MP Ahmed Hussen Says Canada Is Imperfect, Needs “All The Help It Can Get”

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“The ceremony was five days after the maximum limit of 27,000 applications to bring parents and grandparents to Canada was reached 11 minutes after the first-come-first-served family reunification process opened online.”


Liberal Cabinet Member MP Ahmed Hussen said he pauses to reflect on what Canada is doing on the world stage when it comes to refugee issues and immigration issues:

“It’s fascinating and I think if more Canadians knew, they’d be even MORE PROUD of their country,” said the current half-Canadian citizen currently holding  Somalian citizenship.

10 thoughts on “MP Ahmed Hussen Says Canada Is Imperfect, Needs “All The Help It Can Get””

  1. well now older Muslims they will put a greater strain on hospitals who is going to pay for there meds? will they also get welfare?

  2. Why in the fuck are we bringing all these losers to Canada if there are not going to work and pay taxes plus they should have be here paying into health plan pension plan for ten years befor any benefits !

  3. Ahmed Hussengo back to the hell you came from canada was perfect before you muslim somallian came, and will better off without all the apes you let in
    turrdddo dead in the water shes going nowhere but down in a major upset tks to his immigrations policies KILLING THIS ONCE FINE COUNTRY NOW WAY TO MANY FOREIGNERS TAKING OUR DRS HOUSING / apts.HOSTPITAL BEDS , and one could imagine most of these new arrivals have never seen a real dr besides a voodoo one , immagine the financial strain on the middle class, i hope this was to youre community standards, crazy facebook

  4. No, MP Ahmed Hussen. You are imperfect – actually you are a mistake of nature. Once we get rid of you and people like you, Canada will be just fine.

  5. This Guy Ahmed Hussen thinks Canadian values are all about immigration and diversity. This guy is only here to take the heart of Canada and twist it into – Islam – Canada stands on True Patriot love and UNITY is our strength. Assimilate and you will learn our culture. Majority coming here continue to put their mother land and culture first instead of Canada first!! WRONG!


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