MP Michelle Rempel: Trudeau Has “Utter Contempt” For Canadians, Democracy

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Right now I am watching Trudeau LAUGH AND SMIRK at us. The image – his utter contempt for all of us, for our democratic institutions, for everything SAVE HIS OWN EGO – is burned into my mind, and fuels my resolve to FIGHT for my community and my country. May it do the same for you.”


4 thoughts on “MP Michelle Rempel: Trudeau Has “Utter Contempt” For Canadians, Democracy”

  1. I have utter contempt for him as well. He has been the worst PM Canada has ever had. We will be a long time digging out of the debt he has buried us under and the cost of the Muslim “refugees” he’s forced upon us. He should go to jail for what he’s done over SNC-Lavalin. Any other citizen would have been raked over the coals and tossed in jail!!!

  2. Unfortunately your (our) leadership once again drops the ball and instead of boycotting the budget until the justice committee changed its decision and keeping the focus on scandal , has now been reduced to trying to convince Canadians why money for Clean drinking water on reserves is a bad idea. Is anybody conscious in the conservative brain trust or are the decisions being made by the guy who thought Robert Stanfield should kick a football. My God, next they will make Trudeau King and we will never get rid of him.

  3. Of course he does Michelle, this isn’t new.
    He showed contempt for Canadians when he told his caucus ‘that terrorists have a right to keep their citizenship because HE says so’ and not one civilized liberal mp dare slam him for the protection of their constituents…..not one.
    Why haven’t the conservatives mention this from the beginning? The legitimate Canadians had/have a right to know who their PM caters too?
    Conservatives should have plastered narcissist Justin every time he criticized previous Harper gov, with facts. Harper gov didn’t. Win three elections for doing nothing especially when the media is around.
    Here’s a question for you Michelle,“ If PMSH did nothing for ten years as Justin claims, how is it possible that PMSH manage to win ‘2 minority govs and a majority gov?”


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