MP Ahmed Hussen Replicates Urban Demographic Agenda Within Rural Canada

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Polls are indicating Justin Trudeau will lose the October, 2019 election. Now, four months previous to the federal election, Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen is rolling out a program to dilute Canada’s rural population in the same manner he has done within urban Canada.

Interesting timing, no? The federal government has picked 11 communities from across Canada to kick off a new pilot program aimed at attracting immigrants to rural and northern communities. The goal of the program is to bring newcomers to regions confronting severe labour shortages due to a youth exodus, declining birth rate and aging population.

Fact: A succession of Liberal and Conservative government had DECADES to deal with the aging demographic issue, but NEVER DID. Government understood this phenomenon well in advance, and could have implemented programs that incented Canadian families to have more children over the past five decades. For example, tax breaks for each additional child.

They NEVER DID. Why? As can be expected, Cultural Action Party of Canada has a theory on this. The plan for decades has been to flood Canada with FOREIGN imports to deal with the problem. In other words, the solution was not domestic child-birth, but rather the importation of large families from the Third World.

Now, after major urban centres like Toronto and Vancouver have trans-itioned to “majority-minority”( ridiculous liberal- globalist terminology) communities, Somalian refugee and half-Canadian citizen Ahmed Hussen informs us that our rural Anglophone communities will begin walking to path toward minority status.

This, folks, is “Liberalism” in contemporary Canada. You know the phenomenon–it’s the one where the people elect a government, and once elected, the government IGNORES EVERY need, wish and demand of the people in order to work a political agenda NO ONE ASKED FOR.

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This is Justin Trudeau. This is his hand-picked Islamic immigration minister, MP Ahmed Hussen. These people want for Canada what NO ONE— outside of Sikh, Muslim  homosexuals and transgender non-profits and special interest groups–want as the destiny of our nation.

The number one item on the agenda is to marginalize and transform Anglophones and Christian communities into powerless minorities. Next to this, to entrench the Islamic faith as a DOMINANT religious force in Canada.

Part of the problem relates directly to an issue of CULTURE. You see, in Trudeau’s Canada, pride in cultural identity is SELECTIVE. For Sikh- Canadians, pride in their culture is an example of multiculturalism. For Muslims, pride in their religion is “diversity.”

For Anglo-Christians, pride in these things is RACISM AND BIGOTRY. There you have it– the ETERNAL GLOBALIST TRAP engulfing the founding nations people of Canada. Result? Small Canadian towns will begin to be overwhelmed by Third World identity and culture.

Hussen’s rural replication is a step forward in a process of cultural transformation. Government-induced societal trans-formation is always introduced INCREMENTALLY. Consider fascist governments of the 20th century. Did they not proceed STEP-BY-STEP, incrementally changing the law to accommodate their demographic goals? Yes, they did.

Four months previous to the possibility of being removed as the federal government of Canada, Trudeau’s Somalian import introduces the next phase of the assault upon our peoples. No, you won’t be reading this perspective in the Globe & Mail. Why? Because for all intents and purposes, the Trudeau government now CONTROL this media outlet.

CBC will indulge in this line of thinking on the day hell freezes over. Government and media are now joined at the hip–another incremental step toward the erosion of freedom and democracy in Canada. Give the people what they DO NOT WANT.

This is the Trudeau mantra, and it always will be as long as this person retains any element of power within the spectrum of Canadian politics.

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3 thoughts on “MP Ahmed Hussen Replicates Urban Demographic Agenda Within Rural Canada”

  1. Mr Scheer; we the Canadian people do hereby grant you a majority government on the conditions that follow;

    2) Illegal border crossers will be denied paid legal representation to attend their citizenship hearings. A sufficient number of judges will be appointed from natural born citizens to ensure that all cases will be heard within a 6 month period, and welfare payments shall be denied those not qualified, and that they be shipped to a site on Baffin Island where an army tent camp shall be set up to house them.

    3) Every refugee brought in by the Trudeau government shall be considered to be ineligible for welfare if they have not found gainful employment within 3 months. A sufficient number of judges will be appointed from natural born citizens to ensure that all cases will be heard within a 6 month period, and welfare payments shall be denied those not qualified, and that they be shipped to a site on Baffin Island where an army tent camp shall be set up to house them.

    These measures should ensure the homeless in Canada have a warm place to stay.

  2. Immigration due to severe labor shortage? Another lie from the Govenrment that keeps on Lying. No it’s really a Trudeau contrived Muslim invasion. This said due to the largest inarguable piece of evidence. Immigrants receive free benefits from “both” Federal and Provincial welfare, health and housing allowances as well as significant monthly amounts of Cash that keep the incomes of majority Muslim immigrants considerably higher than the poverty line and even higher than the average Canadian wage earner. The benefits cease once the “immigrant” learns English or French. So the immigrants are not learning English – in that way they will never have to work and the government relentlessly provides translation services for Muslims who find assimilation offensive and in violation of the Koran.

  3. It is too late for sock boy & the brown headed what ever , the are steering their own destiny in a way they would never believe would happen in Canada, they have driven Canadians over the edge , the outcome is on their own shoulders .Don’t blame Canadians, Your arrogance & stupidity are to blame along with your so called friends.


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