“Multicultural” Canada: Sikh Political MONOPOLY In Brampton, Ontario Riding

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Brampton is a fast-growing Greater Toronto Area and is home to one of the largest Sikh communities outside of southeast Asia. Political analysts have their eyes on the region that many consider a battleground.

NDP leader Jagmeet Singh, the first and only first visible minority leading a federal political party, was twice elected in the provincial riding Bramalea-Gore-Malton, which includes part of Brampton.

When Brampton only had three federal ridings back in 2011, all three were swept up by the Tories. In the 2015 federal election, when two new ridings were in the mix, all five seats went to the Liberals.

The latest Nanos Research polling numbers show the Conservatives and Liberals in a statistical deadlock, with 34.1 per cent support for the Conservatives and 32.6 per cent for the Liberals. The NDP are behind at 14.4 per cent followed by the Greens at 13.2 per cent.

Since Grewal stepped down- entrepreneur and political newcomer Maninder Sidhu has stepped into his place as the Liberal candidate. Sidhu said he’s received plenty of support and acknowledged he’s meeting lots of new constituents.

“I’ve never been in politics before. My job is to hit the doors, listen to the residents’ concerns, introduce myself and let them know I want to be their next voice in Ottawa,” Sidhu said.

To win the riding, Sidhu would have to beat Conservative candidate Ramona Singh, first-time NDP candidate Saranjit Singh, Green candidate Teresa Burgess-Ogilvie and People’s Party of Canada Gaurav Walia.

Photos ofTrudeau in blackface and brownface could be a factor in the riding, where 65.8 per cent of the population identifies as South Asian, according to the 2016 census.

Sound like a poor, suffering “minority” community to you? Fact is, this riding in no manner appears to exemplify “diversity” as it has come to be thought of by Canadians. Basically, there is one token white candidate for the Green Party. She may as well go prune her garden in perpetuity–the lady doesn’t have a hope in hell of winning.

Brampton is a Third World-controlled riding. All major MP candidates are Sikh. All other communities play a peripheral role in the riding.  In 2016, white Canadians comprised 26% of the population.

So who is the minority in Brampton? It’s white people. Yet, the “minority” label remains in effect for the Sikh-Canadian community. Will this ever change? At what point does society arrive at time when the term is altered from its original meaning–that which denotes an oppressed community.

CAP will answer: Never, that’s when. Pouquoi? Because within the cultural assault upon Canada, the term “minority” is a political weapon. Whoever maintains this distinction also maintains the privilege of leveraging the term to disempower Anglophone Canada. Therefore, the multicult warriors will never give it up, and nor will media force the issue.

CAP continue to be fascinated by the total omission of media focus upon Canada’s future as it relates to issues of this nature. Think about it–when is the last time you read a mainstream media article which speaks of the state of society after 50 more years of multicult madness?

What will the fate of Anglophone Canada be after several more decades of institutionalized mass immigration and multiculturalism? How many ridings (338) in total will trans-ition to the social demographics on display in Brampton, ON?

Why are these issues never discussed in media? CAP will tell you why: Because Justin Trudeau, Immigration Minister, MP Ahmed Hussen, and commie-advisor Gerald Butts  do not want Old Stock Canada dwelling on these particular topics.

Why not? Because if we did, we would likely call for a stop to the entire agenda. So the year is 2039. The Brampton scenario– estimated to exist within at least a dozen current ridings, is then established  in 40 ridings. After all, butcher-boy Hussen has committed to a migrant intake of 1 million every three years. That’s 10 million new Canucks in 30 years. Rather ominous,  no?

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This is the set-up, folks. The slow(or not so slow), incremental, covert disempowerment of marginalization of Anglophone and Christian Canadians as we are forced to trans-ition to a minority community ourselves.

But wait. Is it not true that designated minorities in some ways benefit from this status–despite the image they project? Within the Canadian vernacular, this designation translates into millions  upon millions of dollars for multicultural non-profit organizations. It means said community can brand Anglophones racist, and get away with it. Say no-go for whitey is this regard.

So Anglophones are now a minority. Wonderbar– globalist mission accomplished. CAP uber-salient question of the day: Will, or will not, Canada’s Anglophone peoples gain a seal of approval to be officially recognized as a minority community.

Answer: NEVER. Not a frackin’ chance. Why? Because under the Trudeau-Globalist-Liberal ethos, white Canadians are forever branded the oppressors.  Anglophones will never be privy to the rights our Third World folks so obviously maintain.

Bingo. There’s your end-game, fellow patriots. This is where Justin Trudeau wants our people to be. It is what MP Ahmed Hussen lives for–revenge. The thinking goes along this line: “Whitey stole the land in the first place, so a gang of Anglo-bashing reverse racists have the right to toss us aside, and steal our nation from us.”

When we push-back, we are branded racists and bigots. What trans-pires in the long run? Exactly what the globalists want– the dissolution of 152 years of Canadian heritage, to be replaced with Trudeau’s “no core identity” Canada.

Of course, this concept is a myth–it came from King Justin Blackface, so what else could it be? What Mr. Trudeau is really doing here is opening up our nation for a new, post-modern “core identity.”

Who will gain this power? Sikh Canada: Muslim Canada? Third World Canada in general? Darn good question–therefore one which establishment media will never posit to the people.

Brampton, ON–ground zero of multicult domination? CAP say it well could be. It was father Pierre Trudeau who created this situation, and it is son Justin Trudeau who is working as fast as possible to seal our fate as Canada’s designated outlier community.

We did it to Aboriginals, so MP’s Iqra Khalid, Bardish Chagger and Ahmed Hussen believe it fair to do it to us. Meanwhile, these politicians are largely Third World-born. Their personal and family lives were in no way affected by “historical racism” in Canada.

Does this make a difference? Of course not! Remember, Justin Trudeau opened the playing field so that all non-Anglophone citizens have the right to bash all Anglophone citizens.

What a wicked game they play. Old Stock Canada–you are under siege. Brampton today is twenty GTA ridings within twenty years from now. Politics in Brampton in 2019 are monolithic–no diversity at all.

This is the future of Justin Trudeau and Ahmed Hussen’s Canada. A vote for these people is a vote for cultural decimation. Buyer beware.

With files from CTV News.




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  1. Um Sikh are practically a majority in Brampton.
    I don’t see you complaining about a white political monopoly everywhere else.

    Face it, you fucked up by being christcucks and now too late to turn back||


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