Multiculturalism: MAJORITY Of Canadians Either Oppose Or Want Changes

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Now here is a poll Justin Trudeau can live without. According to a University of Toronto research poll, one third of Canadians oppose multiculturalism in Canada. Another one third support “conditional” multiculturalism– they are okay with the policy–on the condition that new Canadians integrate fully into society.

CAP find this fascinating. The majority of Canadians are unhappy with government-enforced multicultural policy. In reality, this should come as no surprise–Canadians were never asked in the first place whether or not they wanted this game-changer of a social policy.

Now that the game has changed–as in, Canadians are seeing the true outcome of diversity in Canada, they no longer want what Pierre Trudeau founded, and that which son Justin manically promoted since day one in office.

Racists? Bigots? Only according to Trudeau, MP Ahmed Hussen, MP Iqra Khalid, and the rest of the myopic internationalists.

So how will the Liberals react to such a thing? Simple–for as long as they rule, nothing will change in this regard. According to polls, 90% of Canadians oppose re-instating citizenship for terrorists–Trudeau does it anyway.

Respect for democratic process? Will of the majority?  Of course not–this is reserved for true democratic governments–not the fake, pseudo- socialism Justin Trudeau attempts to pass off as true liberal democracy.

The government and people of Quebec understand this social dynamic much better than the people of English Canada. Quebecers take pride in their cultural heritage. They recognize an existential and cultural threat when they see one, and have taken measures to rectify this.

Completely different story for English Canada, and its Anglophone peoples. Justin Trudeau informs us we have no culture. How did we arrive at this curious condition

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It began with father Pierre Trudeau— a PM who single-handedly cancelled Canada’s bi-cultural English & French  identity, replacing it with multiculturalism.

Only problem is, it is only English Canadian society which actually got cancelled. Quebec has many independent laws and exceptions which permits the province to make cultural decisions independently of the Feds. This has been a life-saver thus far–but of course, the liberal-globalist agenda of Trudeau and Hussen is still breathing down their necks.

Bottom line: the only cultural segment which will be ultimately be eradicated resides with Anglophone Canada. Sikh, Chinese, Muslim, and other Third World cultures will retain their culture, identity and political power while that of English Canada in time burns out and fades away.

Pourquoi? Because of the Multicultural Act of 1988. This statute instructs our Third World immigrants to move to Canada, and once upon our soil, promote and advance the cultures of the nations from which they came.

For this purpose, over the past three decades, some $30 billion dollars has been taken from tax-payers, and handed to ethnic power players such as the National Council Of Canadian Muslims. At present, they are one of the most influential multicultural organizations in Canada.

Now, let’s take a brief look at the state-of-affairs for Anglophone and Christian Canadians under the iron-clad rule of King Justin:

According to our fearless leader, Anglo-Canadians are racists. We are “Islamophobic.” Christian-Canadians are bigots. Anglophones committed genocide against Aboriginal Canada. We hate the Chinese (1905 Head Tax). We dislike Sikhs(Komogata Muru in 1910).

Quite the resume, eh? Please do tell– why, or how, would Anglophones take pride in their community after being branded the nemesis community of Canadian history.

Conclusion? Anglo-Christian Canada is the single identifiable community in Canada restricted from benefiting from the Trudeau Dynasty’s multicultural banquet feast. Third World Canada– you are the best. Please promote your culture at will, take pride in your community. You are a shining light of benevolence within Trudeau’s Canada.

Whitey– you are xenophobic and racist. No pride for you. How do the Trudeau government ensure this globalist status quo remains in place?

Easy– just keep playing the “race-card” over and over. When Islamic-Canadians overtly display their religious supremacy ticket, it is a quintessential example of diversity in Canada. When white people do so, it is the epitome of racist behaviour. Getting the picture, folks. No wonder Canadians do not like multiculturalism.

Why didn’t this sentiment exist in decades gone by? Because our people were fooled by government into buying into the diversity myth. Government, together with establishment media, hid the true agenda from our people.

It was not until King Justin seized the crown of Canada that Old Stock Canada awoke to the globalist madness. Justin Trudeau’s reckless, immature, and manic behaviour is the true catalyst for the push-back.

In other words, the responsibility is not that of bigoted Canadian meat-heads, as the “intelligensia” of our media constantly claim. No–the source of our discontent is Pierre Trudeau, Justin Trudeau, and their culture-eradicating enforcement( non-democratic-their favourite style) of Multiculturalism.

The times they are a’changing? Yes, for certain. Not that media want you to understand the dynamics at play. After all, they are paid by Trudeau to deceive. By pulling the wool over our eyes, their agenda of destruction can continue in perpetuity.

This is the true story of multiculturalism’s impact upon Canadian society. There are winners, and there are losers. The Trudeau family–Pierre, Justin and commie-in-the-shadows, brother Alexandre, have pro-actively worked to damage and marginalize an identifiable Canadian community.

This is the community of Old Stock, Anglophone and Christian Canadians. This is the singular demonized community in contemporary Canadian society. And here the Trudeau’s told us multiculturalism exists for the purpose of establishing social equality among ALL Canadians.

Don’t believe the globalist hype–it’s a stone-cold lie.







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  1. The emphasis on multiculturism/diversity and that of the Indigenous is what is causing so much resentment and division in Canada. Like they are more important than the Cnadians that have been here for over a century and have built this country?? I think not. And it is sickening to keep hearing about it and having rammed down our throats daily!!!


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