Mr. Popularity: Everywhere He Goes, Justin Trudeau Is Being Booed

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It began in Cobourg, Ontario, before moving forward to Aurora, Ontario. Not that the phenomenon is limited to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s tour of his “voter base” in Canada’s most populous province.

On the fringes of British Columbia, a crowd went ballistic on Trudeau, chanting derogatory terms like they are going out of style. During these daily developments, one can’t help but notice a recurring phenomenon.

Witness as masked man Justin Trudeau whispers not one word to the crowd. Instead, he makes a mad dash to the security of his campaign bus.

His attitude is impartial. His facial expressions and body language are devoid of anxiety. Does Trudeau know in advance he is going to be re-elected– no matter what transpires?

Rendering his dive-bombs into a school of sharks  little more than “going through the motions” of what will maintain an image of legitimacy. One point which CAP find unfathomable goes like this:

On this basis, CAP cannot believe that Justin Trudeau has an ability to live with himself. Having been well schooled in psychology, our conclusion is rather grim–  this is an individual that suffers from a mental malady.

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Back in Aurora, one protester ends up with her face in the dirt, eyeball to the curb. Despite her circumstances, she keeps on with her verbal attack against Mr. Popularity. This is how dedicated Canadians are as Trudeau walks the streets without uttering a single word. On the positive side, he is rapidly developing his skills to enter the 100-yard dash competition at the Olympic Games.

On the downside, Canadian media are taking the edge off the visceral hatred of our prime minister. To do so is to refuse to report the most salient observation of all:

This is the way politics roll within totalitarian societies such as China. Generally speaking– as time passes– dictators transition to extremely unpopular public figures. Justin Trudeau now qualifies for everything but the title.

Not that his ultimate wish will not come true. Time will tell if he transfers over to official dictator status. Political observers may not know when this will take place, but there is one thing we do know:

It will occur well past the point anything can be done to prevent it.

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder (Est. 2016)

13 thoughts on “Mr. Popularity: Everywhere He Goes, Justin Trudeau Is Being Booed”

  1. “It will occur well past the point anything can be done to prevent it.”
    Possibly, but there will be something that will end it. He is absolutely terrified of Canadians.

    Look at the picture – since he alone decided we have to waste almost $600 million for his attempt at solidifying his dictatorship, is the Liberal party paying all the costs of wages, transport, housing and feeding the goons in suits? I don’t recall any other PM or even any other politician surrounding themselves with layers of protection as this jerk has.

  2. Just added your blog to my roll for my readers to find you.

    11th generation Canadian here. The other day JT was up in Sidney (Vancouver Island) and the local native ladies stopped his bus after his .. “speech” about all his relatives here on the Island. Of course the media interviewed them later for the piece, all light airy and useless fill. The interesting point is, the media made not a mention of the ladies who made it necessary for “our PM to be evacuated” from his bus!

    In 1972 I completely predicted JT down to the last vowel and he has not surprised me an iota. I said then, “December 25. Again. To the manor born, to the manor he will return. A little dictator in the making.” The world being such a harsher environment than it was back then, he is even worse than I had thought possible. Ah, those were the good old days. 1972. I lived a few doors down from Ernst Zundel at the time and had no idea what a treasure was nearby! I just wondered why, every Saturday, Carlton street traffic was clogged when a (((group))) stood in front of his home blocking traffic!

    Anyhow, just wanted to touch base with a Conservative group. I plan to post some of your stuff as I find it. Thanks.

  3. Why can t we just send Mr. Popularity to where he loves it so much and we would be rid of him for good…Box him up, punch some air holes and send him to CHINA and we can watch the Chinese Military Body Sensors go off, everytime he tries to run and jump over. So maybe Justin had better think about China over really good and he can still go and l am sure people will gladly pay for his and his bodyguardès tickets.

  4. Sadly so many Liberal supporters are being played to grow his personal wealth and ego. Rest assured Trudeau, Butts, Freeland, and McKenna are all laughing at you all the way to the bank…..

  5. The IiberaIs aren’t worried. I predicted after the eIection in Nova Scotia saw the Tories get a majority, that the FederaI IiberaIs had a “PIan B” ready. I said they wouId doubIe down on Covid, and then start taIking about the “Safety of Canadians”….and then they wouId have their sycophants at eIections Canada to send out gobs of maiI in baIIots; since they seem to be abIe to turn Iosers into winner.

    Two days Iater….what do you see on the CBC?

    “EIections Canada to send out 5 MiIIion maiI in baIIots”…..

    Yep…boos don’t matter. Voters don’t matter…and voters who boo aIso don’t matter.

    OnIy the baIIots matter.

  6. Justy is so much like his real father. It really is amazing to watch, his step-father Pierre was a clod, unlike his real father Fidel who ravaged Cuba for decades, must be in the genes!

  7. I’m out west and voting Maverick Party.But I hope you Easterners think before you vote Liberal.

    NDP is also a vote for Liberal, Jagmeet backed Justin every single time. Lest you forget…come on Western Canada, come on Maverick Party.

  8. If there is massive voter fraud coming in our elections, why are our leaders and opposition sitting idly and passively by? Why don’t they act to stop it?

  9. to the people that think JT is good because he gave lots of money out to people during the pandemic, think again, he planned this pandemic, he is doing his best to ruin our country, put us all on the street and become communist.

    Surprisingly, 2 Chief of Defence Staff were fired on alleged sexual charges. That is because they didn’t want the Chinese in our Northern territories for training, and because they disagreed with JT, they got the boot. Anybody checked if the Chinese are up North just waiting to invade?


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