MP Advances “Palestinian Heritage Day” Designation In Canada

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“We recognize the significant contributions that Palestinian Canadians have made to the Canadian society, the richness of the Palestinian culture, and the importance of education; and we reflect on the contributions of the Palestinian culture for  We, the undersigned, residents of Canada, call upon the Government of Canada to name November 29, every year, Palestinian Heritage Day.

According to the 2011 Census there were 31,245 Canadians who claimed Palestinian ancestry. This translates to a whopping .000844% of the Canadian demographic. Yet, within Justin Trudeau’s anti-Canadian Canada, this community is deserving of an annual heritage day designation, and all the related pomp and circumstance.

Hands up those who think ethnocentric MP’s such as Ahmed Hussen and Iqra Khalid will oppose this waste of tax payer dollars? For those gullible enough to believe so, CAP have a bridge to sell you in Vancouver called the Lion’s Gate.

Now,  let us contrast this with another yet-to-be-designated Heritage Month– a hypothetical called “Anglophone Heritage Day.” According to Wikipedia, in 2011, just under 21.5 million Canadians, representing 65% of the population, spoke English most of the time at home.

Number of designated heritage days for Anglophone-Canadians? ZERO. Number of tributes or accolades regarding our Anglophone communities made by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau— again, a giant goose-egg.

What does Trudeau have to say about this community? For one, we are racists. Secondly, bigots and xenophobes. Regarding Aboriginal Canadians– genocidal.

On this basis, it appears our “heritage day” designation is a ways away. Yet, for a community comprising less than ONE PERCENT of the population of Canada, a designated heritage day must be established.

CAP do not hate Palestinians. In fact, this is the first article we have ever written which mentioned these people, and in fact, this writing is not actually about Palestinians. Rather, it is about rampant, out-of-control political correctness in Canada. This is about the globalist state-of-the-nation under King Justin Fakir.

Simply put, Palestinians do not deserve a heritage day in Canada– but not because they are part of the larger Islamic community. They don’t deserve it for the same reason Somalians don’t deserve it–they have contributed a grand total of zero to the establishment or development of Canadian society

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This is not racism–this is fact. Now, we turn our attention to Anglophone contribution to our society. Governance. Law. Parliamentary system. Habeas Corpus. Jurisprudence. Court System. Freedom of speech. Freedom of the press(theoretically).

Each one of these cornerstones of Canadian society is sourced from European and British society. Yet, from Justin Trudeau this community experience  NOTHING but ignorant accusations, as well as the labelling these communities as xenophobic, malevolent forces within society.

This is Justin Trudeau’s Canada. in colloquial terms, this odd-ball PM  got his signals crossed. Palestinians, Somalians and other tiny communities are not deserving of tax-payer funded annual tributes. Based upon historical contributions to society, Anglophones most certainly are deserving of a “Heritage Day.”

These points, of course, are the very reason it will NEVER happen. In “no core identity” Canada, Anglophones and Christians have been branded a nemesis community, and thereby have lost significant status within Justin’s Canada.

Instead, political correctness tell us we must pay tribute to a tiny, non-impactful Middle Eastern community who have contributed a grand total of nothing to general society.

How Justin Trudeau. How Jagmeet Singh, and his down-and-out NDP posse. How Ahmed Hussen, and MP Maryam Monsef.

Justin Trudeau has turned Canada upside-down, paying tribute to those who contribute little, yet SYMBOLIZE so much–namely, the demise of English Canada, its Anglophone and secular Christian peoples, and related values, heritage and DIGNITY for Anglophones.

Upon Trudeau’s election as PM, all such dignity for 65% of Canadians was thrown out the window. This is the true legacy of Anglophone Canada under Justin Trudeau– a national leader who hates the nation he has been elected to lead.



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  1. WHAT, pray tell, have Palestinians contributed to Canada?? NOTHING to my knowledge. They DO NOT need a special designation day in this country. Give your head a shake Justine, but don’t shake too hard, whatever brains are there will likely shake loose. What GARBAGE!!!!


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