Muslim Advisory Council Pushing For YEARLY Public Ramadan Broadcasts In Canada

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CAP has often written on a particular social phenomenon in Canada which maintains commonality among individuals and non-profit organizations of the so-called “multicultural” variety.

The word is “insatiable”never satisfied with results no matter the degree to which said results benefit a particular segment of Canadian society.

This applies to a plethora of liberal-globalist-diversity players in Canada. The LGBT lobby are “famous for it”– as are hundreds of Immigration, Refugee and Multicultural organizations in Canada.

To facilitate this lack of satisfaction, our society offers up CBC, Toronto Star, Globe & Mail and other mainstream media outlets. It here that anti-Anglophone journalist Shree Paradkar is provided media space to run down European-Canadians. Additionally, Ms. Sheema Khan at Globe & Mail has maintained a similar privilege.

Add to this “uber-whiner” Tabassum Wyne. In a recent Toronto Star article, Ms. Wyne moans and whines about the privilege accorded to “Christian-Canada.”

These people have been ringing their church bells for centuries. No surprise– the“Islamophobia-pusher” neglects to mention that for 95% of Canada’s history, our nation did not include a Muslim population of any significance.

No worries there– we shall bash the Christian faith, their holidays and their behaviours regardless. Such is the way within Justin Trudeau’s “New Canadian Order.”

Patriots know the one– it is the nation in which government, media and our academic world “promote” racial equality, while one specific religion is advanced, promoted, funded and indemnified perpetually–the Nation of Islam.

“Racism!” cries Ms. Paradkar.  Ah yes– the girl who cried wolf. Wanna know what racism against 3rd World religions in Canada constitutes?

Here it is: ANYTHING that 3rd World globalist-pushing “multiculturalists” define as racism–including the ringing of church bells within an historical Canada of which 98% of the citizenship are non-Muslims.

Tabassum Wyne, Executive Director of the Muslim Advisory Council of Canada:

“This is the first time in history where the [Islamic] public call to prayer has occurred in Canada. Municipalities have agreed to waive their noise bylaws to allow the call, which would otherwise violate that bylaw.”

Happy, Ms. Wyne? Of course not–clearly, this is not good enough:

“With over one million Muslims in Canada and Islam being the second largest religion in the country, we believe that municipalities across Canada should be meeting with their diversity and inclusion advocates along with key Muslim stakeholders in community to hold discussions about whether the public call to prayer should be made permanent outside of Ramadan.”

Did–or did not– Cultural Action Party of Canada inform our tens of thousands of readers that a push for permanent Ramadan public loudspeaker blasts will be the next step for the “multicult-pushers?”

Guess what–it’s already here. How best to accomplish this goal? Like all globalist agendas, the best method is to introduce these measures incrementally. Indeed, this is how free and democratic nations are best railroaded into trans-itioning from democracy to dictatorship.

A second fundamental component has already been mentioned– insatiability. No matter how much Canadian society bends over backwards for the Nation of Islam, one must never become satisfied with the results.


More, More, More– How Do You Like It?

Regarding Easter, Prime Minister Justin offered just one public “shout-out” to Christian Canada.

Regarding Ramadan, our PM offered two public shout-outs, informed Canada that “Islamic values are Canadian values,” promoted a full 30-day long celebration of the event, advanced  a “Virtual Ramadan”celebration throughout Canada, and gave a extra plug to all  Muslims around the world.

You know what Muslim Advisory Council of Canada call this? NOT good enough.

CAP has heard of the term “the squeaky wheel gets the grease,” but this social phenomenon is something altogether different:

Within Justin Trudeau’s “no core identity” Canada, citizens, media,  journalists, university organizations, multicultural not-for-profit groups, immigration and refugee advocates all maintain a specific privilege:

They can all throw the Christian faith in a collective trash bin, and all is well and good within Canadian society. Trans-itioning to the opposite side of the spectrum, utter one sentence critical of the Nation of Islam, and watch as said individual is run into the dirt with the “Islamophobia” branding.

Dear fellow Canadian patriots–this is not a hypothetical social observation–it is the stone-cold truth regarding an inherent hypocrisy in Canadian society.

Does this mean all members of the Islamic faith are awful and nasty? No, it does not. The issue here is political– meaning it is about money, power, control, social domination, politics, collusion, propaganda and political subterfuge.

“Bigot Brad from CAP!” bellows one of the hundreds upon hundreds of tax-payer funded multicult organizations jockeying for political power in Justin Trudeau’s post-modern Canada.

Bollocks to this, reply CAP with aplomb. For us, characters like Tabassum Wyne are a menace to society. Moaning, whining and blaming their way to the top is the way these ingrates roll.

If not for Trudeau’s establishment media puppets, perhaps the majority of Canadians would be comprehending the inherent hypocrisy built into 2020 Canada by the Liberals and their international backers.

Expect more as Canada’s traditional religion of Christianity is washed down the drain by the “superior” minds of those like Tabassum Wyne of the Muslim Advisory Council of Canada.






8 thoughts on “Muslim Advisory Council Pushing For YEARLY Public Ramadan Broadcasts In Canada”

  1. Thank you for the insightful post. I have no problem with anyone practicing their faith. It is their right in Canada and I respect that right. My father and uncles fought for those rights in WW2 and won them for the free world. Don’t start forcing anyones faith down my throat though. Christian bells ringing are respecting all faiths with a light and accepting tone. The christian bells are NOT ringing out words that are demonizing other cultures or promoting the death of anyone that doesn’t believe in their culture or God. Canada was formed and built on Christian values of peace, love, forgiveness and freedom. There are no “perfect” religions but christian values are paramount to acceptance and freedoms.They do not demonize non believers.

  2. What’s the point? They’re taking over. They will be moving into all the church buildings left vacant because of the pandemic. We have the fool on the hill to thank for all this.

  3. Thank you and yes I feel the truth here. Canadians have to wake up and not be sheep or ostriches hiding their heads in the sand. I hope and pray it is not to late. We need a miracle.

  4. The New World Order needs a religion that is totalitarian in its teaching, no freedom of thought, no freedom of choice only oppression and obedience. Fits right in with the push to the One World Government, with the religion of Islam as it’s religion of choice

  5. Look at the Western European countries (e.g.France, Germany holland Britain and especially Sweden)they are ahead of us on the road to hell with their immigration disasters and nogo zones
    I came from there and can write volumes about the situation there and it is not good news
    Islam meaning:subjection
    Taquia meaning:lying to get and establish Islam,with all means possible

    Mr dress up/our puppet on the strings has to go!

  6. take that crap back to your own country quit trying to change ours just because you screwed up your country does not give you the right tours!

  7. I have grew up in the country where we have 170 million of them. Their mentality is clear,

    when in majority, no other religion can practice. period.

    so, all brainless Liberals, stop being fool in the name of human rights. Muslims dont believe in that when and where in majority. its visible, their book advises this.


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