MP Michelle Rempel Labels Ahmed Hussen “Un-Canadian FearMonger”

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Trudeau is so desperate to DIVIDE CANADIANS over his failure to stop the abuse of our asylum system he had his Minister (who calls people unCanadian) conjur images that our plan involves SOLDIERS WITH GUNS.


6 thoughts on “MP Michelle Rempel Labels Ahmed Hussen “Un-Canadian FearMonger””

  1. Michelle is a honest and hard working MP, I will support her statement on Hussen.Beyond me how this man would be appointed to immigration in the first place.

  2. Our country our provinces our rural areas Farms farm animals dog n cats barns homes and families ARE NOT SAFE as the lying liberals want to push illegals and refugees into our rural areas terrorist are in our country and if not for the FBI nothing would have been done to catch them before they killed innocent Canadians even though the police and RCMP were notified of this

    • Anti-Canadian immigration minister Ahmed Hussen announced yesterday he will now be pushing the 3rd world upon Canada’s smaller towns. First the big cities, then smaller towns, then the ENTIRE COUNTRY.

  3. I wonder how our northern provences feel about this.I am all for our young people being educated and certainly the need for it is great.But Canada first.


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