Multicultural Equality In Canada Violated As Anglophones BRANDED RACIST By Government, Media

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Justin Trudeau’s self-proclaimed “post-modern” nation of Canada maintains enough curiosities to fill a “tickle-trunk” of ethnic-oriented costumes for a lifetime.

Among the absurdities: the ubiquitous mainstream media forgiveness of or absurdist move made by our country’s self-appointed pseudo-dictator.

See Justin go “shoulder-to-shoulder” with the social justice warriors while on bended knee at an “anti-racism” event in Canada. A breach of Covid-19 protocol? Not at all-– witness as media rationalize the behaviour on behalf of their “bossman.”

How about media’s approach to the George Floyd murder? Watch as a single incident murder in America results in a nation-wide condemnation of white Canadians.

“Systemic racism must be eradicated” is the message contained within. Naturally, CBC do not allude to the outcome of such a proclamation. To alter something systemic, the “system” itself must change.

Yet no one– the “gods” at CBC, or King of Canada Justin Trudeau, will offer up specifics on how this remedy shall manifest itself.

What Media Bury: No identifiable community in Canada will be more affected than our “Old Stock” peoples–a collection of millions of citizens of Anglophone and European-Canadian variety.

For CAP, no solution will ever manifest. Rather, the result will be even more extreme vilification of what is colloquially known as “white Canada.”

What CBC, Media BURY On Behalf of Government:

The Floyd Murder is serving as a giant catalyst for the running down of English Canada, and its European-Canadian citizenship. The leader of the program is the leader of Canada, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Second-in-command, half-Somalian citizen MP Ahmed Hussen of the uber-powerful Greater Toronto Area(GTA) 3rd World Liberal cabal.

Both these men– facilitated by CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail and Toronto Star–have in recent times branded all non-white Canadians as racists, bigots and xenophobes. Add the Canadian Human Rights Commission, so-called “multicultural” not-for-profit organizations, immigration lawyers, social justice warriors, and Marxist-infused university academics.

Canadian Human Rights Commission:

“The roots of anti-Black racism and systemic discrimination in Canada run deep. They are historically embedded in our society, in our culture, in our laws and in our attitudes. They are built into our institutions and perpetuate the social and economic disparities that exist in everything from education, to healthcare, to housing and employment.”

“Now is the time for all Canadians, but especially non-racialized Canadians, to listen, learn and reflect on how white privilege and systemic racism contribute to injustice and inequality in this country.”

CAP Interpretation: Canada is a racist nation stepped in perpetual white privilege. The descendants of the colonial founders of our country have racism and bigotry “built into their brains.”

Also, Canadian society is intrinsically anti-black, not to mention anti-Muslim, anti-Sikh, anti Jewish, as well as haters of homosexuals. PM Justin Trudeau has informed society that white Canadians are genocidal toward First Nations peoples.

READ  MORE: “White Privilege, Systemic Racism” BUILT INTO SOCIETY: Canadian Human Rights Commission

Let the punishment begin. Actually, it already has-– and this has,in fact, been in place for the past 40 years. It began with Pierre Trudeau and his prototype globalist “multiculturalism.”

Positioned within society as an instrument to “level the playing field” among a plethora of identifiable communities in Canada, multiculturalism   is a  government-enforced ideology which over the decades began to morph into a completely different “animal.”

What Happened Is What CBC Will Not Tell You:

Multiculturalism, also known as “diversity,” was hi-jacked away from its original intention. Within 2020 Canada, the policy has been trans-itioned into a social weapon for the purpose of delivering punitive damages toward Canadians of European Heritage.

CAP will not mince words here: the anti-European Canadian agenda has been a SMASHING success. The number one entity for the success of the program is the Liberal Party of Canada.

Champion of China. Saviour of Somalia.  The hero-nation of the western world for migrants and refugees from the 3rd World. Largest per-capita immigration quotas on planet earth. Human Rights legislation that is non-existent in Trudeau’s preferred communist and theocratic nations.

Reinstatement of citizenship for ISIS terrorists. Billions of our tax-dollars sent to Afghanistan, Somalia, Iraq, Syria, Nigeria, Pakistan, Ethiopia and countless other Middle Eastern and African nations. Champion of women’s rights. 

A nation of racists. Guess what, fellow patriots? By way of Globe & Mail and Global News, Pakistan is not a racist nation for mandating an additional tax for Christians. China is not a racist country for placing one million Muslims in internment camps.

Although Afghanistan is rated number one on an international non-profit’s list of top Christian-persecuting nations, this nor any other 3rd world country listed are not racist societies.

But Canada? Now that’s a nation where– according to national leader–  racism is “hard-wired” into our brains. According to psychology expert Trudeau, a built in animus toward all non-white peoples is an inbred, innate feature of the mental state of white Canadians.

Now, our people MUST PAY. For the “sins of the fathers,” Justin Trudeau appears to be cooking up some form of punitive agenda for our people. What shall be the outcome?

CAP Crystal Ball: Not one speck of a successful anti-racism remedy, but rather a colossal ramping-up of anti-Anglophone, reverse-racist sentiment.

It’s all “in-the-cards” as the George Floyd murder is leveraged by the cultural assassins to achieve the very thing the anti-Anglo contingent speak against: targeted racism against an identifiable Canadian community– Canadians of European heritage. 


7 thoughts on “Multicultural Equality In Canada Violated As Anglophones BRANDED RACIST By Government, Media”

  1. And he never bothered to mention the D-Day Commemoration…oh, that’s right, we don’t have one anymore.

  2. Not sure what the Black Face Racist Trudeau will do to punish white anglo -canadians however I am quite sure it will be a tax of some sort aimed ant White People outside of Quebec.

  3. The proof of anti-racism in Canada is allowing the country with the help of voting in Pierre and Justin Trudeau to be invaded by the third world to the point of being able to out vote Canadians and turn the country into a utopian hell hole. I wonder if it ever crossed Justin’s mind that if Canadians learn of his treason he might be dragged out of the Parliament buildings and hung by his balls from the bell tower.

    • Why do you think he doled out all that CERB cash? It’s distract, divide, and demolish.

      Just too bad for him that Stephen Harper is watching silently in the wings. And prepping his real candidate for the real fight.

      • The de-sovereignization all started with Harper, why is CAP not mentioning this? Harper, in fact, told us in plain English twice, that we had to give up our sovereignty to get the trade deals.

        The reason I have a problem with this blaming only Trudeau is that Harper set the stage for him and then bowed out with a stupid remark, so that Trudeau could take the plan to the finish line.

        There would be more public understanding if there was balanced reporting of just who did what.

        The Conservatives plan on the same team as the Liberals…I hope you don’t want another ‘party’ yet again. We need a Republic…no parties, just representation of the People with recalls, referendums, elected Judges, Sheriffs, etc. Then the People can speak.

        • Not sure CAP buy the concept that the fall of Canada began with Stephen Harper. Pierre Trudeau is a more likely contender, in our opinion.

  4. SAm so sick of hearing about racism WHINING! Seems that the colored think they are the only ones who are affected! However, they dish it out very well against Whites!! Many of the Aboriginals and Blacks play the blame/victim/race card game! And they talk about White Supremacists???? Oh pleeeease!


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