Multicult Canada: German Radio Station Denied, Islamic History Month Established

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The CRTC, a division of the federal government, has shot down plans for a German radio station in northern Alberta. The justification?  It would prevent residents from fully participating in Canadian society, says Blacklock’s Reporter.

Meanwhile, radio stations broadcasting in 3rd World languages are located across the country. Jhnajar Radio Broadcast programs for South Asian peoples who can understand Hindi, Punjabi and Urdu languages.

CJSA-FM in Toronto has programming in:

Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Konkani, Malayalam, Marathi, Nepali, Punjabi, Sinhalese, Somali, Tamil, Tagalog, Telugu, Tibetan, Twi and Urdu.

But a small town German language radio station? Forget about it– it’s a threat to Canadian society.

Established in 1988, the Multicultural Act of Canada encourages ethnic communities to advance the cultures of the nations from which they came. For this purpose, billions of dollars have been allocated toward non-for-profit groups over the past four decades.

The result being Chinese New Year festivals, Sikh Vaisakhi parades, and Islamic heritage months.  Yet, when a request is made for a German radio station license in Alberta, suddenly it is a “threat” to Canadian culture.

A finer microcosm for the state of society cannot be found. The shut down by  government coincides with a brand new mandate from the government of British Columbia.

On October 12th, Rachna Singh, Parliamentary Secretary for Anti-racism Initiatives in British Columbia, released the following statement in celebration of Islamic Heritage Month. Ontario did the same several years back.

“October is Islamic Heritage Month – an opportunity to celebrate the generosity of Muslim communities and to learn about the history of Islam in Canada.”

With a goal of delivering objective analysis, CAP will contrast these developments:

According to a 2016 census, there are 3,322,405 Canadians with full or partial German ancestry.  The first German church in Canada, the Little Dutch (Deutsch) Church in Halifax, is on land which was set aside for the German-speaking community in 1756.

In 1896, Western Canada started to attract  and draw large numbers of other German immigrants. After the outbreak of World War 1, internment camps in Canada opened in 1915. 8,579 “enemy aliens” were held there until the end of the war. Many were German-speaking immigrants from Austria, Hungary, Germany, and Ukraine.

Degree of government or “multicultural” recognition of those who suffered? Nothing. Degree of focus in 2021 on historical and contemporary suffering of 3rd World Canadians? You couldn’t get away from it if you tried.

Here we stand witness to an intentional hypocrisy regarding ethnic identity in Canada. The bias, the favouritism– the political weaponry. To what societal condition is all this leading to?

In spite of Islamic History Month, Canada does not have a single element of national identity, governance, or social values that has been influenced by Islam. This is not racism– it is historical fact.

These dynamics reveal the truth about Woke Canada, Trudeau-brand Canada, and so-called “multicultural” Canada. There is little-to-nothing multicultural about that which academics and “experts” call Canadian “diversity.” It is an exclusive club-– no Canadians of European heritage permitted. Extent to which mainstream media has pointed this out? Nothing from nothing leaves nothing.

“The CRTC issued its ruling Friday on Multiculturalism Day, the golden jubilee of a 1971 cabinet policy.”

Golden Jubilee is it? For selected communities– the three or four which  Justin Trudeau has endlessly venerated over the past six years. As for his designated “outsider” communities– “Old Stock” Canadians– Trudeau’s treatment is a litany of shame and scorn.

“We would have music, different talk shows, news, programming for the elderly, children’s programming. There would be church programming. Where do we go from here?”

Could it be the same place you have been going from the moment Liberal-Globalism seized control of Canada– toward a state of second-class citizenship?

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder(Est. 2016)

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    • Lol! One’s imagination soars–That would be delicious poetic justice. She’s XXX years old; the perfect age for an Imam. “Ella-Grace Margaret Trudeau is the only daughter of Justin. She was born on 5th February 2009.” (Yahoo! Canada search web.) BTW: “Ella-Grace.” What was Turdo thinking? That name is far too White.

    • No, Muslim men don’t ask for a XXX female’s hand in marriage, they negotiate a purchase price. Innocent youthful girls have more value. Divorced Muslimas have far less value, and whatever their age, Muslimas and mini-Muslimas only have half the value of a male.

      Trudeau wouldn’t Dare refuse a reasonable offer as that would be Islamophobic. I wonder what his asking price would be?

  2. “old stock”
    this term is pushed by people who view others as merely cattle
    I can only hope that Muslims cause their displacement from positions of power as that will be the only way to force their visibility and their genocidal plans

    • A frightening attitude. Old Stock is a term coined by ex-PM Stephen Harper. If you are an Anglophone, then your attitude is just what Justin Trudeau wants all whites to accept– congrats.


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