Former Liberal Cabinet Member Says Trudeau “Interfered With Justice System”

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“I felt that there was EVIDENCE of an attempt to politically interfere with the justice system in its work on the criminal trial that has been described by some as the most important and SERIOUS PROSECUTION OF CORPORATE CORRUPTION IN MODERN CANADIAN HISTORY” Philpott said.


2 thoughts on “Former Liberal Cabinet Member Says Trudeau “Interfered With Justice System””

  1. Sick to death of TRAITOR TREASONOUS TRUDEAU!! The crimes he has commited against Canada and CANADIANS, In other countries( like the one’s he is hell bent on straddling us with) his actions are punishable by death! Instead this prick fires anyone that can touch him, and changes laws to suit him and all these refugees he’s trucking on! NOTHING BUT BULLSHIT!!

  2. I agree 100% . Trudeau is as corrupt as they come and doesn’t hesitate to put Canadians at risk , both physically and financially. And the more he prevaricates ,the more Canadians are going to wake up and smell the coffee. Mr Trudeau just keep on the way you are going and you will dig yourself a hole so deep . you will never get out of it.


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