Muslim-Canadians Have “POWER To Decide Federal Election” Says Islamic Non-Profit Group

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TCMV Executive Director Ali Manek said, “the Canadian Muslim community has the numbers to decide the winners and losers this election.”

Pretty bold stuff from this ethnocentric “multicultural” community leader. Here is what the “Canadian-Muslim Vote” organizations has been up to:

  • Using a custom tabulation of Canadian Muslim voters from Statistics Canada’s 2011 National Household Survey.
  • Projecting the Canadian Muslim voter population from 2011 to 2019 by interpolating Statistics Canada’s 2036 projections for the general Muslim population.
  • Using’s riding-by-riding prediction of the percent difference between 1st and 2nd place party as of October 16, 2019.
  • Converting each riding’s percent difference between 1st and 2nd place party into votes using 2015 turnout.       
  • TCMV has been running a Get Out The Vote (GOTV) campaign in 80 ridings nationwide, and over the Thanksgiving holiday completed a “Muslim Vote Weekend.”
  • Advance Poll campaign in 64 ridings from Vancouver to Whitehorse to St. John’s, Newfoundland. TCMV’s online poll across almost all provinces predicts a high turnout among Muslim voters, who are concentrated in key ridings across Canada.

For contrast, CAP now turn to what Christian Canadians have been up to in terms of motivating practicing Christians to vote.

Are you ready? This would be…nothing at all.

CAP Conclusion: Trouble. Consider what the state of religion and politics will be after two more decades of Muslim political organization. Remember, within Islamic tradition, religion and politics are indelibly linked, while in Christianity, religion and politics exist in individual silos.

Add to this the fact that Islam is the fastest-growing identifiable community in Canada, as well as the record-holder in birth-rates. What does all of this spell for the future of our nation?

CAP will inform: It spells a comprehensive media block of the entire agenda. Why does a long-term potential for the Nation of Islam to control and dominate Canadian politics exist?

There are, of course, several reasons. In terms of those responsible, we begin at the beginning: Pierre Trudeau. It was he who forced multiculturalism upon Anglophone Canada with absolutely no buy-in from the general public.

The second most important figure is his son, Justin Trudeau. It was he who advanced, funded, promoted, protected and entrenched Islam into Canadian society–as well as Canadian politics–again, without the buy-in of the people of Canada.

In terms of government policy, immigration is numero uno. Who created the largest migration quotas in modern Canadian history? King Justin Trudeau. Seeing a pattern here, patriots?

Second to immigration is multicultural policy– again forced upon society by Pierre Trudeau. Percentage of general public who approved this policy: ZERO %.

So…what ever happened to democracy? Simple– it only exists for just one day every four years-voting day. And Lord help us when a Trudeau wins. Both Pierre and Justin unilaterally trans-formed our nation with decisions 100% devoid of democracy. What is this family’s preferred form of government?

Communism. Now do we see a pattern? If we don’t there is only one reason for this: the Canadian establishment media.

So Islamic non-profits funded by Anglophone Canadians are now brazen enough to tell the people of Canada the fate of our nation is in their hands. How sweet–for them.

CAP will state exactly what we believe. Multiculturalism is racism against Anglophone and Christian-Canadians. There it is–plain and simple.  It is estimated that in the 2018 Ontario provincial election Get Out The Vote campaign the Canadian-Muslim Vote had nearly 2-million touch points with the Muslim community.

“TCMV was also very active in both the 2018 Quebec provincial elections as well as the Ontario municipal elections in October 2018. In the recently concluded Alberta provincial election mosques used Friday sermons to encourage Muslims to vote.”

Heart-warming isn’t it? I mean, the idea that Islamic Canada is fully organized politically while Christian Canada has zero degree of political organization is such a lovely thing to discover. Of course, it will never be discovered by way of mainstream media–who by the way, is ostensibly controlled by Anglophone Canadians.

What’s up with this? CAP will tell: this little tid-bit informs Canadian patriots that globalism has seduced our nation. It tells us that forces beyond-our-borders are working an agenda for the disempowerment of the Canadian majority, to be replaced with political Islam.

How ominous this is? What is to be the fate of our nation on this basis? Why did government–rather than protecting our people–create a scenario where our people may ultimately be politically disempowered as a community?

Why is the ringleader of the whole affair also the prime minister of Canada? So many questions–it is endless, really–and absolutely no answers from government, media or our academic world.

So what to do? Frankly, if Old Stock Canada does not get off its butt and organize politically we will be decimated within a generation. Why don’t we do so?

Because when we attempt to do so, our prime minister, Somalian immigration minister, and National Council Of Canadian Muslims brand our people racists and bigots.

What a wicked game they play! See how our people have been placed in a political prison?

When Anglo-Christians organize politically, it is racism. When Sikhs or Muslims do so, it is multiculturalism. What a trap we find ourselves in after four years of a traitor to Anglo-Christian Canada, Justin Trudeau–a man who claims to be a Christian himself!

Simply put, if Old Stock Canada does not trans-cend these racist tags, we are finished in the long term.

It’s a serious game. Media are hiding from sight every element of what is being expressed within this article. Therefore, a covert war has been created: Government/Media/ Academia versus Old Stock Canada.

Conflict. Social consternation. Polarization. Christianity versus Islam. Pro-life vs Pro-fetus destruction. Coincidence? Not in the least. Ironically, PM Trudeau recently stated that his top concern was “bringing the various communities of Canada together.” In truth, the very opposite occurred.

What ideas can we draw from this? In CAP’s opinion, Justin Trudeau was used a political puppet every day for the past four years. Is he unaware of the fact? Perhaps he is. Perhaps he was successfully manipulated by powerful global forces.

United Nations. Political Islam. Sikh Nationalism. International Banking. Billionaire George Soros and his “Open Society Foundation.” And yes, perhaps even Liberal Cultural Assassin, advisor Gerald Butts.

And if Trudeau did in fact know what the hell he was doing, does it make that much difference? The outcome is the same regardless.

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English Canada, you have been royally screwed over by the Trudeau family. Anglophone Canada, you have been transitioned to a malevolent, bigoted community–again, by way of the Trudeau family.

Shucked, hyped, screwed–thanks to the forces of Liberal-Trudeau-Globalism.

Justin Trudeau enjoys apologizing. Will he apologize for serving as a globalist puppet while prime minister? Never. In fact, King Justin may well never come to understand the damage he is inflicting upon the descendants of those who founded our nation in 1867.







2 thoughts on “Muslim-Canadians Have “POWER To Decide Federal Election” Says Islamic Non-Profit Group”

  1. Hi Again Brad,

    This article has really hit home for me. I finally think that U have knocked some sense into me. After reading this work of art, I realize that I’m actually a bigot, a redneck and an anti-islamist. I drove a city bus for 27 years and retired. During that time I was assaulted at least 6 times all by natives. Once, I was off work for 6 years and hooked on Morphine the whole time. Do you know who beat me up while I was driving a bus? I picked up an 18 year old native guy from a bus-stop(broad daylight) and actually tried to help him out. That was the last time I was Mr Nice Guy towards an Indian. He took away 6 years of my life and got nothing for it in court. What can I say except I’ll never trust an Indian again in my life. When I see one walking down the street towards me, I cross the street. They scare me!! Indians take take, take…never say thank-you. There own chiefs rob the reserves and leave the rest in poverty. I’m not worried about Natives taking over the country because they are mostly lazy and stupid. That said….

    Muslims are the opposite. They are quiet and sneaky and smart. We must keep an eye on them. I do believe what you say totally. I believe that they want to take us over and control Canada. They have all the time in the world and if enough of them move here they along with Trudeau they eventually will take over Canada with their idology and their Shiara Law. Like you I believe that old stock Canadians should start going on the offensive. We have got to fight back or we will leave our kids a communist country and become third world citizens in our own country.

    Okay, so I’m a bit of a bigot and a Red Neck Albertan. So what? When easterners call me a Blue Eyed Arab, I’m proud of it. If Quebecors want to separate, I say go ahead because their sure as hell not getting anymore of Alberta’s transfer payment money. That money was made here in Alberta and should stay in Alberta.

    Well I hope your having a great day Brad and that U vote tomorrow.
    You will be hearing from me again
    I might be willing to throw in a little money to help with an advertising campain. I think that more of Canada needs to here more from CAP.

    Without Prejudice
    Douglas W. Warawa


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