MP Ahmed Hussen Wants “Dignity” For Third World Canadians, While Anglophones Are “Genocidal”

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In a statement, Canadian Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen said that visible minority newcomer women face more challenges than any other demographic in entering the workforce. “This isn’t just about getting women jobs. It’s also about providing a sense of dignity and belonging. Canada’s gender equality is for all women, not just for some.”

Now, let us speak of Somalian Refugee Ahmed Hussen’s dedication toward dignity for Anglophone, Francophone and Christian-Canadians. We begin with a simple statement: There is none.

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From day one in office both Ahmed Hussen and his boss-man Justin Trudeau have slandered Old Stock Canada. We are “racists, bigots  and xenophobes. Why? Because we QUESTION immigration and multicultural policy.  Interestingly, this Anglo-hater’s homeland Somalia is one of the most ethnically homogenous nations on earth. NO MULTICULTURALISM for them. No Christianity for them. Somalia is nearly 100% Muslim.

With boss-man Trudeau’s stamp of approval on the branding of the murder of 1800 Aboriginal women “genocide,” our Old Stock communities are now mass murdering, genocidal maniacs. If there is any single Canadian politician next to Justin Trudeau bound to endorse this concept, it is English Canada-hating Ahmed Hussen— a man selected by Justin  Trudeau to trans-form Canada away from a majority European-derived population.

So Ahmed Hussen wants dignity for Sikh, Muslim, Chinese and other groups of Third World women. What does he want for Anglophone and Christian women? That they should be part of a community being systematically RAILROADED into second class status in Canada. That Old Stock Canadian Women should be demonized as wives and mothers of those working to EXTERMINATE First Nations Canada.

Trudeau, Hussen and their gang of culture killers are leveraging the situation to FUTHER DEMONIZE Anglo-Christians in a globalist bid to DESTROY OUR DIGNITY, and trans-sition us to second class status within Canadian society. Despite media obfuscation, this is the NUMBER ONE priority of the Trudeau government.

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3 thoughts on “MP Ahmed Hussen Wants “Dignity” For Third World Canadians, While Anglophones Are “Genocidal””

  1. Ahmed Hussan calls Anglo-Canadians genocidal? He is a Somalian refugee. Al Shabab, the Somalian Muslim terrorist group, have slaughtered tens of thousands of Christians and animists, simply for not being Muslim. What was that you were saying about genocide?

  2. i would not give one of them a job just as they would not give me one either. so spare me the bs and just join the ranks like the rest of us or piss off.


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