MP Ahmed Hussen Ruining Housing Market For Old Stock Canadians

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Record high immigration to Canada is creating more problems for home buyers and renters in an already strained housing market, financial analysts are warning.

“The influx of cash (that) comes with the number of well-heeled immigrants will continue driving up the price of real estate.”

Against the grain of media rhetoric regarding new arrivals to Canada it is. The overall vibe of the immigrant experience as purported by government and media goes like this:

Canadian-born citizens are to feel sorry for new immigrants. Their suffering is deeper than that of locals. Victims of racism, bigotry and xenophobia, citizens of European extraction must recognize this suffering, and proceed to feel really, really bad about it.

These themes are perpetuated within all controlling institutions of Canada. Government, media, academia, as well as within our business and corporate communities.

Only to discover that “the lion’s share of newcomers is from what IRCC calls the ‘economic class,’ meaning they’re skilled and moneyed.”

“The people coming here have higher net-worths and they’re pricing out Canadians by giving advanced rent.”

Has the Canadian wool been pulled over the eyes of what is now a 40-million population? Of course it has. In PM Justin Trudeau’s Canada, feigned community suffering is the quickest path toward attainment of socio-political power.

Few understand this better than Liberal Minister of Housing and Multiculturalism, MP Ahmed Hussen, refugee from Somalia, and current half-citizen of that country.

According to True North News, “Ahmed Hussen became Minister of Housing and Diversity and Inclusion of Canada in Oct. 2021, but Canada’s housing crisis has only worsened since – and housing analysts believe Hussen’s policies are to blame.”

“Hussen is incompetent and he believes he’s there to do theatre. He should resign,” says the owner of Toronto-based Butler Mortgage. Butler further stated that  “there’s been absolutely zero progress made by him.”

Upon which Cultural Action Party add a corollary. In our estimation, MP Hussen’s incompetence on the Housing file is intentional. A common theme has persisted since the day PM Justin Trudeau elevated this Somali citizen to the highest honor in the land as a member of the Liberal cabinet:

Ahmed Hussen works for “post-modern” Canada. His focus is exclusive: new arrivals, Muslims, refugees, Sikhs, immigrants, and even terrorists first– every one else to the back of the politically correct bus. That everyone else includes Canada’s “Old Stock,” European-derived citizens is a piece of reality eschewed by Canadian media.

Zakaria Amara is a convicted terrorist, serving a life sentence for his role in a plot to murder dozens of Canadians. Now, thanks to a Trudeau government bill passed through the Senate, Amara has been given the privilege of Canadian citizenship.

He came to Canada as a teenager, became a Canadian citizen as a young man, and, by the time he turned 20 he was behind bars, and charged with terrorism.

Amara was the ringleader of a sophisticated terrorist cell known as the Toronto 18. He recruited, trained and groomed fellow Islamic extremists and worked towards a deadly terrorist plot.

Amara wanted to detonate bombs in downtown Toronto, and coordinate shooting sprees at the CBC and Toronto Stock Exchange. He planned a siege on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, to carry out attacks on politicians, including the Prime Minister.

Under the Conservative government of Stephen Harper, Amara had his Canadian citizenship revoked and was scheduled to be deported when he was released from prison. Under PM Trudeau, the deportation was cancelled. Trudeau’s Minister of Immigration at the time was MP Ahmed Hussen. 

Richard Dias, co-host of The Loonie Hour, a podcast exploring the macroeconomic impact domestic and international events have on Canada, says Hussen is failing by every objective standard because none of his policies have tapered exorbitant housing prices.”

CAP disagree. Minister Hussen is not failing. Not if one’s goal is aligned with that of PM Justin Trudeau– to flush out “Old Stock” Canadians, making way for the post-modern, anti-Anglophone state permeating our PM’s dreams since day one in office.

Like Trudeau, in addition to New Democratic Party leader Jagmeet Singh, Mr. Hussen has a major hate-on for traditional Canada. As a piece of weaponry, these politicians love to play what we refer to as the “colonial card.”

Despite zero hands-on experience in historical prejudice against racialized Canadians, these men believe contemporary European-derived citizens must pay the price.

The result of the rhetoric has been an establishment of a “vendetta” society. Can it be that MP Hussen’s incompetence is a calculated element of retribution as advanced by the woke war on Canadian society?

Is Ahmed Hussen knowingly, and with intention, ruining the housing market for Anglo-European Canadians? CAP certainly wouldn’t put it past him.

Post-modernism can come in many forms. One of which, since the advent of Justin Trudeau, is the hate-filled Member of Parliament phenomenon. Hussen is one, and there are others, a number of which Justin Trudeau has leveraged in his attack on traditional Canadian society.

“If these guys fail for almost a decade, it’s time for change. Trudeau promised it would get better, but it’s gotten worse. He’s talked about the housing crisis in every election he’s participated in, he’s promised to make it a priority and fix it, but here we are.”

Here we are– at what condition within society? How about one in which a systemic “cleansing” of the Canadian house is being perpetuated by Team Trudeau.

“Well-heeled newcomers accustomed to high rents in places like Hong Kong are better positioned to compete for precious rentals in Toronto. Quan says it’s common for new immigrants to pay up to two year’s rent up front in lieu of providing landlords traditional documents like credit reports and records of employment.”

Holy Crow– what happened to the suffering? Are these the poor, downtrodden, oppressed new arrivals that Trudeau’s monolithic media team speak of at every turn?

Are average Canadians being entirely hosed in the process? Cultural Action Party refuse to count it out. Not for a micro-second have we ever trusted Justin Trudeau to do what’s best for  Canadians of European heritage. Unless, of course, they are French.

Sending Anglos to second-class citizenship has been the Liberal’s modus operandi from day one. In this, the ruination of the housing market for our communities is integral.

No home ownership, no build up of home equity. As opposed to so-called “suffering’ new arrivals from China, India, Iran, Pakistan and Syria.

Away from the media spotlight, the minister in charge of ensuring Canadians have affordable housing has quietly purchased his second rental property.

“In housing minister Ahmed Hussen’s disclosure statements, he is now listed as the owner of two rental properties in Ottawa: one on Quest Private and another on Kijik Crescent. He acquired the second property on March 23, 2023 and has two mortgages with CIBC.”

No surprise– something is twisted in Trudeau-land. Are we witnessing the flushing out of Old Stock Canada at the hands of malevolent forces within the Trudeau government?

CAP wouldn’t doubt it for all the farms in Cuba.

5 thoughts on “MP Ahmed Hussen Ruining Housing Market For Old Stock Canadians”

  1. Too many bleeding hearts in Canada. Sooner or later, Canadians must remove their blinders and see what’s happening in this Country. Start by scanning media sites and read the number of crime stories that involve recent immigrants. Some cultures are here to rob us blind.

  2. This comment is tangential to Mr. Salzberg’s article. Went for a walk today, and passed several single family homes. Incredibly; one lot had a well-tended spot for a totally dead tree; cut off about five feet above the trunk. It was absolutely rotten, and tinder dry. As a guess; it had likely been dead for many years. The formerly healthy tree serves as a symbol of what Canada has become; greatly accelerated under the current Hand of Death. (Trudeau.)

    The owner of the home should hang a Canadian/rainbow flag from the ready-to-crumble carcass. Secondary to the symbol: In nature; catabolic organisms ensure that dead remains return to their former organic state. In turn; They’re fed; albeit only with temporary sustenance. In moribund; Laurentian Elite [multicult] Canada; the two-legged; non-native organisms are in place, and their numbers are increasing annually. O Canada! The sap is gone; the roots are dead. May the King of Woke follow you into the grave.

  3. This racist ingrate has no business in Canada. He is the result of Turdoo bowing his knee to Islam for the sake of votes. This moron is the posterboy for extremist liberal hatred of all things Canadian except for the free money he gets for coning Canadians with his diversity mantra. His arrogance is only surpassed by his sheer absurdity. Time to punt the pissant back to the 3rd world cesspool he came from.


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