MP Maryam Monsef Hands $760,000 To Canadian Council Of Muslim Women

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The Canadian Council of Muslim Women will RECEIVE $761,720 for “Strengthening Capacity to empower Muslim Women and Girls”, which will increase the organization’s ability to apply the gender and diversity lens. 



9 thoughts on “MP Maryam Monsef Hands $760,000 To Canadian Council Of Muslim Women”

  1. This council for muslim women is unacceptable; this is a White Settler, Aboriginal, Chinese Democratic country. This is Not a third world country! Nor will it ever Be! This is What causes division. Alberta & the Prairie provinces do not need Diversity! Conservatives, liberals, there is No ndp as their federal leader is a Shiek Not Canadian! Will find this out through Elections, were immigrants should/will have No Vote,Be grateful your are in our Country.

  2. So we all get another tax to pay for this idiot PM handing out our money again to a Muslim
    Cause it’s time he was gone and all his
    Buddies GTFO

  3. Patti – if you do find yourself with some time on your hands read the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and you may get some idea of what Canadian values actually are. They are pretty far removed from the bigoted nonsense you spout..

  4. This is complete madness and has to stop. The liberal govt has no business supporting this group. It does not benefit CANADIANS. Almost 1 million dollars! The Liberals have bought Quebec votes and clearly the muslim votes. Problem is Canad does not have the money. It is all borrowed on Canadians backs

    • Trillions in debt, Canada will not have any money in the foreseeable future. At least 30% of Canadians are idiots and shouldn’t be allowed to vote.

  5. Really? I guess I missed that announcement on the news. Idiot buying votes. Hopefully this garbage cost him way more than it gained him.


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