MP Ahmed Hussen Plays White Supremacist Card Regarding Conservative Party Leader

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Dual Citizen Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen said political leaders should never “share a platform” with those who promote hatred.  “It’s really unfortunate that in this day and age the leader of the Official Opposition did not find it a problem to share a stage with such an individual,” Hussen commented regarding Mr. Scheer and Toronto mayoral candidate Faith Goldy.

“This is real folks and it has consequences” said MP Hussen. It may have some consequences, but nothing remotely close to the consequences of having a Somalian-Islamic Refugee as immigration minister.

Yes, smatterings of so-called white supremacy do exist. Some situations have resulted in the murder of the innocent. But nothing compared to the volume of murders of the innocent in the name of Allah. Interestingly, Ahmed Hussen has never once mentioned or alluded to Islamic militancy in ANY CAPACITY. Talk about one-sided.

Indeed, the entire scenario is shot through with irony. Did you know? Somalia, the nation of origin for Mr. Hussen, is one of the most ethnically HOMOGENOUS nations on earth. No multiculturalism. No diversity. No Christianity. Yet, Ahmed Hussen is FANATICAL regarding multiculturalism in Canada. If one dares to even question this government-enforced policy, Hussen screams racism–just like boss-man Trudeau. 

Both men enjoy throwing around the white supremacy tag. A complicit establishment media reinforce these stereotypes. But are Anglophone Canadians really looking to be superior to all others?  Is this truly a game of overt racism toward identifiable Canadian communities–or rather, is it a question of community survival?

The pit bull-like manner by which Ahmed Hussen approaches immigration and diversity is making non-Third World Canadians very nervous. The man is a zealot in his desire to fill Canada with his co-regionalists. Legal or illegal, poor, uneducated– none of this matters. What does matter is transforming the Canadian demographic into one whereby Anglophones are outnumbered, and stripped of power within society. Affirmative employment action within government and NGO’s bear witness to this phenomenon.

Ahmed Hussen wants a Third World Canada. He wants Islamic Canada. He wants Sikh and Chinese Canada. What he does not want is ENGLISH CANADA, its traditions and  historical identity. For this reason he was selected by Justin Trudeau as immigration minister. Pourqoui? Because Justin Trudeau does not want these things either.

So its “race card” time on Parliament Hill. Follow our non-democratic social policies, and if you don’t, you are a despicable racist and/or bigot. Faith Goldy is. And now Conservative party leader Andrew Scheer is. That’s the way Liberal politicians roll as Trudeau and Hussen continue to railroad English Canada into a subordinate position within our society.


4 thoughts on “MP Ahmed Hussen Plays White Supremacist Card Regarding Conservative Party Leader”

  1. Faith was on a high lift on the street addressing antifa. Scheer was on a stage close to the Parliament building. Liberals are liars.

  2. Trudeau Must Go!!!! And ALL of his Cronies!
    New Government Must revoke Trudeau’s decision to permit dual citizens and terrorists to keep their citizenship.
    Time to Clean House.


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