Muslim Canadian Man Charged With LGBT-Related Hate Crime

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Calgary, Alberta resident Mahmoud Mourra has been protesting school activities acknowledging students’ sexual orientation and gender identity. Currently, Mourra is  facing a charge of hate-motivated criminal harassment, which police say stem from allegations related to “multiple online interactions” on June 26, 2023.

When it comes to Muslim-Canadian community push-back against LGBT indoctrination in our public schools, government and media are caught in a dilemma.

Easy-as-pie it is to condemn non-Muslims who stand against transgender-for-youth propaganda in education. The situation becomes far more prickly when it involves one of Canada’s “untouchable” communities. The fact that the LGBT lobby is another untouchable is making life difficult for both government and their paid-off media partners.

“When it comes to the LGBTQ community, Mourra said he is concerned with teachers pushing this agenda on children.”

“I believe I have the chance to determine or to decide how my kids should be growing up … I’m not teaching them any hate.”

He’s right, and so is a rapidly growing anti-LGBT movement focused on removing Liberal government-funded transgender indoctrination policies from our schools.

“Hundreds of Muslim residents came to downtown Mississauga, west of Toronto, Canada, to demonstrate against LGBT policies led by the Trudeau government. Similar demonstrations by Muslims have been held recently in Ottawa and Calgary.

“About two months ago, the Muslim leadership in Canada signed a statement renouncing the government’s LGBT policy and demanded that this policy not apply to the Muslim community.”

As drawn from an American news source. In Canada, media don’t speak this way. Influenced by the Trudeau government, the press in our country have gone way-light on the messaging contained within.

In the main, Muslim-Canadians do not want their children inundated with LGBT propaganda. The main thrust of their messaging? “Leave our kids alone.”

That this phrase can in any way be interpreted as a “hate crime” in Canada is the injustice of the century. How can it be that a generic phrase such as this came to be construed as an example of hate?

Public incitement of hatred

  • 319 (1) Every one who, by communicating statements in any public place, incites hatred against any identifiable group where such incitement is likely to lead to a breach of the peace is guilty of
    • (a) an indictable offence and is liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding two years; or
    • (b) an offence punishable on summary conviction.

As drawn from Canada’s Criminal Code, Cultural Action Party[est.2016] fail to see how the phrase “leave our kids alone” qualifies.

Upon which we draw an ominous conclusion: it doesn’t matter.

In this dynamic we witness the morphing of Canadian society into Orwellian territory. Usurping rule-of-law, the situation is what the authorities say it is. Add to this the shrieking mob that is Canada’s LGBT lobby. Sanctimonious to the nth degree, arrogant in attitude, we witness the power of the fringe within our society.

Muslims in Canada also have major political pull– hence the rub. What to do, Justin Trudeau? It appears the PM has thought it over, and decided that the best thing to do is to lie to 40 million Canadians:

Justin Trudeau Blames ‘American Right Wing’ For Muslims Opposing LGBTQ Curriculum: ‘Leave Our Kids Alone!’

Any practising Muslim can recognize this to be a falsehood.  The number one source of anti-LGBT thinking comes not from red-neck whitey in the USA— it comes from the teachings of the Koran.

 “God determined my gender, don’t confuse me,” say Muslim protestors.

We imagine for a moment that this sentiment is delivered by Reverend Bill White, Christian pastor. Next, we picture mainstream media’s reaction. Branding the religious leader a white supremacist, the CBC proceed to drag his Christian corpse through the mud.

Transition the statement to the mouth of a Muslim religious leader, and media remain silent as the lambs.

“Protect our children; No gender indoctrination; Education, not indoctrination; Don’t confuse our children; We need to protect childhood and innocence; Stop indoctrination in schools.”

Not a word of condemnation from Liberal-funded Canadian media. Let us guess whose side they’re on.

“I believe I have the chance to determine or to decide how my kids should be growing up … I’m not teaching them any hate,” states Mahmoud Mourra.

So…who decides what constitutes “hate” in Canada? Is it determined by law, or by government, independent of the Criminal Code?

In China, it’s the government. In Russia, it’s government. It’s the same in all authoritarian states.

Now, by way of a World Economic Forum-driven LGBT political movement, an undermining of rule-of-law has come to Canada. The individual most responsible is Justin Trudeau. No thinking citizen should be surprised. So-called father Pierre Trudeau was a supporter of communism, and so-called son is far more extreme.

“During the march through the streets of the city, the [Muslim] demonstrators chanted, “We want to protect the future of our children.”

A hate crime? Don’t be daft– it doesn’t even come close.

“A Muslim cleric said in an interview that Muslims don’t hate LGBT people but the act they do, and called on them not to do it in public and not to influence the children.”

The exact point right here. Government and media are conflating two issues which belong in separate silos:  prejudice against homosexuals, as opposed to opposition to gender dysphoria lessons for 10-year olds.

It’s being done with full intention.  The Liberals and media stir up the social chaos by stretching the parameters of so-called “hate crimes” as far as possible.

The outcome is also intentional. Marxist theory tells us that the most effective path to socialist revolution comes through pitting community against community. In turn, Justin Trudeau makes a mess out of Canadian society.

“They[American Far Right] are weaponizing the issue of LGBT,” Trudeau said during a chat with some Muslim parents, recorded and shared over social media.

“They’re using those fears to drive a wedge.”

Blimey– isn’t this the exact thing Trudeau is personally advancing within Canadian society?

“Accuse your enemy of that which you indulge in” is a phrase attributed to a well-known fascist leader during World War 2.

Leveraging the propaganda tactic, Justin Trudeau works an agenda of deception targeting an unsuspecting Canadian public.

6 thoughts on “Muslim Canadian Man Charged With LGBT-Related Hate Crime”

  1. The liberals and lefties push ahead and dont think about the consequences of their actions and policies or even worse dont care. They emulate a true dictatorship.

  2. Looks like Trudeau has a conundrum on his hands. On one hand, he marches in pride parades, endorses and promotes that lifestyle then, mingles with Muslims as he were one of them, promoting their religion as if it were the founding culture of Canada.
    While it’s OK to chastise Christians opposing the LGBT lifestyle, he seems to treat Islam with kid gloves when they condemn that lifestyle.
    And of course, blame the American far right.

  3. Based on Substack commentary, Skippy doesn’t care about these guys. He only has eyes for the LGBT+ community. Until this latter group stands up and pushes back, no chance of anything.

  4. Sex ed of any kind does not belong in the education system. Period. Not surprised Mr. Mourra was charged in Calgary. City notorious for pro alphabet. We narrowly missed a bullet when UPC won election. Under Notley there would have been mass charges, imprisonment etc. But UPC failing in addressing gender ideology to children. We need a referendum on whether it should be taught in schools. But remember 40-45% of Albertans voted NDP. They have taken over public service jobs inAlberta. system etc. We need to stand up and be heard.

  5. It is sad to see far right groups take advantage of a guy like Mohmoud
    But he does serve them well, he is brown has an accent and loves to hunt. But they would never invite him over for thanksgiving because they are too racist to.
    So Mahmoud does not represent any muslims or minorities in any way, he’s just a bigot who found some alleys for now!
    Soon they will just laugh at him, and say get outa here boy!
    And the lies being spread here only shows the bigotry of some people in Alberta, they should move to Texas or something

  6. Parents have to give permission to participate in sex ed class. No parental permission, no class.
    Easy peasy and the rest of us can be free to let our kids participate in it and everyone can be happy again.


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