MP Ahmed Hussen Intends To Increase Immigration To 450,000 Annually

“It’s also a question of gradual increase so our immigration system can be able to process these things, communities can be able to absorb them and local immigration partnerships can do their work,” he said. “We can’t just go to 450,000 at once. You need to build up to that.”


4 thoughts on “MP Ahmed Hussen Intends To Increase Immigration To 450,000 Annually

  1. This is unsustainable, Canada can’t handle that volume, besides, do we even know who they are, can they contribute. I’ll say the answer is NO to all. Trudeau is hell bent on destroying this country.

    1. Hey Canada..kiss your way of life good bye and guard your women it wont be long before you cannot walk your own streets..good luck your going to need it!!!

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