MP Iqra Khalid Back To Supporting Violence-Promoting Islamic Fundamentalists

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Iqra Khalid, a Mississauga MP currently nominated for re-election, has once again been seen with radical activist Amin El-Maoued, known for inciting violence against Jews, despite past apologies and reassurances that she was ignorant of El-Maoued’s activism.

Khalid later apologized for giving out the certificate and said that “antisemitism has no place in Canadian society” and condemned El-Maoued’s views and activism. However, this apparently hasn’t changed the nature of their relationship.

Of course not. Please name an example of where fundamentalist-types alter their behaviour for the purpose of inter-community harmony. Tough to recall, isn’t it?

The point of this article is not to condemn half-Canadian Pakistani MP Iqra Khalid for standing beside the accused racist. This is far to specious a premise for a CAP article.

Rather, the point is how cases such has this are emblematic of a profound, under-exposed social phenomenon. Consider the trans-formation of Islam within Canadian society. Suddenly(after Justin acquired the keys to the kingdom), the Nation of Islam is all-over our political arena.

M103. A Somalian-Islamic immigration minister. Fundamentalist-types empowered within the Trudeau government. Not-for-profit multicult organizations demanding resignations of Christian MP candidates. Pushing around the Canadian majority. Screaming “Islamophobia” at all objections to their agenda.

True or False? A Justin Trudeau Canada is a pro-Islamic, anti-Christian Canada. CAP believe this to the core. As a result, what would have previously been considered outrageous–for example, re-instatement of citizenship for convicted terrorists— is a social reality. Funding Middle Eastern non-profits with alleged terror-ties? Good-to-go, says Justin Trudeau–and MP Iqra Khalid is right there with him.

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“Her renewed association with Mr. El-Maoued calls into question not only the sincerity of her previous apologies, but her credibility as well.”

Credibility? Didn’t know Khalid has any. Actually, this is not quite right. Ms. Khalid has plenty of credibility among Muslim Canadians. Why shouldn’t she? After all, these are the only form of Canadians she works for. Anglo-Canada, Christian-Canada, be off with you.

After four years in office, Justin Trudeau has accomplished what is arguably his top priority as prime minister of Canada. The Nation of Islam is firmly entrenched with our government. Furthermore, Islam is the only religious community mentioned by name within the M103 motion. Who created the motion? Why, it is Iqra Khalid, in association with the National Council of Canadian Muslims.

What trans-pired? Khalid’s Nation of Islam gets a leg-up over all other major religions in Canada. Not too self-serving, are these people? Where the heck is “Jew-ophobia” or Christ-ophobia?  As it happens, Jewish Canadians get slammed every bit as much as Muslim Canadians.

Yet, only Islam emerges as Canada’s chosen religion. Media utter not a single word about the phenomenon.

CAP has a word for Iqra Khalid, and her type: Religious Supremacists. But wait– isn’t white supremacy the only socially accepted form of this condition within Canadian society?

What’s up with this? CAP will inform: It’s a stone cold lie. IMAM’s preach religious superiority in Canadian mosques each week, and no one bats an eyelash. Why not? Could it be that the accusation of “Islamophobia” is a deterrent?

What a set-up! Talk about being railroaded into silence and complacency. Here at CAP, we do not believe in these forms of supremacy. It is our belief all religions in Canada must exist on an equal playing field. This happens to be the essence of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, as well as the Multicultural Act of 1988.

So Ms. Khalid, National Council of Canadian Muslims, MP Ahmed Hussen and the rest have broken this social code. How fascinating. Ever notice this particular trend within our society: Islam demands Canadians adapt to their every whim, while they offer up not a shred of adaptability or compromise. Fast-forward three decades. The dynamic still exists– a cast-in-stone approach to the host nation while demanding Canada adapts to the ways of a 7th century desert religion in perpetuity.

What a loaded agenda. Consider this concept: Justin Trudeau runs for prime minister based upon legalization of marijuana. Not a word regarding his goals for the Nation of Islam within society.

He wins, legalizes dope, and then proceeds to trans-form Canada into a nation socially and politically infused with Islamic ideology, fundamentalism, and Sharia-related law.

What a deception– the most extreme since Papa Pierre single-handedly cancelled our bi-cultural English & French Canadian identity.  Who requested he do this? No one– at least not  a single regular citizen. Then, forty years on, spawn Justin informs our people we have “no core identity” period.

Then, this self-appointed “king” proceeds to fund, protect, indemnify and glorify Islam within our borders. He appointed religious  fundamentalists to key government positions. He approves M103. The man enters multiple mosques, dons their attire, and recites “Shahada”— a prayer normally reserved for converts to the Islamic faith.

No approval. No vote. No referendum. No choice– anti-democratic to the core. This is Justin Trudeau. It is Iqra Khalid. It is father Pierre Trudeau, as well as commie-brother-in-the shadows, Alexandre Trudeau. It is MP Ahmed Hussen.

But in no capacity is this the people of Canada. So where is democracy within this entire affair? Simple– nowhere at all–a Trudeau Dynasty specialty if there ever was one.

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This, fellow patriots, is subliminal globalist seduction. One additional generation of this, and English Canada is finished. The church will not be far behind. Anglophones will trans-istion to minority status, while Islam is established as Canada’s most powerful– not to mention protected-– religious entity in modern Canadian history.

This is the agenda of Justin Trudeau and his motley crew of cultural assassins. Old Stock Canadians— vote for this degenerate at your peril.






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