Multiculturalism Makes Canada The Most “Woke Nation” On Earth

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“What is the end-game of the woke revolution?” is the premise of a new book entitled “Multiculturalism In Canada” by Hugh Donald Forbes, professor emeritus at the University of Toronto

“The woke regime is most advanced in Canada, where officials call it Multiculturalism.”

In 1982, ex-PM Pierre Trudeau integrated multiculturalism into Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The multicultural ideal was to, in Trudeau’s words, “separate once and for all the concepts of state and of nation.”

In political science, the word “state” refers to a “community or society politically organized under one independent government within a definite territory and subject to no outside control.”

“Nation” is defined as “a large body of people united by common descent, history, culture, or language, inhabiting a particular country or territory.”

Hence the decimation of Canadian nationalism as forced upon society by Pierre Trudeau. No debate, no referendum, no democracy.

We will put aside whether Pierre Trudeau’s actions were intended to help or harm. While CAP lean toward intentional punitive measures toward English Canada, it remains subjective opinion.

What we will speak to is the impact of institutionalized “diversity” over the decades. For Cultural Action Party, it is a question of equality versus domination. The debate comes down to the manner in which multiculturalism is utilized within society.

A parallel dynamic exists with the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The language of the Charter, or multiculturalism, is not by default damaging. The problem is found in their application.

In this regard, CAP go all-in on the concept that multiculturalism is a “hi-jacked” ideology. Its original intentions could have been righteous– its effect is nothing of the sort.

Multiculturalism is today a strategic tool in an unspoken agenda. This covert condition reached its nadir via PM Justin Trudeau. So much so that in 2022, Canada is a country at war against itself.

“Multicultural order,” Mr. Forbes writes, requires “weakening the connection between sovereign authorities and their particular communities by encouraging expression from dissenting individuals and groups.” 

From this seed the “woke revolution” sprang forth. This makes sense because– away from media interpretation–  Pierre Trudeau was, in truth, a socialist revolutionary. What he introduced was a transfer of power from the majority to the minority. Ever wonder why Old Stock citizens are constantly being pushed around by Canada’s multicultural lobby? This is why.

Rather than a social movement to establish equality, the multicultural agenda is a move toward domination. The woke creed– never more pronounced than within Critical Race Theory— calls for Anglophones to be stripped of power. The ostensible goal of an advancement of human rights is in reality a giant power-grab.

“The ambitions of this project affect everything. Canada’s transgender empire, perhaps the most advanced in the world, proceeds from this multicultural project.”

Of course multiculturalism and LGBT are best girlfriends. Transgender promotion has little to do with sex, and everything to do with politics. It will be a cold day in Hades before Canadian media allude to this piece of reality.

In fact, establishment media in Canada have never referenced any element of our present discussion. Thus revealing a sub-plot of major importance– the steady transition of mainstream media to a conduit for the woke revolution.

We do not use the  word “revolution” frivolously. It is a form of “quiet revolution” — a post-modern bastardization of China’s “Silent Revolution.”

As a result, our country as known from 1867-2015 is over. The goal of the woke movement is an inversion of Canada’s social order. Multiculturalism is– and always has been– the vehicle to perpetuate the transition.

3 thoughts on “Multiculturalism Makes Canada The Most “Woke Nation” On Earth”

  1. The best years of Canada were before 2015. This country is being lost and we are letting it go. Western Autonomy, a Western Republic, is the only possible solution to save democracy and free speech. Unfortunately, we don’t have an Opposition to do the hard and obvious work. For those under 50, life will never be as good as it is today.

  2. I was born when canada was a great country to live in
    what a sad thing I have seen happen to this place I once loved
    but canadians are polite push overs
    divide and conquer is justins way of keeping the throne
    and canadians are not the brightest
    coruption,lie,and steal its the new norm
    canada really really sucks a$$ enjoy the water and air well you still can afford it
    would somebody please do what needs to be done canada needs this for its survival
    you will be a hero a legend

  3. Many friends and family have left Canada. I am currently looking for an alternative place to call home. Remember this is a global agenda so it won’t be easy but this is no longer a place to raise children practice your faith, it is not the Canada I was so very proud of.


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