Liberal Government, Media Promote “SECOND NATIONS” Status For European-Canadians

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Heather Scoffield, journalist with uber-globalist Toronto Star, considers Somalian citizen Liberal MP Ahmed Hussen to be some form of “post-modern hero.”

No surprise here. Canada is a unique nation in many ways. One in particular speaks volumes–when Anglo-Canadian journalists promote anti-Anglophone Liberal Globalism.

Funny how folks can interpret things in different ways. For Toronto Star, Mr. Hussen is a shining example of a Canadian politician dedicated to policies of social equality such as the Multicultural Act of 1988, and The Charter of Rights and Freedoms(1982).

CAP believe nothing of the sort– for us, Ahmed Hussen has  burning social animosity within–just like his boss-man, PM Justin Trudeau.

In 2020 Canada, society is going through a social  inversion. This is a pre-meditated plan of national trans-formation. It began with Pierre Trudeau, and the agenda looks to be completed by current PM Justin Trudeau.

Welcome to the “back of the bus” for those of Old Stock Canadian heritage. And if there is a post-modern version of Rosa Parks waiting there, you can be certain it will not be caucasian media journalists Heather Mallick, Susan Delacort, Andrew Coyne or John Ibbitson.

Turns out these folks are joining in on the veritable “white-bashing” being perpetrated by media upon Canadian of European heritage.

Guess what, fellow patriots– MP Ahmed Hussen says that systematic racism in Canada is as Canadian “as anything else.”

Tell us, Mr. Big Stuff, is there anything within Canadian society that you feel is not rooted in racism? It is obvious that this Hussen character hates Old Stock Canada, as well as all elements of English Canada, and its peoples.

Know what this means within Justin Trudeau’s pseudo-socialist nation? Mr. Hussen would make an ideal Liberal Prime Minister of Canada.

You see, in the old days, a prime minister was not called upon to institute and maintain the following fundamental social principals:

— Canada is a racist, bigoted and xenophobic country.

— The branding of white Canadians as malevolent bigots is fair and reasonable in return for the actions of their historical predecessors.

— Canadians of Anglophone and European heritage have racism against non-whites built into their DNA. This the Somalian Supremacist brands “systemic racism.”

Now watch and witness as GTA Liberal MP Hussen powerhouse leverage the George Floyd murder to disparage caucasian Canada.

Guess what? “Plain old” racism hasn’t competed the task for the Canada-killers, so Hussen & Company have trans-itioned the  weapon to “systemic” racism.

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Says Ahmed Hussen, Prince of Anglophone Disparagement:

And the sooner we acknowledge that, the sooner we amplify the voices of those who feel that sting of discrimination of racism as part of their lived reality, the sooner we’ll be able to tackle it and to eradicate it.

Now there is an ominous statement– and one dear to Hussen’s “heart”: to ERADICATE IT.

How so? What is this man’s recommendation for eradication of racism in Canada, CAP wonder?  For an in-depth analysis, we turn to CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail and Calgary Herald:

Not. Don’t you know? Canadian establishment media NEVER speak of the future of our society. What’s coming to Canada “down the pipe” in terms of an eradication of collective racism by whites against non-whites?

Perhaps only Chief Hussen’s  hairdresser  knows for sure–or perhaps Justin Trudeau’s hairdresser.

CAP has a singular thought on this: whatever is coming, it will target and disparage Anglo-Canadians and those of us which are derived from European-Canadian heritage.

What else would Hussen do? As it happens, CAP has written about this character a great deal since Justin Trudeau placed a Somalian refugee in charge of the demographic destiny of the dying Great White North.

One thing hidden by media as they continue to raise this man to the highest echelon of society is that, in CAP’s opinion, he thinks the same way as Justin Trudeau:

European-Canadians MUST PAY for the “sins of their fathers.” This includes payback for early European settlers stealing the land from our original Aboriginal communities.

Trudeau/Hussen Pay-Back Agenda:

Steal the country back. But not “steal the country and give it to First Nations Canada.”  No– for the trans-gressions of our predecessors, MP Ahmed Hussen and Company are stealing Canada from society–and giving it to themselves.

Justin Trudeau agrees. CBC concur. Globe & Mail support. Toronto Star promote.

This is the true story of post-modern, anti-Anglophone Canadian society. CAP expect much more to ramp up between 2020-2030. By the end of our current decade, the task should be complete.

In 2017, CAP coined a phrase which may well spell out the destiny for our people that PM Trudeau, MP Hussen, CBC, Globe & Mail and the rest are currently hiding away from the consciousness of society:

Anglo-European Canadians will over the coming decades morph into our country’s “Second Nations” peoples. Aboriginals— as in First Nations Canadians– are the prototype.

This CAP refer to as “payback time.” Within a generation, white Canada will take the place of First Nations as a persecuted community--and Liberal MP–or perhaps PM Ahmed Hussen, will be absolutely thrilled by the outcome.


8 thoughts on “Liberal Government, Media Promote “SECOND NATIONS” Status For European-Canadians”

    • If Canadians don’t wake up now it will likely mean we will lose our country to the very people we tried to help. Canadians are among the most gullible on the planet. The goodness that Canadians have is being taken advantage of. One they wake up and decide to confront the racist bastards that are taking over our country it will be like that of the Japanese that discovered the sleeping giant that was the USA during WW2.. There is likely to be such a war within Canada that no politician will survive along with any that oppose the true Canadian people.

  1. Although I was born and raised in Canada, there is a lot about this place I do not understand, especially when it comes to politics. I do not understand why dual citizens and immigrants are allowed to hold any high governmental or elected office. Here are three good reasons why those things should not be allowed: Hussen, Khalid, and Tam. We also need to expose and expel all globalists, starting with Trudeau and the liberals. Make no mistake- all political parties have been infiltrated by interests that are not Canadian. What I would really love to see the party system abolished, and a move to direct democracy. That would seriously curtail the unwanted influences infiltrating the political system. Everyone keeps saying we’re a democracy (we’re not- we’re a constitutional monarchy, but that’s a discussion for another day) and I say then let’s start acting like one. Choosing your oppressor and the mode of your nation’s destruction every four years does not qualify as democracy, no matter what the spin doctors tell you. The current system, with representation by population density guarantees that Canadians will lose their primacy in this country regardless which party rules. A direct democracy is, I believe, the one chance that we have to keep it.

  2. Have you heard of the organization called “Canadians for Language Fairness”? After reading several of your articles, I feel that the two organizations can work together as we have the same concerns i.e. protecting the majority Anglophones from being discriminated against by the Official Languages Act. You can visit our web site:to get to know us. Would you consider writing an article on this topic for a small donation? We would then be able to circulate that article so that our readership can get to know about your organization.

  3. I was already a 3rd class citizen. I am born in Saint John NB half Acadian/Irish! NB has the highest poverty rates in Canada for over 100 years from central Canada neglect!

    I only know English as when I was in school we did not have bilingualism and of course the Irish were slaves so lost their language, although they are the 3rd biggest ethnicity in Canada since 1845!

    But it is only the Acadians who were taken at gunpoint 80% were killed the rest deported across the globe: NO OTHER RACE HAD THIS OCCUR IN CANADA.


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