUST be prepared. Our communities are under duress. If Trudeau wins an additional four year term, our troubles will only RAMP UP.

In terms of the trajectory of Canadian social history, we are at a CRITICAL JUNCTURE in our nation’s historical continuum. This, of course, is the very reason CBC, the Globe & Mail and the rest say NOTHING about it.

Canada, you are being systematically SEDUCED. The advancement of political Islam within society is a tangible sign the liberal-globalists are WINNING the battle. Why wouldn’t they, when Anglophone Canada is not even in the game. We have no community identity, no communal pride, nor serious political organization. When attempts are made, we are shot down by the racist card.

Do or die, folks. Justin Trudeau is gunning for your nation, and for as long as he is prime minister,  his zombie-like globalist behaviour will continue unabashed.



6 thoughts on “Muslim-Canadians Now Politically “Organized And Empowered” Says Community Leader”

    • Trudeau only cares about Muslims and that’s it he’s all for them and no one else. He’s on a mission to have Canada become a Muslim nation Canada won’t be Canada if he gets voted in again.

  1. I hope that muslims who came to canada to abide by canadian law and not not by the radical extremist detrimental law which forced many muslims to flee from, WARN CANADIANS EVERY DAY OF THE DELIBERATE DANGER JUSTIN TRUDEAU, HIS MPS AND HIS MEDIA ARE ENFORCING ON CANADA THAT WILL LIVE TO REGRET.

    • Very scary. Is there a way to stop the takeover? Hopefully there is by spreading this article as far as it can go. And Vote Junior Trudeau out of the country!

  2. Autumn leaves fall in October. So will Trudeau and his minions ! Then the hard work of ridding Canada of all Traces of Trudeau in our society. We should stop being scared of being called racists and islamophobes. Then they wouldn’t have any power over us ! Time to retake our Canada !


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